Let's all get together and write a lot of Kommissar Rex stories! We can all have a nice time after that. :D


Rex jumped through the air, finally reaching his target. Biting down on the targets arm, as he so often did, he felt slightly different. What was it about this target, that was different? Yes, you see, his target this time... Was Alex.

They were training as so many times before, but even then, Rex couldn't find it in himself to bite Alex harder. Even when Alex told him to not hold back, he did anyway. And so they continued todays training, with Alex lecturing him and having fun. Rex were having great fun himself, too.

After a hard day of training, Alex's cellphone would ring. In any minute now, they would be driving to the next victim of crime.

This wasn't trouble at all. This was just... their job.

They would meet with their friends, Christian Böck and Fritz Kunz, and they would start searching for the murder – most of the time, finding more than just that.

Number of persons and hours later, they would reach their goal. A murder was in jail and it would end in a picture; smiling... Because they loved it.


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