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It has been three long years sence the Zuko was crowned the fire Lord he had married his sweetheart during the war Ty Lee and there was a baby on the way for them.

Southern Air temple

Aang and Katara were busy fixing up the place it had taken three years for them to just get the place the way they wanted it. As Aang fell into bed that night Katara was no where to be found he had searched and searched the temple until he ran across a door Katara had told him not to go into exept when they had gotten done cleaning the place up to there liking. Aang slowly opened the door to fing Katara standing there seemingly waiting for him to come in there as soon as he looked at his love she turned around and started walking beckoning him to follow. Swaying her hips ever so gently Aang couldn't help but feel turned on. She turned her head and smiled a sweet smile as she led her love onward.

'Soon' she thought 'we will become one.'

Soon Aang found himself in a dim room lit by candle light and Katara in a king sized bed whereing real reveling clothing. If her aready erect nipples and her dripping sex was not a clue that she was turned on then you would probably tell by what she did when the door closed almost by magic itself. Kstara lifted herself out of bed and made her way slowly to Aang, who started to get more and more horny as Katara got closer and closer. As Katara was face to face with Aang she drooped to her knees and slowly pulled his pants down. She was greeted with a ten inch member and she started to think 'How in the world would I fit this thing in me? Oh well I did get this room prepared for this event.'

She slowly put her mouth on Aang's member and started giving him a blow-job. Aang snapped out of the bliss and asked Karata what in the world she was doing. Katara looked at him as he deposted a loud of cum in her mouth and she swallowed it slowly savoring the taste. "What does it look like Aang I know we are engaged to be married but Zuko already has his first child on the way and I want that child to grow up with ours please Aang." as she was doing the puppy dog face. "Please take me Aang I'll be yours and only yours."

Aang responded "If you really want this Katara I'll do this for you and only you but relise this once you do this there is no turning back."

"I understand lets do it on the bed doggie style."

Aang led Katara to the bed and laid her on her hands and knees and he started to penetrate into her already dripping sex. Katara winced in pain as his member started to go deeper and deeper. Aang had broken the barrier and now she was in an eternal bliss as he started pumping in and out growing faster and faster with each passing pump. Soon Katara knew she was reaching her limit as well as Aang. She stated to feel his dick swell up as he was getting ready to cum. Aang tried to pull out while Katara wanted that baby now. She screamed at Aang to cum inside her as she came right then and there. Aang had let off his second load that night and he was feeling physically exhausted. Both of them slept together for there very first night happy to have a new baby on the way.

9 months later

Katara was due any time now suddenly Katara started to have contractions as her water broke. Katara started to scream in pain as a lovely baby girl came out of her. Katara and Aang smiled as they began there new life together.