It was a sunny afternoon. Lyra was sitting on her bed at St Sophia's College. She was crying. She felt so sad because she was missing her Will.

"I feel very sad Pan" she said to her faithful dæmon Pantalaimon. "I wish Will was here to share my life."

"Yes" replied Pan sadly. "It's real bad that we can't be together like we were meant to be"

Just then two girls from Lyra's dorm came in, their names were Melissa and Carrie. "Look" they said "it's Loser Lyra and her ugly Pants dæmon. Still crying, are you"

"Oh go away, why don't you!" cried Lyra sadly, her heart breaking over her lost Will. The nasty girls laughed cruelly and ran away laughing. Poor Lyra!

Just then there was a bright gleam of bright golden-colored light. Lyra looked up and saw a face she knew. It was the angel Xaphania come to visit with her.

"Hi Lyra" said the golden angel. "I have some very good news for you"

"Is it about Will?" asked Lyra, her heart pumping as if it would burst!

"Yes" the gracious Angel said, "He is waiting for you outside of the College. We angels have let him come to your world, you both have an important task to do"

"Oh!" cried Lyra, she was picking her dæmon Pan up. "I must see him now!" Her eyes were flashing with happy tears. She ran to the window and looked out through the window. There he was her Will waiting patiently for her outside!