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Total Lockdown.


A week later Cameron turned from unpacking the box which was resting on the kitchen table at the sound of a male swearing. Wilson was by the open door hopping slightly due to the rather heavy box he had just dropped on his foot.

"Are you alright?"

Wilson looked up. "Yes it's just... I'm fine thanks Cameron."

"Don't worry about it Allison. That foot's lost all feeling. Too many of his angry wives and other people's angry husbands stamping on it have deadened the nerve endings." House announced his arrival from the bedroom where he had been putting some of Cameron's clothes away. "I know these things. I'm a doctor. And a brilliant one at that."

Wilson rolled his eyes. "I'll take that as a 'thank you Wilson' even if it wasn't meant as one."

House limped over to the kitchen, kissing Cameron as he passed on the way to the fridge. He studied an apple shaped magnet on the door – a new addition from her apartment – sniffed as he considered it, decided he could tolerate it and opened the fridge door.

Cameron laughed a little at Wilson's last comment. "Seriously Wilson, thanks. You didn't have to give up your Saturday to do this for us."

"Are you kidding? And miss Gregory House doing something like this?" He scratched his cheek, eyeing the box he had dropped warily before sighing resignedly and leaning down to pick it up again.

"All the same, thanks. I'm sorry it's just us three. I asked Chase for another pair of hands but he already had plans. He's taking Vikki out again."

She pulled a toaster out of the box and started untangling the wire that had become knotted during the travel from her apartment. "It seems to be going well between them." She smiled to herself at the thought. Chase deserved someone and Vikki seemed good for him.

"Want a beer Wilson?" House asked, his head hidden behind the door of the refrigerator.

"Okay then." He turned around, looking for a nearby surface to set the box on that wasn't already covered in unsorted items from Cameron's apartment.


"Please." She plugged in the toaster at an available outlet and brushed her hair back from her forehead.

House pulled out three beers and walked over to the couch. "Take a break, come on."

Wilson, unable to find a convenient surface, set his box back down on the floor and Cameron pulled her hands out of her half- unpacked box of kitchen appliances to join House where he had seated himself on the couch.

Wilson sat in the chair at the side while Cameron took her place next to House, his arm falling naturally around her shoulder as she curled into his side.

House smiled down at her as he handed her a drink. Wilson grinned at the sight and picked up his own beer from the table.

For her part, Cameron was feeling elated and had hardly been able to stop smiling all day. When she had remarked upon this to Greg, he had simply looked at her and told her he couldn't tell the difference from her usual happy mood. She had taken the subtle, but not malicious, jibe at her demeanour, hidden in his tone, without complaint and personally felt this was a good indicator of just how good she was feeling on that particular day. As for her hospitalisation, she now felt completely better, totally free of illness and content with life.

A year ago, she thought, if somebody had told her that she would be moving in with the man she had loved for such a long time, she'd have told them they were crazy and pulled out her prescription pad to recommend they see a psychiatrist. But now it was happening. Everything she had wanted.

She pulled off the top from her drink bottle and took a sip, relaxing into the crook of her boyfriend's arm and let his and Wilson's conversation wash over her.

She believed she'd grown up a lot in the last few years, since meeting Gregory House. She wasn't naive enough to think it would be the stuff of fairytales. Some days, when he was being particularly difficult, she wanted to give up and she didn't imagine that he would stop being challenging once they moved in together. But she hadn't yet lost the strength to fight him, and he was careful not to push her too far. So no, it wasn't perfect. But it was close enough to be right for them.