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A Pet Squishy


A month later…

Lana awoke at about 8:00 a.m. to get ready to attend her classes. Trudging into the kitchen with slippered feet she switched on the tiny TV on the counter and poured herself a bowl of cheerios. As she was rummaging in the fridge for milk the news headlines caught her attention for once.

"…these sightings have been recorded all over the world leaving many to wonder are we under attack?" a woman's clear voice inquired.

Lana held the milk carton and slowly shut the fridge, staring at the blurry recordings the reporter spoke of. Most were merely glimpses of what appeared to be humanoid figures towering overhead and flashes of explosions following. The young woman set down her milk and leaned in closer, cranking the volume.

The camera cut to an image of a Latina reporter, dark hair windswept, with trees and blue sky behind her, "But just this morning we've received reports of these giant robot sightings much closer to home."

The scene switched to an image of an old man in a checkered shirt and a Cargill cap, gesturing and pointing while talking, "Mr. Mark Quillen, a local farmer for Shady Hills Orchard, allegedly spotted one of these giant robots invading his fields."

Lana blinked, forgetting her breakfast.

"I know it sounds crazy but early this morning I saw what looked like a giant, red-eyed, robot stealing my peaches!" he explained in a disbelieving voice. "It was taller than my barn and it had big plane wings on its back. Son of [beep] tore off the roof of my storage shed and stole just one box!" he gestured, wiping his brow underneath the brim of his cap. "I just can't figure what a robot would want with a box of peaches."

Lana covered her eyes with her palm, knowing the exact answer to the beleaguered farmer's question.

Almost midnight…

Lana had spent the days earlier in the week trying to memorize the exact route she needed to take to get to the special field. It wasn't exactly easy to find by vehicle, but she found a roadside to park within walking distance. Waving a flashlight out in front of her, Lana snuck through the wooded area until she found the field. It was empty. She checked her watch just to be sure.


Well, she was early.

She didn't have to wait long. In no time she heard the low rumbling of a jet engine in the distance. Then the burning thrusters flashed overhead, signaling the Decepticon's arrival. His huge form gradually lowered down to earth, whipping the grass wildly with the thruster backwash. Thundercracker landed, shaking the ground beneath his feet. Lana waved at him casually.

"Been waiting."

"You're early, by twelve earth minutes," he mentioned.

Lana grinned and then Thundercracker opened a compartment on his chest, fishing out a box.

"Brought ya something."

The young woman placed a hand on her hip, "Yes, I know."

He sat down, looking perturbed, "Huh?"

"I SAW you on the news Thundercracker," she gestured in front of her.

Shrugging he held out the box of peaches in his hand, "The other ones spoiled."

"Why'd you tear off that farmer's roof and steal his peaches?" Lana gave him a chiding stare.

"How else could I get them?" He smirked, "Besides I didn't hurt anyone and no one can stop me anyway."

Lana shook her head disapprovingly, "Well…please don't do it again. It's not right."

His red optics flashed as he continued to smirk, as if he was daring her to try and stop him. Not that she could…or anyone could for that matter. If a giant robot wanted something he was going to GET it.

Grudgingly Lana accepted the box and placed it in the grass for the moment. Thundercracker cocked his head, staring at the other object in the grass.

"What did you bring there?" he asked.

Lana looked down and picked up the portable CD player she'd brought along. "Well, when I figured out you were bringing me something I felt I needed to give you something too."


She smiled, "No. Awhile back you wanted to see me dance…so here you go."

Pushing play Lana started her music, a light rock ballad with an upbeat rhythm. She arched her body slowly, taking on all the grace her ballet classes had endowed her with. Her hands lifted up as she swayed her hips, feet delicately bending the grass as she rose up on one leg. Kicking upward she fell into splits, rolled, and flipped back onto her feet. The young woman leaped in the grass, twirling and swaying her whole body sensuously with the beat.

Thundercracker was mesmerized by the fluid organic movements of his former pet. Normally he viewed all earthbound creatures as lumbering or unrefined in their movements. Lana had no wings, yet she flew across the ground daring to challenge her flightlessness with this beautiful thing known as 'dance'. Only in the air could he achieve such grace, but she wove her earth-bound movements into a silky blanket of kinesthetic elegance. For minutes Lana danced until at last the song concluded, leaving her panting for breath in a stylish bowed stoop.

She stood up, sweaty, "There. [Pant] Now you can't say [Pant] I never danced for you."


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