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Human/ Vampire speech

Human/Vampire thought

Demon/Boss speech

Demon/Boss speech


(With Naruto)

It was late night as Naruto Uzumaki a boy of 12 years old sat in a small clearing with a small shack behind him. He stood at about 4'10", spiky blonde hair, deep sea blue eyes, three whisker-like marks mirrored each cheek, wearing a bright orange jumpsuit. In front of him lie the infamous Forbidden scroll. His sensei Mizuki asked him to acquire the scroll so he could pass on to Genin status. He took the scroll over an Hour ago and learned Shadow clone Jutsu as well as the exploding clone and shiriken clone jutsus. It would be another two hours before Mizuki showed up so Naruto could pass.

Contrary to the belief of most Villagers Naruto was not dense and he was not stupid. He was in fact almost as smart as Shikamaru when that bum wasn't watching clouds or napping. He held back so the bastards on the council wouldn't make things harder for him. Naruto's real talents lay on practical instead of theory and history. Sure he was book smart, but he also grew up street smart and learned things that would make the snake mistress blush. Naruto also had the skills of a low level Chunin, the Chakra control of a high Genin and the Chakra of a mid-Jonin.

"What to do, what to do? I have a while before Mizuki-sensei gets here and I'm sure anything past what I learned is almost to hard for me to do. What the hell," said Naruto as he unraveled the scroll a bit further. He was close to calling it quits when he felt a small pulse come from a small seal he over looked. It looked like a code of arms. The upper right and lower left were Black, while the bottom right held a rook from the old game Chess in gold surrounded by red, in the upper left corner it in black were the words : We are on a mission from God.

"Strange. Why did I fill this pulse of power rush over me when I look at this thing?," thought Naruto.

Naruto didn't ponder any longer as the call grew to strong to ignore any longer. Naruto bit his thumb on his abnormally large K-9's and swept it across the Code of Arms. Four things popped out a photo, a large envelope with the Code of Arms stamped on the front and sealed with a strange design on the back ,and two strange weapons. Both Identical in everything but color. Both weapons were 15.21 inches long. The one on the right was a polished silver with Hellsing inscribed on it, while the other was pure black and looked rather intimidating. Both had that appeared to be handles and other various parts Naruto had yet to discover.

Naruto studied the strange weapons for the better part of the hour before stuffing them into a backpack he brought with him along with the photo and envelope. Naruto looked at the scroll once more and saw a few simple words that he would later understand as fact.

The Heir of the most powerful Vampire and the House of Hellsing has come.

(In Naruto's Mind)

Kyubi was disturbed from her slumber by a powerful force. She looked around and smelt something that even demons could not stand against without fearing Death.

"Vampire and not just any…. YOU!" said Kyubi rising.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It's been along time Kyubi, but I'm not here to get into a battle. I'm here for a little Deal," said A shadowed figure.

"Speak before I lose my temper Alucard of Hellsing or should I say Dracula," said Kyubi with a stiff smirk on her lips.

"I'm glad you remember me Kyubi or should i call you by your real Name Yoko," said The Man now known as Alucard with a bow and laugh

(Back outside)

Naruto was just closing the scroll when Iruka jumped out a tree. He looked mad. Naruto thought of Iruka as an older brother/Father. Iruka even offered to adopt Naruto when he was 8, but the council would not allow it saying Iruka was not ready to handle parental responsibilities. The truth was they didn't want Naruto to be happy, even still Naruto stayed with Iruka from time to time.

"Naruto you dumb ass. Why did you steal the Scroll? Do you realize how much trouble you'll be in later for this stunt you just pulled?" asked Iruka in a clearly pissed off and disappointed tone of voice.

Now Naruto was confused. "Iruka-sensei I thought that if I learned one jutsu I could become a Genin," said Naruto looking at Iruka annoyed.

"Naruto it would be another 2 mouths before you could even try the test again," said Iruka making He's eyes go wide.

"Damn it! That bastard Mizuki used my wanting to become a Genin to his advantage and worse I walked into it like a fool. I shouldn't have let my desire to become a Genin over power my common sense," thought Naruto as a large Shuriken flow at Naruto.

(Okay this part follows the Anime up until Naruto is behind the tree)

Naruto watched as Mizuki prepared to throw the Shuriken at one of the only people he could call family. He wanted to move, but finding out about the Kyubi it was a bit hard to move.

"Your right about monsters, but Naruto isn't a monster. He's my most hard working student. A person who would kill me, before he says I give up. He's the person I would be most proud to call brother or son. That's how much I care for him, because despite what bastards like you do he's still himself. He is Naruto Uzumaki of the Village hidden in the Leaves," said Iruka with a proud smile on his face.

Mizuki saw red after hearing this. "SPARE ME THE MELLOW DRAMA!! AFTER I KILL YOU THE LITTLE FOX BASTARD IS GOING TO DIE!!" yelled Mizuki charging Iruka.

Everything froze around Naruto as he saw Iruka getting attacked. He wanted to help, but he knew he's only get himself along with Iruka killed in his current state. He just felt so useless hanging back and watching as the closet person to him was about to die.

"HumHumHum. You knew It's a bit amusing to watch Humans as they are, but you aren't a normal Human. No far from it," came a strong Voice in Naruto's mind.

"Are you the Kyubi?" asked Naruto .

His only response was a full blown laughter in his mind. "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not that demon bitch. No I'm your ancestor. I'm only here for a few minutes to tell you to get off your ass and protect that man," came the voice.

"But…" started Naruto only to be cut off.

"Fear is a powerful motivation young one. Show that fool Mizuki that you fear NOTHING. Move and fight Naruto Uzumaki Hellsing. AWAKEN!" said the Voice before it faded.

Naruto's eyes closed for a few minutes before they shot open and became blood red. Naruto reached into his back pack and grabbed the two weapons he somehow knew to work and call 'guns'. He pointed them at Mizuki and pulled the trigger on both. The effect was instant. The large Shuriken in Mizuki's hand shattered and his right Shoulder was hit.

Mizuki spun around and glared at were the shots came from. Spotting Naruto. "So Kyubi you desired to fight me huh? Don't matter. Your still not at your full power even with your black arts," said Mizuki taking the other shuriken.

Naruto held the guns up crossing them. "There is no Kyubi here you Bastard. I'll send you to hell with your head in your arms. Remember my name as I send you to the pits of hell for your crimes. My Name Is Naruto Uzumaki Hellsing," said Naruto as he fired dual shots. One hit Mizuki in the left side of his face and the other hit his right kneecap nearly blowing it off.

Mizuki fell to the ground with a scream. Naruto then turned to a stunned Iruka. Iruka looked at Naruto with a little bit of Awe as well as fear. He said Kyubi wasn't in control, but that didn't stop the fear that ran thought his blood as Naruto's eyes turned from red to a dull purple to his sea blue. Naruto then put the two weapons onto his side.

"Are you alright Iruka-sen… Onii-san," said Naruto making Iruka smile.

"Hai Naruto-kun. Close your eyes for a second.

Naruto did as he was told until Iruka told him to open his eyes. When he did he found that Iruka had his goggles in his hand with a smile on his face.

"Congrats Naruto-kun You are an official Genin. I'm proud of you," said Iruka with a smile on his face.

Naruto couldn't help but jump up into the air. "Thank you Iruka-Oniisan," said Naruto giving Iruka a hug.

(In the Hokage's office)

Sasuke Sarutobi had just sent his most trusted ANBU to retrieve Mizuki along with Naruto, Iruka, and the scroll. Naruto and Iruka being their top concern. He was brought out of his thoughts as all the lights dimmed and a woman walked in. She stood at just about 5'6", blonde hair that fell to just under her neck, angelic face, red eyes, enormous bust about d-cup. She wore a black form fitting no sleeve shirt, long black gloves that came up to her biceps, a black skirt that stopped at mid thigh, black boots that stopped just above her knee, on her shoulders was a small blue scarf and a white jacket with no sleeves.

"How may I help you Miss…" started Sarutobi.

"Victoria. Seras Victoria. I'm here for One Person Naruto Uzumaki Hellsing," said Seras with a bit of an accent to her speech that made her seem foreign.

"Why would that be Victoria-san? It is common knowledge hat not may liked Naruto," said Sarutobi preparing to attack this woman if she posed a threat to Naruto in any form or fashion.

Seras's eyes turned bright red as the Hokage was put into a minor state of hypnosis. "Now now Hokage-Sama or should I say Sarutobi. That's my secret. All you know is that you have a Jonin under the name Of Seras Victoria who is a very accomplished and powerful Shinobi and has wanted a team for a little over a year since she turned 18. She is also listed in Rock's Bingo book after she killed off a big weapons dealer who helpped them during the last war. An A-ranked threat nicknamed the Vampire for her love of blood," said Seras before leaving.

"Soon there will be a new Hellsing organization," thought Seras


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