-1Zaara: Where is Tom at?

Tom: Right here what do you want

Killjoy: Dude we just got this transmission

Zaara: It just appeared out of No where

Tom: Must be junk mail?

Sera: Oh really? Well it's an old Transmission.

Killjoy: I want to find out what It says

Sera: It will take time to translate as it's in an old encrypted version.

Tom: Then let's get to it.


Vampire/Human speech

Human/Vampire thought

Demon/boss speech

Boss/Demon thought


Kushina sighed. It had been two days since she had sent the team on a retrieval Mission for those kids and Ayame. She was worried for Naruto more then the others. She was about to go home when Ibiki appeared in her office and bowed to her.

"What is it Ibiki?" asked Kushina.

"Hokage-sama it's urgent. The team has just turned up at the gates, with the hostages," said Ibiki.

Kushina smiled at the news. "That's great," said Kushina only for the smile to leave upon seeing Ibiki's face. "What happened Ibiki? Are they alright?" asked Kushina. Even though she was the Hokage she was a mother first.

Kimimaro is in bad shape. He's lost a lot of blood. Naruto is injured, but is mostly healed up, Sakura too is low on Chakra, everyone else is relatively fine," said Ibiki.

"Get Tsunade down there and help them," said Kushina.

"Rin has already started on Sakura, and Naruto is already resting. Tsunade is on her way now to look at Kimimaro," said Ibiki.

Kushina frowned. "Why was I not informed of this?" asked Kushina.

"With all do respect Hokage-sama, I'm not just a ANBU black ops anymore. I'm also a member of Hellsing," said Ibiki vanishing.

(At the hospital)

Naruto was leaning on a wall. He had his jacket and shirt removed so it could be bandaged with his jacket handing off his shoulders. Sai had left some nasty wounds that Naruto didn't even feel at the time of battle. The kids had all been set up in a room as had the others. Naruto leaned in the wall before looking at the medical room.

Kimimaro was in there fighting for his life with the help of Rin, Shizune, and Tsunade. Across from Naruto sat Tayuya who was depressed. He understood that those two loved each other very much. He could still see remnants of Tears in her eyes.

"You should be proud of him," said Naruto as Tayuya looked up.

"Proud? The man I love is dieing in there and there's not a damn thing I can do about it!" yelled Tayuya as she stood up.

"You can pray. He is a strong person. Not physicality, but mentally and Emotionally. He chose to use his vast power to protect you from darkness," said Naruto.

"He didn't have to use that deadly power," said Tayuya.

Naruto sat down and drew out Joshua. "He didn't have to… he wanted to," said Naruto as Tsunade, Shizune, and Rin walked out of the room and sighed.

"How is Kimimaro-kun?" asked Tayuya looking at tsunade hopfully.

"Well it wasn't easy I'll tell you that. He seems to be harder to kill then Naruto here," said Rin smiling at her Boss.

"We had to isolate the virus in his chest, and it was only made more difficult by the Curse Seal. We Contained most of the Virus, but Now it acts like the 8 gates. If he uses the cruse seal he'll eventually die. Other then that he'll be just fine.

Tayuya smiled as tears fell from her eyes. Naruto put a comforting hand on her shoulder before she turned around and cried into Naruto's chest. Whispering thank you over and over again, as Naruto patted her back. After all it wasn't everyday that you discovered that the person you loved more then life was going to live.

(Hellsing Headquarters- 2 weeks later)

Naruto had recalled all Hellsing Agents to the main base and had them rest for the day. He himself was resting in his office. Rin was sitting next to him writing out a report for Tsunade to deliver to Kushina and the Council about a project that The Sience division was going to carry out not to long from now.

"Hey Rin I have a question why have you been so tense when Kakashi is sent to deliver a message?" asked Naruto making her flinhce a bit.

"What do you mean Naruto?" asked Rin laughing slightly.

Naruto leveled his open eye at her. "It's alright if you don't want to tell me, but make no mistake I care for you because you are important to me and if that bastard hurt you in anyway, I'll kill him," said Naruto as a knock sounded on his door.

"Enter," said Rin

Zabuza entered the room with Haku and Sakura next to him. Zabuza was head of the blade training as well as leader of squad 15. Zabuza placed a scroll on Naruto's Desk and Naruto began to look at it, before he stopped mid sentence.

"Is this some sort of JOKE!" yelled Naruto.

"No Joke. You'd better get down there now, before they do anything," said Zabuza as Naruto vanished.

"What was on that paper anyway?" asked Rin lifting her cup.

Zabuza looked at Rin. "An open proposal to declare War on Hidden Sound," said Zabuza.

"Rin dropped her cup and looked at Zabuza. "Are they out of their minds!" yelled Rin.

"Clam down Rin-san," said Haku hoping that she haden't upset the older woman.

"What's so bad about declaring open war on Sound? They attacked first," said Sakura.

"You two are tfar too young to remember the horrors of war. To put it shortly. It's the thing that nightmares are made of," said Rin.

(Council Chambers)

Naruto just appeared in the Council Chambers looking at the two sides auguring.

"They infiltrated the Village and managed to take our young!" yelled Tsume.

"That's your fault! You should have been more alert after what happened at the Chunin Exams!" yelled an Elder.

"Everyone clam down," said Minato only to fall on Deaf ears.

Naruto let a bit of his power Show. "ENOGUH! This is pointless. You want to rage open war on an enemy that we don't have a clear location as to where they are," said Naruto

"Not true. Jiraya-sensei sent us initial that they are stationed in the land of Grass and the Land of Rice," said Minato.

"Okay that narrows it down, but not by a lot. Also we have to remember that We don't know who Grass stands with, Rain is in the middle of a civil war, and Waterfall is Neutral," said Naruto.

"He's right. If we take steps before we have any more information on our foes then we might as well be trying to destroy an entire country and how would that look on us?" asked Sarutobi.

"Pretty damn bad old man," said Jiraiya sitting in a seat that was reserved for him.

"What are you doing here Jiraiya-sama?" asked Kushina raising a brow.

"Giving a little initial. I've recently discovered a group of ninja who are out to destroy war altogether," said Jiraiya.

"And this is good because?" asked Haishi.

"Their main target is a Group called Akatuski, which just so happens to have connections to Sound, Orochimaru, Haruno, and Danzo. Though a member of my network has told me that they've agreed to have a meeting with Konoha, but they only want 5 people to appear as that is how many people they are bringing," said Jiraiya.

"Do you know anything else about this group?" asked Kushina.

"Well. It's just a rumor, but it says that each of them are Kage level Ninja," said Jiraiya shocking everyone.

Naruto looked around. "Hokage-sama allow The Hellsing Organization to lead this mission. This is right up our ally," said Naruto looking at his mother.

Kushina seemed to think about it for a second. "I was inclined to allow Hellsing to act as heads on this mission, but the stakes have been raised. Minato will Lead this mission. He will pick his team for it as well," said Kushina.

"Well I'll be taking Kakashi and Rin as both are invaluable to have on this mission. I'll also be taking Miss Runa as her skills are high as well as Naruto," said Minato.

Naruto glared at Minato. "Hold on Minato-san. Two of those named are members of Hellsing. Meaning they fall under my command. Not yours!" yelled Naruto. "Who the hell does this man think he is ordering my people to accompany him!" thought Naruto.

Minato sighed. "You and yours are the best. Miss Runa is almost as strong as you are if you unleash restriction 3. I'm sorry, but Hokage-sama gave me run over this mission and you are to accompany me along with those mentioned," said Minato.

Naruto growled. "Is that an order Minato?" asked Naruto letting his fangs show.

Minato's eyes steeled as he looked into his son's eyes. "Yes it is. Until this mission is done you are my subordinate and you won't take a piss without my knowledge or permission," said Minato.

Naruto pulled out jackal and vanished in to darkness, while Minato became a flash of yellow. The two appeared in the center, but Naruto had his own gun to his face and Minato had his Kunai at his throat.

"Be at the gate at 5:00 and tell Runa and Rin as well," said Minato dropping the gun to the ground and walking over to a stunned Kushina who didn't think her son would be this agitated.

"We're not Done here!" yelled Naruto glaring at Minato.

"ENOUGH! Commander Hellsing, please go to my office and wait. I will talk with you in a few moments. Namikaze Sama I must remind you that you are No longer Hokage and the Unit of Hellsing is an independent organization that falls under the Hokage's Control, but work differently," said Kushina glaring at Minato.

Minato nodded, before bowing.

(In the Hoakge's office)

Naruto stood before Kushina who was looking relaxed. "Sit," she said in a way that made it sound like both an order and a offer. Once Naruto took a seat she glanced at her son.

"Naruto I understand that you and your father currently have problems, but I can't give you the go ahead to lead this mission," said Kushina.

"But why kaa-san?' asked Naruto looking at his mother.

"Well for one good Reason. Minato is a veteran Ninja, years beyond you in skills and expireince. I'm not saying that your not powerful son, I'm just saying that this matter is a bit more delicate," said Kushina.

Naruto nodded. "I understand kaa-san," said Naruto.

"Good. Go home son. You have a mission to pack for," said Kushina as Naruto walked out.

(in the Hall)

Naruto gritted his teeth and pulled out his Jackal, before aiming it. He holstered it before walking away to his home to pack. Once in his home he saw Seras cooking something. She turned around and smiled at him.

"Welcome home love. What's got you so down?" asked Seras, leaving the stove for a few moments.

Naruto removed most of his weapons and jacket, before sitting on the couch. "I have to go on a mission with that bastard Father of mine," said Naruto glaring at the wall.

Seras kissed his cheek, before getting up and walking over to the stove. "well it's a good thing I was frying some of my famous fish," said Seras.

Naruto smiled. "My favorite," said Naruto kissing Seras.

Naruto pulled back from the kiss and walked over to the bathroom. "I'm going to take a quick shower Seras," said Naruto.

Sreas smiled at Naruto. "Well you better hurry love. I want to give you a good night that you won't forget," said Seras.

Naruto got out the shower after 20 minutes, and returned wearing a pair of red shorts. They sat down for a nice dinner, before they both went to bed. Seras had on an all black night gown, that showed off her breasts, and long legs.

Warning Lemon

Seras got on top of Naruto and kissed him. Naruto kissed back, before grabbing her ass and squeezing it getting a moan out of Seras. Seras pulled back and removed his shorts, before Naruto lifted her night gown off of her. Seras leaned down and kissed Naruto on the neck, before grazing it with her teeth. Naruto groaned, before he flipped them over so he was on top. Naruto went down to Seras's breasts and began to suck on them making. Seras throw her head back and allowed her teeth to lengthen slightly as she grabbed Naruto's head.

Naruto stopped his sucking of her mounds and positioned his manhood at her entrance. He entered her and Seras let out a slight roar of pleasure, before she bent up and bit his neck and began to suck on it. Naruto moaned as he thrust into her. Seras released his neck and began to lick the wound sending shivers down Naruto's spine. Naruto stood up and pushed Seras onto the wall, before he began to thrust into her harder.

"AH, AH, AH! FUCK NARUTO!! OH I'M CUMMINGGGG!" yelled Seras, just before she bit down on Naruto's neck again.

Naruto opened his own mouth and bit down as Seras walls tightened around him, before he emptied himself inside her. Both panted as sweat poured down their bodies. Naruto pulled out of Seras and looked into her eyes, before kissing her.

"Come on love. There's a hole a want you to fill with that rod of yours," said Seras. Naruto smirked at her before she got on to the bed with her ass in the air.

Naruto rubbed his cock along her slip getting it wet and making her moan. Naruto lined his cock up with her ass, before he pushed in. Seras screamed in pleasure, as Naruto filled her all the way. Naruto pulled out and pushed back in.

"AH!! NARUTO-KUN!! JUST LIKE THAT!" yelled Seras every time Naruto pulled out and slammed back in.

Naruto leaned down and bit Seras on her neck getting a scream of pleasure. Naruto continued to enter her as he drank in her sweet blood. Naruto was felling the final buildup and came inside Seras. Seras moaned and had her own release a second after his.

Warning lemon end

Naruto pulled out of Seras and placed her in the bed. Naruto climbed in behind her and gently bit her neck, getting a soft moan from her.

"I love you Seras Victoria," said Naruto.

"And I you Naruto Uzumaki Hellsing.

Just as they were about to sleep the door opened and Rin walked in.

"Naruto I just got a request for a mission and I…," sarted Rin only to blush and run out the door

"What was that all about?" asked Naruto looking at the door.

Seras laughed a bit. I know what it's about, but she doesn't, at least she won't admit it to herself," thought Seras as she and Naruto drifted off to sleep.

(With Rin)

Rin sat on her couch with her shorts down pushing her fingers in and out of herself.

"Oh… fuck Naruto-sama… Ahhh. Naruto-sama I'm cumming!" yelled Rin as she came. She leaned back and realized that she had just masturbated to one of the few people she cared for like family.


Zaara: (Comes out from terminal he had been working on) Tell me I'm not a bad ass Genius?

Killjoy: your a bad ass but why genius?

Sera: What's got you excited Zaara?

Tom: Come on and spill.

Zaara: Well the transmission was so damn old that Sera had trouble deciphering it.

Killjoy: Yeah I remember.

Sera: What about it?

Zaara: I was able to up your translation level by 65 %

Killjoy: Nice work man

Tom: Lets fire it up and see what we get

???: We are the end and we are coming. We will silence all other races

Everyone: (Silence)