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(Council Chambers)

It had just hit noon when Naruto and Sakura walked into the Council Chambers. Sasuke Uchiha stood near the Head of the Civilian Council Haruno. The Civilian Council was made up of about 15 people. The most powerful merchants and landowners. On the Shinobi side of things stood Haishi Huyga, Tsume Inuzuka, Shibi Aburame, Inochi Yamanaka, Shikama Nara, Chouza Akamene and Danzo. Last were the Elders Sasuke Sarutobi and his old teammates. Koharu and Homura

As soon as Sakura and Naruto entered the room a skinny councilman stood up and looked at Naruto. "What are you doing here Uzumaki?" said the man spitting out the last word like it was poison.

Naruto smirked. "I was under the impression that I only answer to the Hokage and/or the advisers of the Council when the Hokage is not present. So back off," said Naruto in a way that made the councilman want to die.

"Naruto enough. The Council has called both you here. Sakura for an arranged marriage between herself and Sasuke. You because of your new clan status," said Sarutobi poofing on his pipe.

"What a digesting habit you picked up Sasuke," said Koharu in a disapproving tone.

"I don't knew Koharu-chan. What about you and your Raman addiction?" asked Homura making her blush.

"Well have time to talk about the good old days later," said Sarutobi.

"Let's start with the fact that my daughter has an arranged marriage with Sasuke-kun here. I mean it's obvious that she's ecstatic about being his first wife," said Haruno with a smile.

"Go suck a dick you whore. I'm not marrying the Uchiha prick," said Sakura shocking many on the council. Everyone on the Civilian council had slept with Sakura's mother and the fattest member had a thing for young girls.

"What did you say to me you little bitch? I am your mother you will respect me or so help me I'll make you beg to be fucked like the little slut you!" yelled an outraged Haruno.

"I'm no slut, because no man has ever seen me without clothes on. You let that fat pig over there nearly rape me! The person you call daughter. How can i love my mother when all she wants is to use me for her own ends. I am NOT you Haruno, you nothing to me mother!, " said Sakura spitting out the word mother. Haruno was shaking with rage

"You heard my baby sister Haruno. Since I'm a clan head I can adopt people into my clan. I adopted Sakura into it years ago. Face it slut. You can't mold her into your personal little slave for sell. I've made sure of that. Her name is Sakura Uzumaki Hellsing now," said Naruto smirking at the looks on the council members faces at the word Hellsing.

"You ungrateful little bitch! I gave you life, a roof over your head, and all the love anyone could ask for and this is how you repay me!" yelled Haruno pulling out a small dagger she had hidden and charged at Sakura.

Naruto seeing his little sister threatened reached for his gun only for Sakura to stop him with a look. Understanding that she wanted to deal with this herself he nodded and backed up. Haruno brought the dagger down near Sakura only for Sakura to move out the way and hit her in the gut. Haruno went flying into the wall and coughed up a bit of blood.

"Nice one Sakura-chan. I think you cracked a rib," said Naruto smirking at Sakura.

"I say two. I was really aiming for about 4," said Sakura shaking her hand.

"How did you do that?" asked a stunned Koharu.

"Oh she learned it from Tsunade-ba-chan," said Naruto making Sasuke's eyes widen.

"She perfect. Trained by a Sannin. She can give me the secrets of Tsunade's legendary power," thought Sasuke with a grin.

"How did she learn it from Tsunade-sama?" asked Koharu

"I gave her a scroll on it," said Naruto shocking the Council.

"H-how?" asked a Council member.

"What's with all the damn how's to day," asked Sakura

"It was around the time I was 9. Sakura and I had been hanging out for close to 5 years at that point. Anyway. A ninja form the village kidnapped me and took me to a border town planning to kill me. Luckily Tsunade and herstudent Shizune, who I must admit is rather cute, happened to pass by and saved my sorry ass. After that I traveled with them for close to four months. I helped Tsunade when close to 10000000 ryou and helped her pay off some of her debts.

After that I retuned to the village and rested. I tried to learn it, but I only ever got up to using the strength with my right fist so I gave it to Sakura and also told her to burn it after she was done learning it," said Naruto making another Councilman stand up.

"Damn it I knew that idiot screwed up when you came back!" yelled the man as a man with a scared face entered the room with a grin on his face.

"Damn I always wanted to knew if a council member screamed like a bitch," said Ibiki dragging him off.

"Back to business. I won't extend a marriage contract to Sasuke with my sister," said Naruto making Sasuke growl.

"You loser. If Sakura has my heirs think of the power they could have," said Sasuke.

"Sakura will only marry the one she chooses for love, not a political marriage for money and power. What kind of brother would I be if I gave her to an uncaring bastard like you," said Naruto making Sasuke mad. Just as Sasuke was about to yell at him Sarutobi stood up.

"ENOUGH! We have something else to discuss. Since the head of a new family and an old family," said Sarutobi.

"Lord Hellsing I would like to arrange a marriage between the House of Hellsing and the Odamo Clan," said a tall merchant standing up. "To hell with the Uchiha clan. This could bust me up all the way to one of the fire lords," he thought

"Didn't I already say hell no. I think my sister and I need to leave," said Naruto, but Sarutobi stopped him.

"Naruto before you go I figure that this is as good a time as any to tell you that your father was Minato Namikaze and your mother was Kushina Uzumaki. She died in childbirth. Your Father didn't have time to leave you a letter; however your mother thought she might die in childbirth regardless of what might have happened so she let a letter for you. I have some of their objects in my position. Come by sometime soon and get them. I'll also open up your parent's bank account for you and Sakura," said Sarutobi.

Naruto and Sakura were both shocked. Naruto nodded not sure what to say. In a way he felt relived and angry. Relived to knew that his parents didn't abandon him per say and angry that his dad sealed the 9 tails in him. Even if she was nice and cute. Sakura could not tell what her brother felt, but in a way she was happy that her brother finally knew the truth. The Shinobi's on the council were happy to knew that their friends son was alive and well, while the civilian council were about to piss themselves as they had most likely blown a chance for major power in the village.

"Later old man. Hold on to that letter for me. I don't think i'm ready for it yet," said Naruto and Sakura leaving through a portal Naruto made.

"This shit is going to be all over the village news tomorrow," said Sarutobi with his teammates nodding.

"And all that damn paperwork," said Koharu making Sarutobi and Homura cry like kids.

(Inside the village)

Naruto and Sakura didn't fell like going home right at that moment so they walked around. It was a good two hours before they came across a weapons shop called The Triple T. It looked pretty average.

Let's go in," said Sakura looking at Naruto.

"It might be a good idea. I need to find a place to make a few bullets and clips for my guns," said Naruto pulling out the details that went into his bullets and clips.

They pushed open the door and their jaws nearly hit the floor. From wall to wall and barrel to barrel there was nothing but weapons and a few scrolls on how to use them. There were even a few shelves that held weapons.

"Hang on I'll be with you in a second I need to finish putting this box of Kunai away," came a female voice that had just come out.

When Naruto saw the girl he had a gush of blood come from his nose. This girl was HOT! She appeared to be a little older then 18 she was average height, had a tone figure, black hair with two buns on her head with some more hair falling to her backside, chocolate brown eyes. She wore a tight blue top that let her cleave show, and a mid-thigh black skirt, blue boots and a heart shaped necklace around her neck.

"Hey there. I'm Talho. What can I do for you?" asked Talho.

Naruto stopped ogling her boy for a few seconds and handed her the blueprints for the bullets and clips. "I need those done. I'll pay the price of 1000 Kunai and 1000 shiriken to be melted down in to those bullets," said Naruto.

Talho's eyes widened. For a set of 50 kunai and shrunken it was a little over 1000 ryou, but this kid was paying big time.

"Kid that's a little over 100000 ryou! Are you sure you can pay for that?" asked Talho.

"Brother could pay for that 10000 times over and not go broke," said Sakura as Naruto lightly tapped her head.


From the back door two people walked in. The first was a tall male who easily stood at 6'7", looked around 24, black hair pulled in a ponytail, brown eyes, wearing a black muscle shirt, white pants and wrapped around his arm was a black and red bandana. The other was a girl easily around their age, maybe a year older. She stood at 5'4" and seemed to be a smaller version of Talho, but with no extra hair out of her buns and looked like she was only midway though puberty given her assets, she wore a pink Chinese top, black pants and wrapped around her forehead was the leaf bandana.

"You called Talho?" asked the man who was obviously Takashi.

"Yeah I did this guy here wanted to have these made," said Talho showing him the prints which he whistled at.

"Hot damn these are nice. And the specks don't even relay on Chakra to work. I can have them finished in about three days. How much you paying?" asked Takashi.

"He's paying for 1000 kunai and shrunken to be melted down and made for those," said Talho.

"And I'll also compensate you for your time on them and a small side project I want done," said Naruto

"Damn dude. Lets Talk turkey," said Takashi as Tenten pulled Sakura to the side to show her some good weapons.

Sakura was good at mid-range combat, but if someone got close she would have a problem. In a straight-out fight she would lose that's why she looked to trap her opponents and take an easy victory. Sakura looked around, until her eyes fell on a pair beautifully crafted kodachi. Both were just about 2 feet with a f4 ½ foot sheath, the patterns on the blades were a sakura pattern. The main hilt was a foot long with blue wrap around it; the other looked like the plain end of the sheath.

Sakura instantly fell in love with them and turned to Tenten. "How much for them and a training scroll?" asked Sakura?

"It's a little over 600 ryou. You see no on really wanted it and my sister wouldn't let me have it. My sister said if no one bought it by my next birthday I could buy it. You got here just in time as my birth day is a little over two months away," said Tenten as Sakura pulled out the money and gave it to Tenten who throw the scroll in for free.

It was at that time that Naruto Talho and Takashi came back looking rather pleased with themselves.

"Alright everything is set and the payment has been set up so if I need any in the future I can get them. Also I think we can…" Naruto stopped as he looked at a sword that stood in the middle of a barrel. Naruto grabbed the sword and almost lost it. It was the last Blade of Hellsing, It was easily 3 feet long, and the blade was black with a sliver edge. On it was the word Hellsing. Naruto lifted it out of the barrel and examined it in further detail. He saw a flame like pattern on the blade and the guard was blue in color.

"How much for this sword?" asked Naruto shocking the weapons siblings?

"Man you have no clue. That damn thing wouldn't let anyone touch it or they got a nasty burn," said Takashi.

"Since you can touch it, it must have been made for your hands so just take it," said Talho smiling.

"Thanks. Come on Sakura-chan lets get out of here. See you in a few days Takashi-san, Talho-san, and of course Tenten-chan," said Naruto as he grabbed the sheath.

"Hey wait a minute we never got your name," said Tenten.

Naruto turned and gave them a grin. "Naruto Uzumaki Hellsing said Naruto as he and Sakura walked out leaving a stunned shop of three.

"Talho, Tenten. We just got a contract from a noble. YAHOOOOOOO!" yelled and excited Takashi jumping in the air, before grabbing the blue prints and running down stairs to make what Naruto wanted him to make.

(3 months later)

Kiba, Sakura, Seras, and Naruto sat down at the Raman stand. The last two months had been hell on the Genin of team 7. Kakashi spent a lot of time reading his porn, while Seras took to training the team, except Sasuke who demanded things of her. They had already learned the tree climbing exercise and learned a few new jutsu. Naruto and Sakura both learned fire Style: Fire wall protection, and Earth style: spiked road. Naruto had also started to learn the basics of sealing. Kiba learned a jutsu called Water style: Black rain jutsu. Sasuke also wanted to learn the jutsu, but Kakashi and Seras only wanted him working on his strength. In between the training they went on simple missions. Naruto and Sakura enjoyed them, while Kiba thought they were crazy for liking d-ranked missions, and Sasuke just brooded and did little work.

In the two months that they were a team Seras became close to Kiba and Sakura as a good friend who would rather die then leave her friends behind. Her relationship with Naruto was a bit different. They became close, closer then a student and teacher should have been. After the first month of learning things about each other they started to contently flirt. The farthest it went was when Seras took off her shirt after a sparing match with Naruto knocking him out from blood loss.

Another thing that happened in the three month period was that both Naruto and Sakura were approached for marriages. They were all turned down and the more extreme were put out rather harshly by Sakura's fist or Naruto's gun.

They now stood at the Raman stand a first for Seras who had never tried the stuff. After they got the basic Miso Raman Seras was taking down more then three bowls. They were just about done when Kakashi appeared next to them.

"Yo," said Kakashi.

"What the hell do you want Kakashi-san? We're on our lunch brake," said Naruto putting money on the counter and leaving a nice tip.

"Hokage-sama has given us a C-ranked mission to wave. We are to protect a Bridge builder by the name of Tazuna. We meant at the east gate in one hour," said Kakashi disappearing.

"Alright you lot. You heard the man. I want you ready in half that time," said Seras.

"Brother lets go and get our things," said Sakura standing up.

"Alright later guys," said Naruto as he opened a portal and jumped in with Sakura behind him

(at the gate 30 minutes later)

Seras stood at the Gate wit Kakashi, Kiba, the client a tan man with a beer belly and strong looking arms, and Sasuke

"Were is Hellsing and Sakura?" asked Sasuke hoping to see his woman as he liked to call her sometimes.

"Right here," said Naruto appearing next to Sasuke with Sakura sitting on his shoulders. Naruto once again had his hat on, but on his back was a sword in a black sheath. Sakura too held a sword, but it was long.

Sakura jumped off his shoulders with a spin and landed next to Seras. Seras pulled out a card that said 8.5, while Kiba held a 7.5, and Kakashi held an 8 up. "Damn I thought I would get a 10 at least," said Sakura.

"Maybe next time baby sister," said Naruto.

"Let's move out people. We're burring daylight," said Tazuna walking out the gate.

(A day later on the road)

Naruto and Seras stood at the front of the group with Tazuna near the center with Sakura standing next to him, Kiba and Sasuke on either side of him, and Kakashi bring up the rear. Seras and Naruto were flirting and getting along. Sakura had asked if Wave had a hidden village only to tell her no.

"Hey Seras how have you dealt with the blood problem all these years?" asked Naruto in a low whisper.

"Simple. I only feed when necessary and it's now almost 3 months in between feeding instead of every night," said Seras with a small smile as they passed by a poodle.

Naruto put his hand on the gun inside his coat. Just as Kakashi passed by two men jumped out and wrapped him up in chains. Everyone stopped while Naruto pulled out his silver Hellsing gun and unclipped the safety. The two men pulled the Chins killing Kakashi.

"One down…," started the first one

"Few to go," finished his counter part.

"Sakura Sasuke guard Tazuna. Kiba Naruto take them out. Be warned their C-ranked missing nin called the Demon brothers," said Seras pulling out a kunai.

"C-ranked trash more like it," said Naruto

"Don't mock us punk," said the first Charging Naruto as his brother charged Kiba.

Naruto aimed his gun and shoot at the chain braking it in two. They quickly detached the Chains and headed for different targets. The first came down on Naruto only to find his claws blocked by Naruto's gun. Naruto used his free hand to slug him and drop his knee into his chest while putting the gun to his eye.

The other had abandoned Kiba and ran at Sakura. Sasuke thinking he was all powerful jumping in front of her only to be knocked aside. Sakura's hand went into her coat and she pulled out a 9mm. She pulled the trigger once hitting the man in his shoulder, making him cry in pain. She then pulled the trigger three more times putting bullets in both his knees and his right elbow.

Sakura lowered her smoking pistol and smirked. "Thanks for the gift Naruto-kun," said Sakura hiding it back in her coat.

"Any time. Kakashi next time you hide I'm cutting your eyes out. Got it?" said Naruto making Kakashi appear next to him

"Sorry, but I needed to see something," said Kakashi.

"Whatever," said Naruto as he turned to the brother under foot. "Your going to tell me who your trying to kill here, or I'm blowing your fucking brains out, after I put a bullet in your legs and balls," said Naruto making the man pale.

"Alright! We were hired by Gatou to kill the old man. Look you know it's nothing personal, just a bit of bad business," said the Man

"What do you say Sakura-chan?" asked Naruto as Sakura walked over.

"I say let them walk. No point in killing defeated dogs," said Sakura only to look at Kiba. "Sorry about that Kiba-kun Akamaru-chan," finished Sakura with a small smile.

"Ne. It's okay. Sakura-chan, because that's what they are defeated dogs," said Kiba as Naruto holstered his gun.

"Be lucky my baby sister is in a good mode or I would have splattered your brain all over the ground just now," said Naruto walking away.

"Right. Let's get going," said Seras.

"Wait! We are inclined to know about what's happening," said Kakashi looking at Tazuna.

"Kakashi-san let's just skip the whole story routine and got to wave. Everyone wants to go anyway do why waster time asking," said Naruto.

"Naruto is right. It's best for all invalid," said Kiba

Tazuna bowed to Naruto. "Thank you," said Tazuna as Naruto smiled at him.

"Your welcome," said Naruto as they continued to walk off.

(In a Hidden Location)

"Your little hatchment fucked up bad Zabuza," said a man in a suit only to have a large zanbuto at his face.

"Shut up. The Vampire and Copycat Kakashi are with them. I think it will be a lot of fun," said the man holding the large sword with a wide grin on his face.


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