This for rangers fic it sorta shows the future where Shades Daughter and Kanton are from, Kudos from Iron-Mantis for being co-author.

We see a city completely and utterly in ruin. It looked like all live that existed there is completely gone, even bug and plant-life are gone. We see soldiers wearing Darkish blood red armor. Some are wielding energy spears and Plasma Rifles.

There in the middle of the ruinous city was a mechanized fortress made of a blackish looking metal with skeletal like styles giving the building a macabre look. This building is where Shade has all his future weapons and projects done. Inside we see a being walking to a monitor. It is a Darkside with skeletal hands with spikes coming out there knuckles, Scorpions tail, and has two insect like eyes. This is a Count type Darkside known as Dokuro.

He turned on his monitor showing a shadowish looking room.

"Report" ?? said

"My Liege, I have excellence news, the Time machine is completely repair after the bombs the uchiha implanted to make sure we can't follow him back in time, though theres one slight problem." Dokuro flinched when the shadowish figure gave him a glare that would make a dementer squirm.


"Well unfortunately it only has enough juice to 1 more trips, so we have to choose our operatives carefully our we will be trapped in the past indefinitely in case we can't fixs the flaw." Dokuro said preparing for the worst in case his master show any sign of anger.

"Very well" Dokuro let out a sigh of relief, but tensed when he heard his master start talking "I want you to prepared the machine for a trip to send HER back in time."

"But sir theres only enough juice left for one more trip, what if she doesn't come back?" he doesn't need to know who her is, he has a pretty good guess who it is.

"Whats your point, if she fails she has no used for me." The Shadowish being said "Remember Dokuro all live is expendables including hers do I make myself clear" he said in a rumble that scared the Count Darkside.

"Yes lord Shade, Chrystal clear." Dokuro said

"Good, she will see you soon." Shade said before the Screen Turned off. Dokuro have to control himself not to faint.

"Dang, everytime I talk to the guy I feel like another year of my life is shaved off." Dokuro said we now see Dokuro wears a white tattered lab coat, has brownish hair, and wearing greenish sweatpants.

" he then immediately started walking to another room. He then see some other scientist watching something curiously.

"WHAT THE HELL YOU LOOKING AT, GET BACK TO WORK!" Dokuro yelled which sent the others scurrying to there stations, he then take a look at the monitor curiously.

He smirk a deadly smile seeing the new fighters destroying the resistance forces. The X-Cobras were his and two others Count Darksides creations (1) and so far are living to there names and the potentials they put in to them.

The X-Cobra were slick pitch black machines with a tail like appendage connected to it (for air battle they could lower it to stinger position to destroy airships with there connected laser cannons attached to the bottom of it) or the tail could be used for ground combat so the machine could slither the ground with the upper part (the non tail part of the star-fighter like a demonic X-fighter that has two laser attached to the wing and a missile launcher at the bottom of it nose.) are easily taking care of the resistance.

"Morons, they should give up, theres no way of defeating master Shade or General Bronze Centipede" Dokuro said.

"Hell even Dr.Viper with his new bio-experiments could kill a squadron of them" Dokuro muttered.

He then began heading to the direction of the time machine.preparing the time machine for Shades daughter arrival.

So good, bad or what btw heres data on the count types

Count type Darksides are created when a Darkside see's into the gate of truth and sacrificing any sense of morality and ssense of self to the gate to become Counts.

Counts are literally the brains of the Darksides there as smart as four super-computers, and are Sadistic as Mayuri on a bad day when it comes to there experiments, and while powerful are also cowardly beings to those who are stronger to them.

This is a tribute to Rangers fic Author fighters: Demon from heaven.