Chapter 1: Bella Swan

After saying goodbye to my mom for the nine billionth time I finally got on the plane, I sighed with relief. I wasn't sure I could take any more of my mom. I can't stand her any more, that's why I was going to live with my brother Luke until I was old enogh to get a place of my own. My mom wasn't the same after dad died; none of us were, but mom especially. She hardly ever let us out of her sight, she clung onto us and never let go.

Luke finally had enough, when he eighteen years old he moved to Forks. I couldn't understand, at the time how a boy from Phoenix could ever want to live in such a rainy place like Forks. Then I figured it out, he wanted to be in a place mom would never go, and that sounded great to me. Now here I am on my way to live in Forks, the only place I could get a break, to live with my twenty year old brother, who I haven't seen for nearly three years. Am I lucky or what?

When we touched down, I got off slowly. Knowing my brother he'd probably be late. Then, when (and if) he did show up he'd come up with some lame excuse. By the time I got into the airport I had decided to call a cab. I was right he wasn't there. As I was walking towards the pay phones I heard a voice behind me. "Bella? Bella Swan?" I turned around and choked back a gasp right there was the most gorgeous man I had seen in my entire life. He had a sort of a bronze shade of hair, with the body of a god. The most striking thing about him, however, was his pitch black eyes.

"I'm Bella Swan. And you are?"

"I'm Edward Cullen, I'm a friend of your brothers and…" all of a sudden a gust of wind came from an open window and my hair was blown all around my face, Edward stopped talking and starred at me for what seemed like a long time. Finally he resumed talking, "…and I'm here to pick you up, your brother is working and can't get out of a meeting to come get you, he told me to tell you he's sorry."

"Oh okay, thank you." I said. Luke. Is at a meeting. Weird. Not that I was complaining, I was more than happy to be in a car with this major hottie. I followed him to his car, finally finding something to look forward to while I was living in this hell on earth.