Storms And Giggles

Jirou was afraid of storms. He had been since he was little. Tonight's storm was no exception. Our normal narcoleptic boy wasn't sleeping; he was hiding. Jirou knew he shouldn't be hiding. Not at a friend's house anyway. Jirou was hiding under the diva of Hyotei's bed. Jirou knew he had to get out from under the bed, but he didn't budge. Jirou stayed under Atobe's bed clutching a pillow he stole from the diva's bed.

Atobe didn't know Jirou was afraid of storms. Atobe wasn't too concerned about where Jirou was at the moment. Atobe was in his bathroom getting changed into his pajamas. As soon as Atobe left his bathroom he noticed something was wrong. His narcoleptic friend was missing.

"Jirou where are you?" Atobe asked. There was no reply, but he heard something. It wasn't the storm he heard. He heard crying. Atobe walked over to where he heard the crying. Atobe got on his hands and knees and looked underneath his bed. What the diva saw shocked him. He saw Jirou curled up in a little ball hugging his pillow for dear life, but the thing that hurt Atobe the most was that Jirou was sobbing.

Atobe crawled under his bed to grab Jirou by the leg. Jirou was still curled up in a ball, crying, by the time he was completely out from under the bed.

"Jirou what's wrong?" Atobe asked, actually concerned for someone other than himself.

"T-the storm," Jirou squeaked out. Jirou was now shaking do to the fact the storm sounded louder.

"Jirou, you're afraid of storms?" Jirou only nodded. Jirou wouldn't stop crying and shaking. Atobe had an epiphany. He had to do something. Atobe got up from the ground and picked up his narcoleptic friend. Jirou's shaking and crying didn't seize. Atobe put Jirou on his bed then Atobe got on the other side of the bed and hugged Jirou.

"Jirou, don't worry, Ore-sama's here," Atobe whispered in Jirou's ear. That didn't stop Jirou from crying. Atobe didn't know what to do then. Atobe barely thought about what he was doing. He rolled Jirou onto his back, took the pillow away from him, and started tickling him. Jirou's crying soon turned into giggles. Atobe kept tickling Jirou until Jirou got cheeky enough to tackle Atobe over and tickle him. Atobe and Jirou were both laughing and having a good time tickling each other.

By the time they were tired and panting from laughing the storm was over. Atobe rolled over to his left and hugged his narcoleptic friend. Jirou snuggled against Atobe's chest and fell asleep with a big smile on his face. Atobe smiled at the sleeping Jirou and whispered a good night before he too fell into a deep sleep.