CHAPTER 67: HERE'S TO US (by Halestorm)

Harry's eyes opened in a flash and he quickly rolled out of Hagrid's arms. He landed on the ground just in front of the startled half-giant's feet. The once deceased teen righted himself, pulling out his wand and aiming it at the Dark Lord.

"It's not possible." He heard Voldemort say to himself.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Harry could see some Deatheaters vanish into smoke and fly away as fast as they could.

"I killed you!" Voldemort screamed. With a clawed and skeletal hand he lifted the Elder Wand, aiming it at the very much alive boy.

"Well I do have a reputation as 'The Boy Who Lived'." Harry retorted, matching the demon's motions.


More Deatheaters were making their retreat, making the Dark Lord obviously nervous. Those who were able, like Ron, Hermione and Neville, moved around the courtyard, holding their wands at the ready until Voldemort and Harry were trapped in the middle.

That's when the snake attacked. Someone tried to curse it before its deadly bite could land on Harry but the magic just rolled off the serpent; like water on a goose's feathers.

Harry dived out of the way just in time; rolling back onto his feet and keeping his wand on Voldemort. But the dark wizard was too busy deflecting curses and hexes from the surrounding army. So Harry was able to dodge Nagini; keeping his attention focused on the snake.

"Harry!" someone shouted from behind him. The voice didn't sound too familiar; it was gravely and hoarse.

Harry rolled out of the way of another strike and came up where he could see who thought it was so important to talk to him at the moment.

Severus Snape had his wand aimed at Voldemort.

Harry was glad to see him awake and well but now really wasn't the time for chitchat. "What?" he yelled back.

Voldemort was trying to attack Harry but he was having enough trouble keeping himself in one piece.

"Disarm the bastard!" Severus shouted before throwing an Expeliarmus spell at Voldemort. The others around him followed his example. Of course! It was brilliant if they could manage it.

Every free moment Harry had he tossed disarming spell after disarming spell at the demon.

It went on like that for a long while; Voldemort just barely managing himself. All of a sudden Neville ran forward into the courtyard with Gryffindor's sword clutched in his adrenaline-induced grip.

"Don't be a fool!" G. shouted. The man caught up to the teen before he could get himself killed. "You do not even know how to use this weapon." He took the sword from Neville and ran into the clearing.

"No!" Draco shouted but Neville stopped the blond from running after him.

"Harry Potter, focus on the monster!" G. shouted as he drew closer to Harry. "I will put an end to the serpent!"

When Godric stepped between Harry and Nagini, the teen turned his attention to Voldemort.

"Prepare to die, beast!" G. shouted. If Harry wasn't otherwise occupied at the moment he would've taken the time to laugh or roll his eyes at the man's theatrics. Yes, he was definitely THE Gryffindor.

Somehow during the fight Nagini had ended up a good three yards away from G. To Harry's surprise the man lifted his mighty weapon high above his head. Just when Harry thought G. was going to charge forward, like Brave heart with a crazed battle cry, the man brought the sword down and struck the ground in front of himself. All logic said that there was no way that that attack would find Nagini. But when metal met stone the ground cracked and wind blew. All of G.'s magic was forced out in a great, red, fan-shaped, burst of energy. Anything it touched was split in two, including Nagini.

The two halves of the snake's body flopped around in post-mortem spasms.

Voldemort let out a cry of agony and Severus took his chance to disarm the villain.

"Expeliarmus!" he shouted and the Elder Wand flew out of the Dark Lord's hand. "Accio!" Severus caught the wand in his empty hand and before Voldemort could react, "Avada Kedavra!" Severus shouted.

Lord Voldemort dropped in a lifeless heap in the dirt. The witches and wizards that surrounded the battle-worn courtyard erupted in cheers and tears.

It was over! Finally over.

And Harry had a date to get to.

The teen watched his love take an unsteady step forward and then another, and another. Bandages or not Severus was dead sexy without a shirt.

"Harry…" the man said when he had gotten close enough. Everyone was in the throes of celebration so they couldn't hear their conversation. "I thought…I mean you were suppose to…"

"Change of plan." Harry smiled and lifted his hand showing the new ring he was wearing. The stone was as black as death itself.

"The Resurrection Stone." Severus said. It wasn't a question because there was no doubt.

Harry wanted to jump into the man's arms, but judging by the bandages he decided that wouldn't be a good idea. Instead he stepped forward and let his head fall until his forehead was pressed to Severus' sternum.

The man's arms wrapped, gently, around Harry's small frame. The teen took a deep breath, inhaling his lover's scent.

"I love you." Severus said into his young love's crazy hair.

Harry smiled, "I love you too."

"Cleared of all charges!" the new Minister for Magic said, letting his mallet fall.

Severus stood and gave the members of the hearing a respectful bow, and then one specifically for the minister. The effects of the Verritaserum were just fading away, but it didn't matter. Severus was never going to lie again. So long as he was breathing the only words that were coming out of his mouth were the truth.

He turned and began walking out of the room. The entire hearing was private, not even Harry had been allowed in. And every member in the room was sworn to secrecy; agreeing on pain of death not to divulge anything heard inside the room to anyone.

Severus opened the door and stepped into flashes of light, and the presence of a cheering crowd. The masses were being held back by ministry police force. Thankfully Harry and a few others were on this side of the barrier, waiting for him.

Harry was leaning over a beautiful stroller trying to hush the crying baby the crowd had woken up.

Severus crossed the distance and pulled Harry to him.

Harry's smile was bright and happy as Severus lifted his young love in the air and spun around. Of course the crowd ate it up, but Severus didn't care. The only people in the whole world who mattered to him were Harry and Scarlet. Everyone else could kiss his ass.

When he finally put Harry down he captured the teen's lips in a beautiful kiss. Harry quickly ended it however, trying to keep up a modest appearance, but the blush on his cheeks was proof of his approval.

"I'm trying very hard not to throttle you right now." Came Sirius' voice.

Severus turned around to see Remus holding the now calm Scarlet; and Sirius with a sour expression.

"The only reason I haven't, as of yet, is because of this beauty queen right here." Sirius started playing peek-a-boo with Severus' daughter.

She seemed rather un-entertained by the whole thing.

"Like you and Lupin are any better." Severus retorted his arm snaking around Harry's waist.

Sirius looked up then, giving up on peek-a-boo. "At least I'm not shoving our relationship down his godfather's throat. And at least we get a room. It's not my fault Remus is so loud."

The fore-mentioned werewolf blushed crimson before passing Scarlet over to her father.

Severus wasn't very good at baby holding but he was getting better. He smiled at her hazel eyes and the way her fine hair curled at the ends making it stick up in places. Her emerald green dress matched the bow in her hair; that was having trouble staying in. the green dress had been Severus' idea, and it was his favorite to see her in. of course Harry preferred maroon colors on their daughter.

"We should get going." Harry suggested after a moment. "We've planned a party for you."

Severus groaned, "Do we have to?" he asked. "We could just hide."

"Yes you have to." Harry said emphasizing the fact that it was Severus who was being forced. "Mrs. Weasley has been cooking all morning."

"And we cleaned my house just for it." Sirius protested.

After several attempts, on Severus' part, to barter his way out of the party, they were escorted to a safe and private location to apparate.

One year and seven months later…

Severus was upstairs putting Scarlet to bed. They had just bought her a "big girl" bed but she was having trouble staying the whole night in it. It didn't take the two year old very long to fall back asleep; however.

Severus smiled down at his daughter it was almost a year ago that her last name was changed to Snape, along with Harry's. It had been a simple wedding, nothing grand or over the top; just a hand full of friends and a ministry ordained wizard to make it all legal.

Harry looked stunning in his formal robes and when Severus' eyes fell on him it was as if there was no one else in the world.

The reception was just as simple; held at the tiny cottage on the beach where Scarlet was born. Molly Weasley, or Nah-Nah as Scarlet had named her, did most of the cooking.

After Harry had gotten pregnant for the second time, the couple decided to start looking for a larger house. They still hadn't found anything but the plan was that their son could share a room with Scarlet until they found one.

It wasn't long after, that they were attending Draco's wedding. Severus still got a sour taste every time he thought of their obvious age difference. And he couldn't shake the feeling that there was something Draco wasn't telling him about the man. But he never spoke on it, because he and Harry were just as bad; and besides G. never did anything worse than spoil Severus' nephew. And since the man began shaving he at least looks closer to Draco's age.

Severus who had been sitting on the edge of the tiny bed, stood up. He leaned over and brushed one of Scarlet's curls out of her face. She was so beautiful even the nose she inherited from him looked good on her. And she definitely had his personality. She was far too literal for a toddler.

All of a sudden Severus felt a sharp pain behind his eyes and everything went black. No…not black, just dark. Severus was lying in his bed? But this pain…he knew this pain.

Suddenly he was back upstairs with his daughter and the pain was gone.

He took the stairs three at a time jumping the last ones. He was across the living room and in the bedroom in a flash.

Harry was curled up in the center of their bed clutching his belly.

"S-Severus…" he groaned out.

Something was very wrong. It wasn't time to have the baby. Harry was only seven months along; almost eight.

"Call them!" Harry said with a pain filled expression.

Severus knew who he meant for his husband to call. He quickly pulled out his wand and summoned his patronus sending it to Molly Weasley first then Minerva and Poppy.

Of course they weren't the only three to show up.

Severus was on the bed with Harry in his arms when he heard what sounded like a stampede running up the stairs from his basement.

Severus had allowed the entire Weasley family floo access to their house, because they were Harry's family.

But not only did the entire Weasley family tree burst into Severus' bedroom, or Poppy and Minerva, but Sirius Black and his long term lover Remus Lupin came in; fussing over Harry. It was Lupin who shooed everyone into the living room.

Fluer offered to watch Scarlet.

It was the same three women as last time with the help of Severus, that tended to the birth. The whole ordeal was filled with pain and blood. It was very complicated but Harry managed to survive, if just barely.

Dalton Albus Snape was very small, and for the first year it was touch and go with him. But he grew up healthy and strong just a little on the small side. For what he lacked in size he made up for with his wild personality.

By the time he was ten years old he had already broken his arm, collarbone, leg and wrist; at separate times of course; all from obstacles he attempted to climb.

Scarlet was much calmer. She had a more refined sense of humor. She very rarely laughed at a joke but when she told one it was likely to be the funniest you've ever heard.

With everything that happened during the war it became difficult to conceal the wizarding world from the muggles. The English Prime Minister held a press conference and announced the information to the world. Soon after, other countries did the same. Sure enough chaos followed.

Anti-magic separatist groups formed, some, peaceful protesters, others radical terrorists. Anti-muggle groups rose up in retaliation and soon enough it was civil war throughout the world

The attack on Hogsmeade was the greatest victory for the anti-magic movement and the worst defeat for witches and wizards everywhere. The anti-muggle groups received quite a bit of support after that.

The way things were going the next world war was only days away. But something amazing happened.

Scarlet was inducted as Prime Minister for the wizarding community of England. Dalton and Draco's son were heading the equal rights defense force and together the three of them managed to bring peace to the world. Scarlet had a way with words; she could have easily turned every witch or wizard against the muggle populace with one speech. But being raised by Harry and Severus had taught her a few things.

Seven years after a world-wide peace treaty had been signed by almost every nation, muggle and magic alike, Scarlet Lily Snape married Tristan Cole Malfoy; Draco's and G.'s son.

Harry and Severus became proud grandpas almost two years later.

Just because a piece of paper declared that there was no war didn't mean there weren't still terrorists on both sides. But despite all this, muggles and magic folk were able to live side by side.

Harry, whose body had been weakened by the pregnancies, died at the age of 74. Of course the average age of most wizards is 150 years. Severus was 106 at the time, he lived a short while without his love; enough to reach his 107th birthday. He passed away only two weeks later.

They were buried side by side on Hogwarts grounds. There was a nice shaded place just on the outside of the forbidden forest; a small little hill that overlooked the Black Lake. Their head stones served as a memorial for all the future Hogwarts students to visit and remember.

Harry's read, "Here lies Harry James Snape, the savior of the wizarding world, father of Scarlet Lily Snape and Dalton Albus Snape, husband to Severus Snape."

Severus' read, "Here lies Severus Tobias Snape, potions master, father of Scarlet Lily Snape and Dalton Albus Snape, spy for the Order of the Phoenix, husband to Harry James Snape; THE BRAVEST MAN WE EVER KNEW."


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