I looked down at the beautiful eight-year old adult in my arms as I carried her, bridal-style across the threshold of the small, but beautiful house her parent had given us as a wedding gift. It seemed odd that I was at one point in love with my now mother-in-law, still best friend Bella. I felt her small hand against my cheek and images of her mother filled my head. I nodded my head once, but was quickly distracted by the far less appropriate image of our first as man and wife. God I loved my Nessie.

I carried her through the front door and into our new bedroom, the full skirt of her wedding dress (obviously picked out by her aunt Alice) brushed against my legs. I set her down on the bed and sat next to her. She touched my face, not showing me anything, she merely wanted the physical contact.

We took my time, though, slowly undressing each other. There was nothing wrong about this moment. It was meant to be. I knew this day would come since the day she was born. I held my body over hers, careful not to crush her. though I knew she was probably as indestructibly as her parents, I wasn't about to test that.

I kissed her full, perfect lips, then moved down her throat across her shoulder and down her left arm. I paused at her wedding ring and kissed the diamond before kissing each of her finger tips. My lips traveled back up her arm and skimmed her collar bone. Her already frantic heart picked up pace as I kissed each of her beautiful breasts. She moaned when my tongue circled her erect nipple. The sound sent me further down her body.

When I got to her center, I slowly ran my tongue along her slit. She was wet and I knew I was making her happy. Her happiness was all I ever wanted, but I was glad that this is what she wanted now. I started flicking my tongue against her clit, but her hands were on my face, telling me to stop at first, then bombarding me with images of us entangled together, first me on top, then her, and my already prominent erection throbbed with the need to be inside her.

I slowly moved up her body and kissed her, hard. Throwing all my passion into it. My hands found her breasts and hers never left my face, still throwing lustful image at me. I slid slowly into her, and the images stopped as she gasped. At first I thought I had hurt her, so I stopped cold. But then she looked up at me and, not trusting her mind at the moment, spoke out loud for the first time since we left the reception.

"I'm okay," she assured me. "just surprised." and, although it was spoken out loud, I believed her. I slowly moved forward, searching for any sign on her face that would let me know she was okay. I continued this slow rhythm until she silently told me to go faster.

I picked up my pace, and felt myself begin to tremble. Nessie put an image in my head of me as a wolf, but I shook my head, not breaking stride as I told her I was just getting close. Her body began to convulse as she tightened around me, and all images were removed from my head, though her hands were planted firmly on my face. A few thrusts later, my mind went blank too, as the force of my orgasm rendered me blank-minded. The first thought I had was how much I loved her. Before I thought she was the center of my universe, but know I knew that she was not the center of it, but the entire universe.

"I love you Nessie," I whispered in her ear as I rolled so I was laying next to her.

She snuggled into my arms and put her hands on my face. "I love you too, Jake." she said. "More than my own life." she left her hands as she fell asleep and I saw that she was dreaming of what just happened. I looked down, and there was a content smile on her face. I felt a little guilty, seeing her dreams, so I took her hands from my face and closed my eyes. "I'll be dreaming the same things anyway," I thought as I drifted off to sleep.