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Snape wasn't sure why but he was not looking forward to this start of term. He looked at the other students being sorted into his house and groaned inwardly. He despised first years, no matter what every first year he has ever had started out as a blithering idiot!

"Samara Bailey." Snape looked at this student. She was pretty and had long red hair, kind of like Lily's, her eyes were deep pools of blue wonder but her expression seemed rather bored. The hat was placed on her head and despite Severus' better judgment he invaded her mind to hear what the hat was saying to her.

"Hmmm…you are different, plenty of courage and intellect not to mention nobility…however you're hostility makes you all the more suited for any house other then, "SLYTHERIN!" as the room burst out into applause Snape's gaze followed the child as she walked to the far back of the table and sat alone. He strained his eyes to see what the child was doing and noticed that she had taken out a book and began to read. There was something familiar about this Slytherin...and if his suspicions were correct it was nothing good.

Samara sat at the table only glancing momentarily over her book to a raven haired boy. He was an extremely gorgeous boy, with a pair of the greenest eyes Samara has ever seen. But he would never talk to an ugly burden such as herself. At least that's what her father said.

As dinner went on Samara noticed that one of her teachers were staring at her. He had greasy black hair and dark, dark, brown eyes. Samara tried to look away but his gaze was so compelling.

"Draco Malfoy!"

Samara turned and saw that another boy went up to the stool. The boy had platinum blond hair and light blue eyes

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat roared.

Samara went back to her book when she noticed that the Malfoy boy was approaching her. At first she thought about moving down the bench but then decided against it seeing as it was the first time someone had actually chosen to approach her.

"Hello." he said sitting next to her.

"Hi." Samara said from over her book.

"I'm Draco Malfoy-"

"Yes, I got that just now." she said rather coldly.

"Oh,well what's your name?" he asked trying to be more polite.

"Why do you need to know?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Because it is the polite thing to ask."

"Yes, and with how you talked to that one red headed boy when we arrived I can tell you are the perfect image of manners."

Malfoy looked offended and then continued to talk. "Weasly, is one of the poorest excuse of a wizard at Hogwarts...well him and the mudblood Granger-"

"Well if you are seeking a pureblood to converse with you are shit out of luck. My father is a mugggle and my mum is a which." Samara said opening her book once again.

"You...you're a mudblood? But this is-"

"Malfoy, I would suggest you go and tell your lackey's about me. Believe me I am one mudblood that will not tolerate your crap." Samara pulled her book up farther and ignored his threats and whining.

Dinner took far too long to end. And for the most absurd reason Malfoy would not leave her alone, it wasn't like they were having a joyous conversation either! Mostly it consisted of "I don't want to be seen with a mudblood" or "Did you just threaten me? My father will throw you into Azkaban" and as dinner continued Samara found herself more and mor annoyed until finally.


Finally, some peace and quiet. Samara still found that even though Malfoy was no longer talking the fact that his mouth was still moving annoyed her.

"Malfoy, I would suggest you shut your mouth...I do know how to cast a permanent sticking charm as well."

Instantly Malfoy's mouth shut with a snap and he did not open it again for the rest of the meal.

Something told Samara that once they met their Head of House she would be in real trouble, oh well it should be interesting.

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