This story was one I started a really looong time ago and thought I would add on to it and work on it for some time...please READ and REVIEW...WARNING: Contains Self Harm

Samara stood abruptly. "Thank you for the potion-" she said about to leave.

Before she could go Snape grabbed her by the arm despite the fact that she flinched away.

"You have to talk about this!" Snape said trying to keep her from leaving.

"NO! I don't have to talk to you about anything!" Samara said trying to pull away.

"YES, you do! If you don't it will take control of your life!"

"Then let it!"

"How are you going to explain to Mr. Potter that when he hugs you or kisses you, you feel the need to cut your wrist?" Snape said loudly.

"SHUT UP!" Samara screamed running from the potions classroom.

Severus flinched as the door slammed shut and her footsteps echoed as she left the dungeon. He closed his eyes and sat in a chair. What was he to do? He could not handle this kind of stress! The child wasn't even his! As far as he was concerned Albus' suspicions of her being abused could be false.

He rubbed his temples, now he was the one in denial. What was he to do with a self harming teenager? He didn't have children for many reasons and this was one of them. He couldn't help this girl; she needed comfort, love, and attention. Something that the potion bat of the dungeon could never give her.


Snape looked up into the disappointed eyes of Dumbledore.

"Headmaster." He said curtly.

"You disappoint me Severus…I trusted with you to look out and care for this child."

Severus stood up feeling his blood boil.

"What do you want me to do Albus?! She is not my child…as a matter of fact she is of no concern to me!"

Dumbledore's eyes became fierce.

"Severus Snape…Samara Bailey is in your House….so she is of your concern and your responsibility!" Dumbledore did not yell but he needn't have to, Severus caught every word.

"Albus…I can't talk to a student that doesn't listen! She does not want my help!"

"Severus, you did not want anyone's help either. Now, you are stubborn and hard headed, I'm sure you can make her listen."

When Albus left Severus found himself alone and in much need of a stiff drink.

Samara found herself in the corridor next to the common room; every student was in there other class. She took out her nail phial again and eyed it. The dry blood from last night was still there but she could have cared less. It would just take one more cut, for the embarrassment and pain to disappear forever. She wanted to be numb, she wanted it to end, she wanted to disappear and never be seen again.

Samara could feel hot tears stream down her face and took a deep breath. She dug deep into her skin only this time she cut straight down her vain. She laughed slightly, she felt numb. She gathered enough strength and cut the other.

She closed her eyes and began to drift…farther……farther………..farther……………….-


Severus ran to her side and looked to see that she was sitting in a puddle of her own blood. He quickly took out his wand and began closing her wounds. He pulled her up into his arms and began rushing away; he would give her a blood replenishing potion once they were in the safety of his own rooms. Severus refused to take her to Madam Pomfary; nothing was more humiliating then having a Healer fuss over you so.

He placed her on the couch and scurried away to get the potion. When he came he saw that Samara's eyes were opened slightly.

"You stupid, idiotic, fool of a child!" he spat helping her up and forcing the potion down her throat.

Once that was done she looked at him with the most hateful gaze she could muster, but it didn't faze her teacher all that much.

"What are you trying to prove hmm?"

She did not answer him.

"Well I can tell you one thing you have another detention with me tonight, and to make it all the more worse you are confined to this couch for the rest of the day."

"You're…you're grounding me?" she stuttered weekly.

Severus folded his arms over his chest and made his eyebrows go heavenward.

"If you must put is in such a way yes."

"You can't do that!" she said trying to sit up.

Severus scoffed and gently pushed her back down.

"You are in my House, meaning you are of my concern and responsibility. So yes I can,"

Samara sat back too tired to argue any farther, she closed her eyes and fell asleep. Severus covered her with a blanket and went into his study to get a drink, he would only have one glass of fire whiskey and then he would have to return to his class. He still had a couple more periods to go before lunch and after that he would ask Albus to look after his classes so he could monitor Samara more.

His next class was a bunch of third year Hufflepuff and Ravenclaws. It was pretty routine and Severus did his usual scoffing and snapping at students for making dumb and simple errors. Once class was over he considered skipping lunch but knew that he would have to if he wanted to talk to Albus and miss his evening classes.

The Great Hall was filled to the brim with gossiping teenagers he would waste no time while in there, but knowing Albus he would have to wait until he finished eating to speak with him. This next forty-five minutes would go on forever.

Samara had awoken in a cold sweat; her nightmare had been more vivid then ever. Tears blurred her vision and Samara searched her robes for her nail phial. Then it all came flooding back. Professor Snape had saved her from death and most likely thrown her nail phial away. She collapsed back on her pillow and began to sob.

Not only had her secret been revealed but she felt lower then Hell. There was no rock bottom for her anymore; life was not worth living with these circumstances. Why couldn't Snape just leave her alone, her life would have been gone and the pain would have disappeared if it hadn't been for him!

She closed her eyes and attempted to calm herself. She shouldn't cry…only weak people cried. Tears never did anything…they never solved anything…they only made the beatings longer and more painful. Still she could not stop herself; the tears fell like waterfalls and never stopped. She cried and cried until she thought her eyes would dry up and shrivel away.

Severus walked through the Dungeon feeling uncomfortable full, why was it always Albus' business to make him over eat. He wasn't that skinny…and after all wasn't being skinny a good thing? He walked to his quarters and went through the portrait hole. He stopped when he could hear Samara's faint wails. His eyes wandered on her slumped figure and then went to a picture that was handing over his fireplace's mantle.

He was not good with this sort of thing. Comforting children was something Albus was good at, the most Severus had ever been able to give was a pat on the shoulder or some kind words. He stared at her for a moment…he couldn't hug her, after the abuse she had recently received from her father that was probably the last thing she needed.

He had half a mind to walk out of his rooms and let her cry herself out. But what kind of House Master would that make him. He coughed slightly and watched as her head whipped around to face him.

"Sir…" she swiped at her eyes but then began to sob more when she realized that Snape had seen her whole episode.

He sat down on the couch next to her and sighed watching her sob and wail, he did not know what to do! If he hugged her she might feel even more uncomfortable, she did not like to hear sweet nothings about how he knew what she was going through. Severus stopped and tried to think about what he had wanted at that age.

"Samara." He said gently.

The tiny Slytherin turned to face him with red puffy eyes; he paused now forgetting what he had planned to say. He looked back up and suddenly found that Samara was attached to his waste sobbing her heart out into his chest. His back stiffened at first but then relaxed when he realized what she was doing. He stroked her hair and told her everything she would want to hear, and all of it being the truth. He told her that she would not be going back to those awful people and that he would find a way to help her. Samara so emotionally unstable took in every sweet comment and held it close to her heart, every single promise Severus had made was now locked into her mind. She would never forget, never and she would hold Severus to each and every single one of his promises.

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