" Carla, it's Halloween! Why aren't you dressed up, baby? "

Turk's wife mearly shrugged her shoulders and resumed her paperwork.

" You're no fun. " He whined as he twirled one of her curls with his finger. " Have you seen the J-Dizzle? "

" No, but apparently him and Dr.Cox are dressing up. I guess JD has more of an influence on Perry now that they're,you know... "

" I don't wanna hear about it. " Turk put both hands over his ears and sighed. " Ew..."

" Turk, you should be more- whoa!" Carla glanced over his shoulder and shook her head. " You've gotta be kidding! " Turk turned around and was shocked by what he saw.

Perry came in first, wearing blue scrubs and a black wig. He had the wig styled and gelled to look identical with JD's natural hair. He walked with a swing in his step and smiled wide. Perry stopped at the Nurses Station and looked at Turk.

" Good morning, Chocolate Bear! " Perry exclaimed, before tilting his head to the left and wandering off into a daydream.

" No way..." Turk and Carla watched him for a moment, before they heard the door open again and were greeted by a hilarious sight.

JD pushed the doors open dramatically. He was wearing a curly wig, styled to look like Perry's natural hair. He obviously wore a muscle suit underneath his gray t-shirt and lab coat, because his pecs and abs were bulging out.

He strolled over to the Nurses Station. " Carla. Ghandi. " He mearly nodded at them before grabbing his charts and whopping Perry over the side of the head with one. " Get to work, Newbie. " At that, he went of to check on his patients.

Carla and Turk just stared at each other for a moment. Perry stood in front of them and rubbed his sore head.

" Dr. Cox is such a stud. " Perry remarked after snapping out of his fantasy. Carla laughed.

" Okay, Bambi, you'd better get to work before that big, bad "stud" comes back." Carla surpressed a laugh and Turk looked on, horrified.

Perry mearly nodded before scooping up his charts and running in the direction that JD had gone.

When he was out of sight, Carla looked at Turk, who was shaking his head.

" Pathetic..."

" Aw, I think it's cute. They get to see what the other one thinks of them. " Carla smiled and nudged Turk. " You can't just stand there all day looking shocked.

Turk closed his mouth and nodded before walking off.