Here it is. Chapter 5. Hope you like it! )

PD walked into his patient's room and smiled. " Hello, Miss Harrellson. How're you feeling today? "

The woman looked at him strangely. " You aren't Dr. Dorian. "

" I am today. " Perry smiled and sat down on the edge of the bed. " It's Halloween, ma'am."

The woman in the bed, who appeared to be in her late 60's, early 70's smiled. " You kids and your wacky holidays. So, if you are Dr. Dorian, then he is..."

" Rebecca, what are you doing? You can't just use our patients bed as your personal rest place. Get up! " JD snapped as he walked into the room and picked up the chart. " How're we doing, Miss Harrellson? "

The lady in the bed grinned and shook her head. " I'm fine, Dr. Cox. "

JD looked up for a moment and nodded. " Glad to hear it. You're going into surgery tomorrow, so you'd better get some rest tonight. Pamela and I will leave you to it. "

JD walked out of the room and tried to surpress a smile. Perry noticed and sighed.

" That's my favorite patient. " PD declared proudly and looked over at JD.

" I thought you might say something like that. " JD wiped his grin off and scowled, " But you're not supposed to favor certain patients, Newbie. That's how the hospital get sued for neglecting the annoying patients that we don't like. "

PD shot JD a surprised look. He'd never heard JD outrightly say that patients annoyed him. It almost worried the older man that his protege was better at playing the hard-assed, uncaring doctor than he was.

" It's 5:00, Dr. Cox. Only 2 hours until we get to go home. " PD stated excitedly. He was relieved to go back to normal and end the whole ' acting like JD ' thing. It was hard for him to keep up the constantly peppy, carefree attitude.

" Counting the hours, are we? "

" Yeah. In two hours, I get to sit on my couch with a bottle of scotch and- "

" You said scotch! " JD yelled.

" So? " PD didn't realize what he'd done.

" I don't drink scotch, Perry! " JD started jumping up and down. " I win! "

Perry put his hands on top of his head and breathed deeply. He'd lost.

JD was right.

He ripped his own wig off and sighed.

" Thank God it's over." He pulled a few of his curls and rolled his eyes at JD's celebration.

JD stopped jumping and smiled at his boyfriend. " Don't even try to tell me that you didn't have fun! "

" Newbie, playing you is exhausting. "

" Well, playing you is FUN! " JD pulled his wig off and suddenly frowned at his drooping hair. " Except for the fact that my hair is flat. "

JD looked at the wig in Perry's hand. Perry looked at the one that JD was holding.

" Wanna trade? " Perry held his out.

" Ya. "

After plopping the new wigs on top of their heads, JD gave Perry his white coat, and the two of them went back to being themselves.


" Alright, Troy. Even though he is dressed like angry doctor, that's Scooter over there. " Janitor pointed at Dr. Cox and grinned at his associate. " Get your paintball gun ready. "

The two of them hid behind a wall and aimed at Perry.

" On three. " Janitor whispered. " One...two...three!! "

They started pelting the doctor with paint pellets. Janitor aimed at the back of the man's knees and smirked when he saw Perry fall.

When the duo was out of pellets, they strolled over to gloat the victory in JD's face. Once again, to Janitor's horror, he was met with a fumingly angry Dr. Cox.

" I'll give you five seconds to run, jumpsuit. Then, I'm going to kill you. One...two..."

Both of the men with paintball guns ran for their lives, and Perry couldn't help but smile at how good it felt to threaten somebody again.

It'd been a long day. And even though he was going to be stuck with all of the crappy patients, it was worth it for Perry to see his boyfriend jumping up and down with joy.

There you have it! The ending to Their First Halloween! I'll probably have Their First Christmas up soon, so keep your eyes peeled if you're interested!! It going to be about JD and Perry having themed Christmas gifts. Hugs and Kisses to anybody who reviewed! Love ya!!