Numero uno in a collection of crack pairings!


It was a seemingly quiet day in cell block D, where inmate 0000001 was now residing. He sat at his tiny desk, trying to read a self help book he had received from a

prison warden. The title read Perfectionists: And Why It's Bad To Be One. He merely scoffed, what a waste ofgood paper. If he were the perfectionist he desired to be,

he wouldn't be sitting here right now.

Not many inmates get their own desk in their room. But this inmate was "special". The room he had was immersed in violet wallpaper. A fancy suit jacket cased in

glass hung upon the wall, a small book case overflowing with books sat on the floor (which had nice carpeting), the tiny bed was adjacent to the book case, and the

desk which the inmate was reading a was on the other side of the room.

So, in short it was a medium size room, that had many luxuries..that other prisoners don't get. As the man was switching books to read, someone diverted his


"Hey, Manny boy!" called the voice from next door. There were little air shafts in each room allowing conversation between inmates.

"It's Manfred von Karma, I won't tell you again!" twitched Manfred. Damn, he'd forgot about sealing the shafts. This was the fifth time the ex chief of police annoyed


"But Manny we're friends! Remember all the cases I helped you solve?" asked Gant.

Friends? Since when were they friends? His ID number was it 7777777? He would be using it to report Gant to a guard soon...

"Well, anyway have you been swimming lately?"

"...Oh, yes, of course I have, in the shower!" responded an irked Manfred. This wasn't vacation!

"Hahaha! Good one Manny boy!" said Gant clapping loudly.

This man was taking pleasure in his torture. Too bad Manfred didn't have that taser. " Look you're wasting my perfection time.."

"Oh alright. It just gets very lonely in solitary confinement..."

"Hmph. You're foolish. You don't need others to survive. You only need yourself. "

There was a long, awkward, silence.

"As it turns out Manny..that's not true. I..need you."

Manfred was shocked out of his wits for one of the first time in many years.

"I want you to do something." asked Gant.

"W-what?" asked Manfred who was caught off guard.

"Meet me in the courtyard."

"What?! No!"

"I said meet me in the courtyard. Or didn't you hear me?"

That sent a chill down von Karma's spine. If that's actually possible.


"It'll be worth your time. Trust me. See you then Manny boy!"

Manfred von Karma was freaked out about what had just happened. He was actually intimidated.

The inmates in cell block D were being let out on the courtyard in the next 30 minutes or so. He had thoughts about avoiding Gant...but there was something that interested him. Just speaking with Damon Gant would make him feel exposed..and in a sense he liked it. No one besides a certain attorney made him feel like that.

Manfred took a mini mirror from his desk and looked at his reflection. He would meet with Gant on one condition. He had to look absolutely perfect.