AN: Ah. Finally back. I can guarantee more from this once summer begins. But in the mean time I'll be doing what I can on the weekends and whenever I have spare time. This one is for The Unknown Alias who asked for Moe the Clown and Violetta Cadaverini. I tried my best with this one, it was a really challenging task ha. I'm praying that this one came out alright because it really is a bizarre pairing haha.


Violetta had been upset, although she would never show it. Her mind was in a great amount of turmoil, after the events of that car accident. But then again, her mind had always been screwed up. She knew she was a bit of an oddball and it certainly didn't help that her grandfather was a mob boss.

Furio Tigre had really deceived her…she had thought that he had actually cared for her. And she had liked him too, but it was all just a false front. He only did everything out fear of her grandfather. It wasn't fair. And throughout her life stuff like that always happened. Just because of a name. Cadaverini. What's in a name anyway? Why couldn't she be liked because SHE was who she was?

She sat pondering this at the Tender Lender office. Violetta took it over as her own since Furio Tigre was sent to big house. The memories involved with this place, disgusted her. She was planning to sell this place.

She just felt so lonely. Even if she had someone close to her, they weren't being her friend. Just using her as a puppet. Her grandfather had told her to forget about everything and do something relaxing. Like what? Well she was always told that she should lighten up. Should she go to an amusement park? No, she wasn't particularily fond of that type of thing…

She heard the door slowly creak open. 'Could this be a client?' she asked


"Welcome to Tender Lender are you here for about a loan…?"

It was man, and a terrified looking one at that. "U-uh no miss. I-I came to hand out some flyers…" He was holding a bunch of brightly colored flyers in his arms and nervously offered her one.

Violetta took it in her hand. "Big Berry Circus…? Heh..heh…heh."

"Uh have a nice day now!" The man stormed out mighty fast.

A shame. She didn't even get to offer him her coffee.

She looked over the sheet. It said the Big Berry Circus was in town for the whole week. She had only been to circus once as child, and she remembered the experience to be pleasurable. She'd go tomorrow then. Yes…tomorrow…

She arrived in the afternoon. Walking under that big tent…it gave her chills. Violetta thought what she saw was amazing. A man that could fly, a bunch of acrobats, a lion, a vantriliquist and a puppet, and the most fascinating part of a circus. A clown.

She had no idea why but clowns always amused her. Everything just seemed funny about them, their clothes, their mannerisms, everything they did… In some sense they reminded her of herself. An unusual person, misunderstood.

The show had ended after a couple of hours. The crowds had filled out but she decided lingered around quietly. She left the seats, carefully moving down towards the stage. No one was around so Violetta looked, eyes filled with wonder and fascination at the equipment. Giant hoops, long wires, bouncy balls…

"Hey you shouldn't be here, you Gotti get out of here!"

Violetta slowly turned around to face someone she'd seen earlier. It was that clown.

"I'm sorry…I'm just curious…" said Violetta.

"Like Curious George?" he laughed slapping his knee.

"Heh…heh…heh…" she giggled. "You're funny…heh…heh…heh."

That surprised the clown. No one thought he was funny. And I mean no one.

Taking advantage of the situation he decided to run another joke of his. "Hey do you like pi? I love pi! 3.14! Yummy!" cackled the clown covering his mouth.

"Heh..heh…heh. You should come and try my special pie…" Violetta really was fond of cooking.

Moe was surprised for real now. Was this peculiar girl inviting him out? And if so why him? He was a clown. And an old one too. But why not? He was starting to get tired of dealing with the drama the circus contained…Max and Regina being a large part of that. And he was able to make her laugh…

"Well what makes it so special?"

Violetta was taken aback. No one had ever dared to ask her that. "Special ingredients…"

"Well I'd try some, but it depends on how special your ingredients are." He laughed.

Violetta gave a very slight smile, almost unnoticeable. "I'm sorry for wasting your time…I'll be taking my leave now…." She started to walk off.

"Hey don't leave just yet!" called Moe.

Violetta stopped and slowly turned around.

Moe didn't want her to leave, at least not now. She may have appeared to be an unusual girl, but as far as he could tell, she had a better grasp of reality than the other people he was associated with.

"Hm..? So you do want to try my special pie?" she asked curiously.

"Yes, why not?" he had to admit she was a fascinating person.

Violetta was happy. It's not everyday when someone wanted to spend time with her.

"Okay…I'm going back to my shop….that's where I have it…."

Moe grinned. "What's the name of your shop anyway?"

"Tender Lender…"

An unusual name of shop, an unusual girl, and an unusual meeting. This could very well be the start of something...