I believe to truly succeed; you have to focus well on every aspect of your life. From your final exams to tying your shoes, without focus, everything will go pear shaped.

Without focus, I would never have become the number one power player.

Without focus, I will never take over my dad's business.

But focus is something I'm willing to give, one-hundred and ten percent.

Kawamura looked up and smiled at his team mates; it was morning practice on a bright Monday morning, and because of how focused he was with his work at the sushi place over the weekend, he had forgotten about his assignment completely. Tezuka, after a little convincing from Fuji, was surprisingly understanding of this and let him sit out to finish it.

All of the Seigaku regulars are focused to the extreme. They have to be, it's how we won the Nationals, after all. But they all go about it in different ways.

Tezuka-Buchou is very outwardly focused, it's a huge part of his personality, he doesn't let his guard down.

Fuji-kun has a calm focus about him, quietly studying his surroundings with a smile on his face. Only when he's really pushed does his true, passionate self show. Hahaha, he sounds like me.

Momoshiro is strong willed, but hides it behind a grin and acts like everything he does is nothing.

Echizen is just a mix of Buchou, Fuji and Momoshiro, haha. His three most major influences, I think, he admires the captain so much, and Fuji's silent strength.

I don't know about Momoshiro though, I swear all Echizen ever does is belittle him…

Aa, was that Miss Yuriko sat next to Coach Ryuzaki?!

It was, and she was leafing quite happily through a pile of papers; smiling and giggling and occasionally nudging Coach Ryuzaki, who would point to a regular.

"aa, how sweet…Ryuzaki-san, which one is Kaidoh? His essay is very nice." Ryuzaki gestured in Kaidoh's general direction. "Ohh, Bandana-kun is Kaidoh? One of the fighting ones from last week? He's quite introspective when you give him something to set his mind to. This will help greatly with my studies."

"Fshhh…" Kaidoh hissed and blushed, Inui ruffled his hair comfortingly.

The others…oh, I don't have enough time. I need to focus on writing some more!

Practice went on, and as Kawamura wrote he kept noticing something different about his team mates. Tezuka looked much more relaxed than usual, Eiji was somehow even more hyper, Kaidoh was even smiling. It was a nice day, and handing those essays in was one less burden for them all, but it was just too dramatic a change for that. He really needed to get out more on the weekends, Kawamura decided; he missed too much important stuff.

I know in my heart that my team mates will continue to give their very best in everything they do in the future, tennis or otherwise. They will all undoubtedly focus on their dreams and do anything they put their minds to.

I know they will, because I know they can.

Eiji had a little moment in the middle of the court, tripping over nothing and landing in a tangled heap of nya with Oishi. Everything went quieter and the rest of the regulars gathered around to see if their pair were okay.

They began to laugh, rubbed noses and kissed gently, before getting up and going on with the game. Kawamura could feel himself smile from ear to ear.

The road to dreams needs confidence to follow. Through loneliness or hunger, you have to push through with a smile. Overcome the confusion, as simplicity is the key.

If you ever need focus, get motivated.

On the road to dreams, love will be the trigger.

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