Summary: Everyone always writes stories about humans turning into cats, or some people do. So, I was thinking what would happen if a cat turned into a human? Well, here's what I came up with.

The cat girl!:

Streakpaw raced into battle, defending her clan. He jumped onto the nearest apprentice and slashed him with one claw, he quickly rolled over, squishing Streakpaw and clawing at her exposed belly. She yowled in pain and kicked him off. Then, going full speed, she slid herself underneath him and clawed his belly with fury. A big tom came and pulled her out from underneath him. He slashed at her belly wounds, then pinned her down and bit her neck. Darkness was seeping into Streakpaw's vision. She tried to push the tom off her, but her was too heavy. Then the colors swirled and it all went black.

Some starry cats appeared in front of Streakpaw. A gray one meowed. "You were very brave back there, young Streakpaw."

"Am I dead?" She asked, looking around. The tom nodded his head sadly.

"I am afraid so." He mewed. "It was not your time, but it will be some day." Then everything started to shake and the colors began to swirl again.

"Wait! What do you mean?" The startled she cat begged.

"You'll find out, don't worry." The tom meowed softly and disappeared.


"Oh, how cute!" A warm loving voice said. Streakpaw opened her eyes and blinked. Then she looked up at her mothers face and smiled. "I'll name you….. Heather." Her mother decided.

(14 years later.)

Heather always had the strangest ideas, one time on a full moon, her mom and dad were fighting and she came down stairs. She was only six at the time. "Mother, father, the moon is shining. We should be thankful for it and meet to discus things that happened during the month." Her mom and dad just stared at her. The moon was covered in clouds. Ever since then, they had meetings about what happened during the month and upcoming events, and when they fought the clouds would always cover the moon.

Another weird thing about Heather was that she hated water and hated taking baths. She also slept on top of her blanket, rather then underneath. And for some reason she was terrified of dogs.

"Hey mom, I have a question." Heather called into the kitchen.

"Oh no, I'm afraid." Her mother teased.

"Well, don't be." Heather replied, walking into the kitchen. "Why do we call ourselves humans? Why not, maybe two legs?" She asked.

"Heather, don't ask dumb questions." Her mother scolded.

Heather sighed. "It just doesn't make sense." Her mother stopped cooking to look at her daughter.

"You're 14! Just get over it already! You don't like water, you don't like dogs, you don't like vegetables, it's as if you're some sort of cat!" Her mother joked, but Heather took it seriously.

"That's it, mom! I was a cat in my past life!" She exclaimed.

"Now Heather, out of all the stupid things you say that was the most dumb one yet. No one has a past life!" Her mother told her sternly. Heather just looked really excited. She raced into her room and plopped down at her desk without replying to her mom and began to search reincarnations at google. She smiled as she read about it, she had to have been a cat! It made sense. Finally, something made sense to her.

Okay, I know, short chapter, but I need reviews to know if it's boring or not. I might not continue, but that's up to the reviewers. Hope you liked it,

MoonStar (Kitty she cat of Riverclan.)