AUTHORESS NOTES: I wrote this a while back, and didn't see the harm and posting it up on here. Now, I adore Wanderer/Ian, don't worry. I just always thought maybe Kyle felt an inkling more for Wanda than he let on. Thus this little spoof was born. Think of it what you will. Reviews are appreciated. :)

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WARNING: If you haven't read/finished reading "The Host" by Stephenie Meyer, DO NOT READ THIS. It contains spoilers.




Kyle twitched as he inconspicuously fixed his eyes on the woman across the room. The woman was giggling heartily, head of golden white hair pressed against Ian's shoulder as she did so. His heart constricted painfully and he immediately hated himself for it. Shouldn't he be happy that his brother had finally found someone to love? Regardless of if she was human or a Soul?

Honestly, he shouldn't be having such feelings for someone that wasn't his. Nothing would ever come of this love but pain. For both parties involved. Kyle sighed and spared a sidewards glance at the woman leaning on his own shoulder. Her eyelids were closed and pink lips parted slightly as she slumbered. Raven locks cascaded down around her face and rested on her thin shoulders. Compared to him, she was a tiny creature. A tiny creature that was once the woman he loved—Jodi. Now, she was just an impostor he'd nicknamed 'Sunny'. Though, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't bring himself to hate her. He'd already made that mistake once and he'd vowed to never do it again.

Kyle's gaze once again drifted across the room to the only other alien impostor, Wanderer; more affectionately know as Wanda. Now she inhabited the body of a tiny framed blonde who seemed to have an affinity for giggling, instead of Melanie's strong, tall, athletic body. The person inside of it, however, was still the same as ever. Kind, self sacrificing, the most unselfish person—Soul—he'd ever encountered. And he was irrevocably in love with her.

She, in turn, was in love with his brother. That, and Kyle was pretty sure that she still felt uncomfortable around him—possibly even thought of him as a friend. Kyle scoffed. Who am I kidding? He mused sadly. She must hate me. If not that, fear me. He barely kept from laughing bitterly. And who can blame her? I tried to kill her and I almost succeeded. He winced, his chest aching at the thought of Wanda being … gone. Still though, the kind Soul had saved him from his certain doom, despite the fact that he had been trying to dispose of her only moments before.

His brother had been livid, ordering for Kyle to be kicked out of the colony forever. Only Wanda protected him, even though he'd wronged her so. Now, as he looked back, he couldn't help but feel gratitude towards the alien and a bit of affection. Affection he knew would never be returned.

Wanda looked up suddenly in Kyle's direction. Their eyes locked; blue and sliver met. "Kyle?" she questioned in a hushed voice, as to not wake Sunny. "Is there something wrong?"

Kyle took notice of the way his brother's arms tightened possessively around Wanda's waist. The action made him sick. "No," he replied with a grunt. "Nothing's wrong."

Everything's wrong. His heart screamed.

"Oh," she pursed her lips into a smile. "That's good," she sighed and cuddled into Ian's side, making the man smile in contentment—sapphire eyes shining.

It made Kyle's throat grow dry. "I'm taking Sunny back with me," he rasped. Carefully, to avoid looking at Ian and Wanda's loving display, Kyle cradled Sunny in his arms and lifted her off the rock hard ground. He quickly exited the room.

He didn't look back, and he prayed to god that this ridiculous infatuation would just go away.

It never did.