Title: Empty Green Eyes
Rating: PG14
Pairing: Zexion/Demyx
Summary: Dillian smiled sadly. "No I'm not Demyx, but I'll be whoever you need me to be." Another N./Zexion and Dillian/Demyx tale. Oneshot. Sidestory to "Nothing is Whole and Nothing is Broken" (link in profile). Semi-sequel to "What's Left of Me". Zemyx. Oneshot


I heard boots against the blindingly white floors and wondered who it was coming to kill me this time.

The soft sound of a breath as the door opens and a person sticks their head through. "N.?" The voice breathed.

The world spun on its axis and I struggled to make sense of things.

"Zexion?" The voice tried again.

"Yes, what?" I snarled, unable to stop myself. My eyes were blurring and I couldn't see who it was who called me.

"Zexy, it's me. Shhh. It's okay." Boots came closer and the heat of a body invaded my sense. Heat… fire… Axel.

I might have screamed—I'm not sure.

My mind was a whirlwind as visions of Axel danced in front of me. Surely he was coming to finish what he started. He was coming to kill me, I was certain of this.

Someone had my arms and had pinned my legs. My throat let lose a straggled noise, half scream, half whimper.

They both had green eyes: the one who killed me and the one who ordered it. I recalled this as my body fought the restriction of another person. They were so different—red hair and silver hair, older and younger, Nobody and Clone—yet they both had those horribly empty green eyes. Neither were real in the sense that we craved to be.

But when I finally looked up, all I saw was blue…

"Demyx?" I croaked, my voice fragmented by my struggle.

"Yes, I'm here." A watery voice smiled at me as ocean blue eyes came into focus.

Suddenly my whole body just relaxed. I lay back on the mattress and reclaimed my mind. "No, you're not Demyx. Number IX is dead." I told the imposter.

Messy dirty blond hair and blue-green eyes brought me back to the present—this new life where Zexion was dead too.

Dillian smiled sadly. "No I'm not Demyx, but I'll be whoever you need me to be."

I buried my face into the warmth of him and sobbed as we both had been unable to do Before.


A/N: The next chapter of What's Left of Me Now will be up soon. I would have included this in that story, but this happens long after that story takes place.
Hope you enjoyed. Please tell me what you think!