I'm not sure why but this story had become difficult for me to write. Hopefully I can get back into the groove of writing it, I have so many plans for this story. Thank you to those who are still reading and reviewing.

Chapter 16

I walked through the front door setting my things down before pulling at my tie. I had gotten a call from Taylor an hour before asking me what she had done to deserve teenage daughters. She sounded distraught. I offered to come home but she said it wasn't a big deal. I tried throwing myself back into my work but ended up only being able to think about my ex-wife and our daughters.

"Taylor?" I called through the house not seeing anyone in the kitchen or the living room. I rounded the corner to see Taylor sitting outside with her legs pulled up to her chest. She was staring out across the backyard where our youngest daughter sat underneath a tree with her nose in a book.

"I want her to stay as innocent as possible." She whispered after I stepped out of the back door.

"What's going on?"

"Ryan, what are you doing home?" I realized that she hadn't even noticed I was home before. She hadn't meant for me to hear that about Millie.

"You sounded upset on the phone." I shrug walking over and sitting down next to her.

"You didn't need to come home." She gives me a smile before pulling herself close to me. "But I'm glad you did."

"Is everything alright?" I question.

"Do you ever wish that we could go back? Go back to the days when the girls were little and Millie wasn't even born yet? I do. I wish I could take it all back. Maybe that's why my daughter's are acting like they are. Maybe it's payback for leaving you." She says not looking at me but keeping her eyes on Millie.

"What happened?" I demand pulling away from her a little. She just shakes her head and tries to get closer to me. "Is this about Jory?"

"And Kelsey." She says barely above a whisper.

"What's going on with her now?" I groan. For some reason I feel like what Taylor might be about to tell me isn't something good.

"You know what? I really should start on dinner." She pulls away from me and starts to stand up but I grab at her wrist.

"It's barely three." I say trying to pull her back down. "What are you not telling me?" My voice is probably a little too harsh but I'm starting to feel a little nervous.

"I was thinking about making a roast. You know that could take hours." She says nervously pulling against my restraint. She finally gets her wrist out of my grip. She just shoots me a glare before stalking off into the house.

I take a deep breath before resting my head in my hands. I feel a light tap on my shoulder pulling me away from my many thoughts.

"Daddy, you okay?" My ten year olds voice seemed to soothe my nerves.

"Yeah, baby. I'm fine." I give her a smile.

"It's not nice to lie." Her scowl reminds me of her mother. I let out a small laugh before pulling her onto my lap. She wraps her arms around my neck burying her face in my shoulder.

"Just grown up things." I tell her.

"Oh." She mumbles. I just sit there with her in my arms for how long I'm not even sure. I don't even notice that her breathing has evened out. I lift my little girl up and carry her back into the house.

"She's asleep?" Taylor meets me at the backdoor.

"Yeah." I nod walking past her and through the house to reach the stairs.

As I walked up the stairs I heard our fifteen year old daughter talking to someone. Not hearing anyone else I quickly realized she was on the phone. Hearing her girlish giggles made me smile. I hadn't heard her laugh like that since she was a little girl. This time though it wasn't me that had caused those giggles, not like I had when she was a child.

I just shake my head and walk past her room knowing that it wouldn't be a good idea to listen in on her conversation. That was something Taylor would do and it usually just caused trouble anyway.

I return downstairs to find Taylor sitting at the kitchen table with her head in her hands. Her body is shaking as I hear sobs erupt from her body.

"Taylor." I let out. She jumps a little but looks up at me. Her eyes are blood shot and her cheeks are stained with tears. "What's going on? Just tell me." I walk over and wrap my arms around her. She tries to push away from me but I'm not letting her.

"Nothing, it's nothing." She shakes her head wiping at her eyes frantically.

"You're crying, so I know it's something." I say as she finally buries her face in my chest. I hear her mumble something but it's not loud enough for me to hear. "What was that?" I push her away a little so I can look at her face.

"She's too young." I'm confused by this but she doesn't go on just slams her head back on my chest.

"Taylor, look at me." I grip her shoulders.

"I'm a terrible mother, Ryan. I could have prevented all of this. Maybe it's all because I hate my mother, yes that's it. I'm getting paid back." She lifts her head up.

"You're not a terrible mother, Taylor. Veronica was a terrible mother." I try but her head just slams back into my chest as I feel the tears starting to soak my shirt.

I hate when she cries. Which I know isn't often but none the less it still upsets me.