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Was sick over the weekend so I didn't get around to writing this chapter. And as this chapter is the climax, and last chapter, I wanted to get in a little more depth on the issue. Yes you read correct, this is the end of this little ditty. It went WAY off course from the original plan, but that was a good thing actually. The off course part was the actual plot, initial idea was just smut and I'm glad I didn't got hat way. Well, kick back and enjoy the rollercoaster.


The Gift

Chapter – 33

Sitting alone in the men's changing room, Shinji couldn't stop shaking. It was time, the sun had fully eclipsed and that meant it was show time. Do or die, they had one shot at ending their suffering forever or they wouldn't see tomorrow. The evening on the hill two days ago seemed so far away. Hell he was having a hard time remembering the day before where he spent the entire day at Succubus Central, either pampering or being pampered.

Everything had just come into focus for him as he woke up and stared out of Fourteen's window. Fourteen was still asleep at his side, naked as a jaybird and twice as content, she didn't wake when he pawed at the window. The sky was as black as sackcloth, the street lights were one, and the only reason he had woken was his watch had beeped its standard morning call. Asuka, predictably, was outside of the apartment waiting for him with her trademarked 'I'll skin you later' look.

It didn't take the trio of pilots long to get to Nerv, Shinji noticed that none of them spoke but they did both hold his hands. He suited up and there he sat, waiting for the news of where they were going to have to go. Urd explained it to him, but he never really paid attention to it, pushing it to the back of his mind, a dark omen he wished never to know.

"They're probably already in their plugs," Shinji muttered as he continued to gaze at his shaking hands. Fear so powerful and consuming surged through him like electricity. Uncontrollable, unrelenting, and all encompassing. God, they were going to fight God! How could they be expected to him! They were doomed, and it would be his fault. Rei and Asuka could do it, if they had a skilled third, but he…he wasn't a fighter! "I'm going to let them down, let everybody down," he felt tears threatening.

Plopping down next to Shinji, Urd wrapped an arm around his waist and pulled him close. "Looks like somebody has the pre-fight jitters," she teased lightly and kissed his cheek. "And yes those two are already ready to go, and bickering over who gets the first reward after they win," she tugged harder on the boy and rubbed her head against his.

Urd. Shinji's heart leapt in his chest at her voice. How she got over to him and next to him wasn't hard, his mind was everywhere but in his body at the moment. "Do-do we know where we have to go yet?" his throat was so dry it made it hard to talk. He never had the time, never had the time to tell Urd just how much he loved her, how much he wanted her. But if she was here now, it was too late.

Shaking her head 'no' and grinding her silky hair against his, Urd clicked her tongue. Exasperated she answered, "No, Skuld is still looking. It won't be too hard to find the bastard once he arrives. Likely it'll be a tower like platform in the ocean, that way you couldn't have set up any defenses. You're going to be playing his game on his terms. But you three can do it," Urd rubbed her arm against Shinji's side supportively. "And you did get to say all your goodbyes to your little lovelies if the worst does come," something was missing in her as she spoke.

Gun in hand, the Libido burst the door down to the central command station. Holding the Ego, Id, and Super Ego hostage, the Libido held aloft a photo of Urd and drew back the hammer to show intent. They still had time, and damn it all, the Libido was NOT going to lose this moment! The gun fell from his fingers when all three of the other mental projections held up the same photo and nodded. All four of them were in agreement, God could fuck off for now, they'd fight but before that…if Urd was willing…It was THEIR time.

Finally acting, Shinji's trembling hand wrapped around Urd's back to mimic her actions. "I-I haven't…actually," Shinji found his courage waving between homicidally heroic and non-existent. If Urd denied him here, he'd not have the will to fight, odd as it felt with so many others that loved him, but it was true. No Urd, no drive as simple as that. "There is one more," he swiveled his head so he could look into those wondrous blue eyes.

For a moment all Urd did was stared back at him, evaluating and judging him. "And who would that sad last woman be? Somebody you want to throw a mercy fuck to?" Urd's voice was flat and unapologetic. "Somebody you were told to come on to, or…" her voice caught in her throat, "Or do you mean it?" Her eyes glistened with hope and fear in equal measure.

His head pulled back from Urd's in abstract shock and horror at the accusation. "Put me up to it! Urd I love you!" he sputtered gracefully against her face. How could she even think he'd be so candid about something so important? "I just…I never wanted it…" he pulled away from her ashamed of himself. Arms on his lap after pulling Urd's hand off of him. "At first, when I meet you, I didn't want you to think it was for your job. Then after we came to terms about our feelings…I wanted to please you. But as time went by, I just became terrified that I'd not make you happy," he sniffed hard. She had so much more experience, she was a damn Goddess, well ex-Goddess, of love! How could he satisfy her?

Grabbing Shinji's shoulders, Urd forced him to face her. "You thought 'how could a mere human live up to a Demoness's expectations?'" she asked. One hand on his chest, Urd left the flat of her palm against that plastic casing Shinji was wrapped in. "Is that what you're saying to me, Shinji? Tell me straight out what why you…why you never wanted to have sex with me?" she said flat out.

"Because I wanted to 'make love' not 'have sex' alright?" Shinji shouted and pushed Urd's hand away. "I didn't want to cheapen it. I wanted it to be perfect! You deserve perfection, hell you ARE perfection, and nothing I do will ever get me to a point where…" Shinji's feeble attempts to debase himself were silenced by Urd. She wrapped his head in her hands, pulled him in close, and proceeded to stuff her tongue in his mouth. After his brain shut down enough, his eyes half glazed, she pulled back leaving him panting and wanting more.

Waggling a finger in front of his face, Urd winked playfully. "Never say that about yourself, my little Pupil. I'm not perfect, far from it. That was my sister. I'm not Belldandy, I have flaws, and it just so happens we share the same one. I…I wanted it to be perfect to. I wanted you to come to me, I didn't want to seduce you, I wanted your honest feelings. And now," she kissed his nose, "I have," she kissed his lips, "all of them." In an act of unbridled power Urd vaporized Shinji's plugsuit.

A far off thought, almost unheard by Shinji, was reminding him to get his necklace and the ring after Urd left. But that part of his mind was nearly obliterated as Urd phased out of her clothing, sitting before him as the Goddess of Carnal Desire. "I…this isn't really the best place…the bench is hard," he slapped his hand against what should have been a wooden plank. When his palm hit a plush cushion he looked down to see the bench had been replaced with a king sized bed that they were sitting on the edge of.

"Silly humans, you keep forgetting how powerful we are," Urd cooed as she scratched at Shinji's chin. Crawling over to the boy, slowly pinning him down on the now bed, Urd peppered his body with fairy light kisses. "You've no idea how I've longed for this," she panted. Cupping her left breast she caressed herself all the way down to her flower and dabbled. "We could even skip the foreplay, never thought I'd be THIS ready, but where is the fun in that?" she laid herself fully on Shinji's body.

Yeah, he was totally out of his league and he loved every nanosecond of it. The fulfillment of his deepest more personal wish was to express this feeling to Urd. He loved all the other girls, but Urd was special, she was the lynch pin. The alpha and omega of his life had platinum hair and a body that could turn saints to sinners instantly. "Fun is…being here…right now…with you," his tiny arms did their best intimidation of a Misato bear hug. Urd was living fire against his body, her skin felt so hot and smooth.

"You talk to all your girls like this?" Urd teased. Slowly she started making small circles against Shinji's chest. Rubbing her nipples against his, the dark chocolate bits extended and hardened. "Such a player, but you owe all your moves to," she reached down and found that irritation against her stomach and tugged lightly, "me." Her tongue darted in again to keep Shinji from protesting.

He wouldn't have said anything logical even if he wasn't currently rubbing the top of Urd's mouth with his tongue. It wasn't everyday you felt a sense of one-ness with another being so profound you felt your body was gone and you were merging on the spiritual level. Bliss was beyond words, this wasn't sex, it wasn't fucking, this was exactly what both Urd and Shinji wanted: making love.

Pressure, he could feel his member already trembling and twitching and they hadn't even started really. He hadn't gone off this early since his early training with said beauty in his arms, but Shinji just couldn't help it. Breaking their intense battle of tongue v tongue, "Urd-chan…I'm going to…slow down…" he begged to no avail. At his pleading Shinji felt her increase her ministrations to a furious pace. "N-nn-gg" he grunted as he shot out in the gap between their bodies.

Sitting on Shinji's legs, Urd rubbed Shinji's essence into her flesh and his own with her hands. "I've still got it, but I know how you feel, Shin-baby," Urd's left hand lowered and scooped up the dripping honey from herself. "I knew…just knew that if it went as I prayed," Urd didn't say another word. She just used drizzled her fluids over her fingers and worked it into Shinji to bring him back to full mast.

Well speaking was officially outside of Shinji's mental capacity, but it wasn't needed. They didn't need to say what they wanted, not at this point. It was as if everything, his fear, his insecurities, and his worries vanished in that perfect moment. Gripping Urd's hips, he (with her help of course) lifted her up and a moment later the two's deepest wish was granted. Two became one, Urd slithered all the way down to the base. Grabbing his hands, Urd drew them up to her chest and just sat for a moment.

They just stared at one another, savoring the mutual oneness. Then, after they both felt the need to go on, Urd gently lifted herself to about half-mast and back down. Shinji accompanied her motions with his own hip thrusting. Each and every woman he had been intimate with felt different and wonderful in their own ways, but Urd…it was nearly mind shattering.

Losing themselves in the moment, both of them letting all the pain go, letting the joy in, found exactly what they thought a fools paradise. Urd found a lover surprising the illusion she gave to Keiichi, Shinji found a love purer and more whole than anything he'd ever experienced. A stupid joke with a silly fake magic book changed both of their lives, granted them so much, and as Shinji shot his essence deep into Urd's body causing her to flush against him in her own orgasm, the whole universe came into perfect clarity.

Victory was essential.


With her arms wrapped around Urd's waist, Ritsuko watched the city flying beneath her. Flying on a broom was one of the modes of travel the scientist never considered in life, mainly because without magic it was impossible. But the buxom lass controlling the tiny bamboo stick was pulsating with ethereal energy, more so than usual. Had she been a betting woman, Ritsuko had a few theories about what could have changed the worrisome woman into the controlled and firm woman in her arms. With Metatron carrying Misato to her left, and Skuld and Mari Suzuhara to her right, Ritsuko took a deep breath.

"So this is really it huh? We win here and it's over?" Ritsuko knew to start small. To just up and ask Urd if she finally got her wish in the hour she went missing before the mission might equate into dropping to the earth below. The buildings, bathed in the glow of street lights and squares of light from windows, were more glowing tombstones than containers of the living. They flew past at such speed it boggled Ritsuko's mind, yet they were still lagging behind the upgraded Eva's. "And then what happens? Happily ever after?" she had to ask without looking forward as the wind was too much.

The broom took a dip as Urd turned her own head to talk. Flinching lightly as Ritsuko's arms wrapped tighter around her, Urd straightened her flying stick. "Basically yes. We win here it's like having your cake and eating it too. You'll get the benefits of Order, such as prayer and divine light, but he is no longer allowed to negatively impact your planet," Urd yelled over the wind. Matching her eyes with Metatron, Urd resumed her trailing of the trio of giants running towards the beacon of light in the far distance.

Flying closer to Urd, with Misato hooked with one arm, Metatron tapped Urd's shoulder with a pensive look on her face. Somewhat curt she asked, "Won't Chaos be using this world as a rally point if they are successful today? It has been a fear of Order's for as long as I existed." Readjusting the fidgeting woman in her grasp, Metatron reapplied her free hand to keep Misato from plummeting to the ground for a rather messy death.

The trio of modified humans reacted much the same in crying out, "They're going to invade earth!"

"Urd! You never told us that if we won your kind were going to come here! They'll kill us all!" Ritsuko shouted directly into Urd's ear. Urd might have been sexy as hell, but Ritsuko wasn't going to lay down and take it from just any demon damn it! Isn't that what the stories always had? Demons ravishing mortal women for some reason, sure it was porn but it made sense…didn't it? "Are you alright with any damn demoness taking Shinji and sucking him dry?" Ritsuko bopped Urd on the back of the head with the fat of her palm.

Again Urd's broom skittered at the shift in focus, but it was Skuld that answered the question first. "We won't 'invade earth'! Why are humans so afraid of that? Most demons aren't in any way, shape, or form of even interacting with humans. No, your universe is so vast and mostly empty that we'll just use some of that space. Outside of Order's control to plot and plan. You'll never notice us, hell a lot of Order AND Chaos want nothing to do with mortals," Skuld waggled Mari in her hand for emphasis. "And why do I have to carry this one? Metatron can't you carry two humans?" she whined.

"Mari-kun can fly," Urd said with a wry grin, "I suspect she just wants to talk to you…likely try and hook you up with somebody." A collective laugh was held the moment Urd finished talking when Skuld dropped Mari who fell a total two inches before flying ahead of Skuld. "And it's just as I told Skuld. Humanity won't even notice a change. Lucifer-sama is all about letting human's be humans on their own terms. He only gave Shin-baby the Lexicon for all the good work he did," Urd's voice pepped up a few octaves at dropping Shinji's name.

Unable to keep her speculation to herself anymore, Ritsuko just blurted it out. "You shagged Shinji before this started didn't you! He was shaking like a kitten when he went into the changing room, but the Shinji getting into Unit-01 was…well he was all steel," Ritsuko put her hand to her chest. Strong men did make Ritsuko weak in the knees, and Shinji appeared ready to chew steel and spit nails. Had they not had to face certain doom, she'd have done the same.

"You didn't!" Misato smacked Urd's shoulder as she joyously cried out. "SORRY!" she then yelped as Urd nearly toppled off the broom. "Sorry, just if you DID, and it looks like your about to pop so I'll believe it, I'm just…just happy for you," Misato reached out but pulled her hand back a few scant inches from Urd's arm.

Her broom going faster than those following her, Urd did a set of spirals in the air. "It was everything I wanted and more, and the same went for him I'd imagine," Urd literally sang. World of Elegance burst out of her back, careful to avoid Ritsuko, and the duo sang out to their hearts content. With her devil affectionately patting her head she let her song stalled, "And we vowed to give this everything we could. I will keep this blonde tasty treat safe so she can help them get what they need done."

Waggling Misato in her arms, Metatron looked down at said woman and smiled. "Urd will perform her task, and I will keep you alive so you can strategize a plan for them. But remember, you are not to call them by name, only the color of their unit. If my former master learns which Shinji is, he will focus on him. The spy would have told him that Shinji-sama is the focal point of our affection. Kill him, and we are all weakened," Metatron increased her speed to match Urd's.

Never thought of that one, Ritsuko had to admit much to her reluctance. But it was a truth, if Shinji died, a lot of her determination would have faltered. For the others, Ritsuko suspected, it would collapse completely. "I know why Misato's going, and why I'm going, but why is that girl coming with us? Suzuhara-kun, you're just going to be a liability you know?" Ritsuko didn't hate Mari, such was still an impossibility, but Mari's wholesomeness made the scientist green with envy.

Rolling in small circles in the air, Mari's arms were clutching at her waist. "Everything you will be doing could be done back at your base could it not? So, like you, I am going because I want to be there for them. Good or bad, I will be witness," an alien somberness pervaded the girl. Unwelcome, unwanted, and foreboding, Mari was not her normal self. Turning herself into a harpy, flapping her wings at impossible speeds, she didn't mask her worry well.

Wanting to deny the girls words, Ritsuko found herself empathizing with her. With Skuld's technology aiding them, they could have stayed at Nerv or any place on earth for that matter and still acted the same. "Just don't…don't do something stupid to make things worse," Ritsuko muttered then laid her head against Urd's back. Stupid girl was to nice to fight, had Mari been crueler maybe the girl could have helped sway the match, but everybody knew it, Mari was to kind to fight. Misato and she were to weak to help them. It wasn't fair! They had to sit back and watch, watch the one they loved (oh and Asuka and Rei her subconscious added) fighting against what nobody had beaten before.

"Akagi-kun, care to tell my why my roommates are furious with you? Just felt like asking," Skuld quipped as she took the space Mari had previously occupied. The ex-Goddess of the Future's flying device was more her type, a vacuum cleaner complete with cord. "They were going to visit you, but I tricked them with a logic puzzle they are still contemplating," Skuld eyed Ritsuko with her typical hint of irritation.

Why couldn't that girl just shut up and let her enjoy the hear radiating from Urd's back, Ritsuko thought. Ritsuko could almost feel an electric pulse flowing from Urd, Shinji really must have meant even more to Urd than herself, she was jealous. "What I did," Ritsuko reluctantly pulled herself away from the intoxicating warmth, "was send Shinji to give Rei a placebo and kept him from being my mothers' chew toy." It would happen eventually, but Ritsuko did NOT want to know when and where…or at all.

Startling the scientist, Skuld's face broke out into a giant smile. "Oh thank Belldandy, you did that! I did NOT want to listen to a damn orgy in my apartment before today. I won't lie and say I'm happy being single, but I do NOT want to be apart of his little harem. Boy is nice, but my sister's guy is always off limits," Skuld patted Urd's shoulder and flew off to join the others.

"You have one messed up family, do you know that?" Ritsuko joked to the silent Urd. Pressing herself against her female lover, Ritsuko was glad she got to share in Urd's perverse sense of joy at times. Re-wrapping her arms, Ritsuko mumbled pleasant nonsense as she tried to suppress the fear building in her. Three of humanities less stable elements were going to fight with such limited resources for their continued existence. Unit-00 held extra batteries, Unit-01 had the extra weapons, and Unit-02 the cache of ammunition. If it wasn't enough, then Ritsuko was hoping time would allow for a quickie with Urd before oblivion.

Whether sensing Ritsuko's motives or not, Urd did a barrel roll forcing the woman to hug on tighter. "My family is messed up? What about you miss 'I have three new mothers' and you're joining into a larger family anyway," Urd tittered just loud enough to be heard. "If you don't think that is stranger than my sister with a Mecha-fetish, and my other sister that could stitch as the world burned as long as it was for Keiichi, then we have different opinions on this subject," Urd's jovial words lost punch as the neared the beach.

At Urd's silence, and against her better judgment, Ritsuko peered over the woman's shoulder. She could see the Eva's, waist deep in the ocean, at the base of an enormous blue cylinder. From the distance, Ritsuko thought it would have been perfectly smooth, but Unit-02 was already starting to climb it meaning it had some handholds. What truly stole Ritsuko's breath and almost her mind was what was floating atop that pillar.

It appeared to be a collection of pulsating blocks that comprised a perfect circle. A near blinding light radiated out of it, more so when the sphere undulated outward and the blocks separated. That was the form chosen by their opponent, that of Kagutsuchi. It was funny how the light was warm, soft, and felt wonderful against the skin of the mortals that dare felt it. It was the light that people saw at the end of the tunnel, they just hoped it wasn't for them today.


Asuka didn't like the plan, didn't like the damn lego block floating ball spitting out light, and most of all did NOT like her current flavor of new LCL. Having made peace with Ritsuko's little sham to keep Shinji away from, horrifying enough, a trio of Naoko Akagi, Asuka wasn't angry at Shinji at the moment. Rei took that damn title of being the person Asuka was most upset at, stupid succubus not having a sandpaper tongue all the time…next time she'd win!

Setting down her little contribution to the war effort, Asuka nodded to Shinji and Rei as they did the same. "He's not moving…can he even see us?" she quipped as the trio moved closer to the center of the over three mile long circular platform. "Maybe this will be easier than expected?" she couldn't help but hope. She didn't want to die, she wanted to be pampered and loved, oh and lord her awesomeness over the peasants that ate at the restaurant she was going to make Shinji open.

"He can see you Kitty-kun," Urd's voice crackled over the intercom. "He can likely hear you too so you know what that means," the honeyed voice threatened. After a pause and a few hesitation stalled sounds Urd added, "He is likely going to tempt you. Tempt you back to Order, back to him."

Reading a rifle, Rei loaded a round into the chamber. "What could he possible offer us that would make us stop? He has threatened us with death over and over, and now it ends," Rei willed her beast down to pick up an elongated prog-knife that was now the equivalent of a short sword. "Today will be our day," she half smiled over the video feed at her fellow pilots as she strafed the pulsating ball.

Opting for two pistol like weapons, Shinji loaded his beasts empty shoulder cache with extra magazines. "Just like Rei-chan said. Nothing he could offer would make up for all the pain he put on us. Pain we didn't ask for or want, but was chosen for us," he slammed a magazine into the base and aimed. "He's bright…but I don't know how it can really hurt us though. This might be easier than expected?" though he didn't sound like he really believed that.

"CHILDREN OF MAN!" a voice aged yet viral echoed out from the sphere of bluish white. "LAY DOWN YOUR ARMS, SURRENDER TO YOUR MAKER!" the blocks pushed out letting even more of the blinding light seep out. "GIVE ME THE FALLEN, THE FAILED, AND RESTART THE TRIALS, OR THAT WHICH IS ALL WILL DESTROY YOU," a crackling of white energy bounced around the outer shell and flickered about.

Pulling back in her plug, Asuka snorted back and laughed hard. "Give you Urd and Metatron so we can die at the hands of your little tricks? I can't believe the collective human mind created such a foolish deity!" oh how Asuka wished the atheists were right about this however. She could feel the power all about them, that little lighting streak leapt off the charts she was reading. Easy fight, this was not going to be one. "At least Urd is sexy! What do you have? Look like a damn block of ice!" she lined up the positron rifle linked to one of Skuld's experimental batteries and loaded the only round for it.

Sensing the intent of its opponents, YHWH's form pulled in letting only the tiniest of light out. "YOU DARE RAISE ARMS AGIANST THAT WHICH IS I? FOOLISH CREATURE, YOU SHALL KNOW INFINITE SUFFERING!" the voice screamed, reverberating outward like a sonic boom.

"MISATO!" Shinji screamed turning back to see the five bystanders hunkered down behind a sphere of purple energy. "Urd, keep them safe while we deal with this, I don't think they'll be able to help after all," he nodded to Rei and Asuka. "Like WE planned, we do this our way," Shinji rushed to the right as Rei the left.

Through almost impossibly to decipher static, Ritsuko and Misato could be heard wishing them luck, and not to be stupid. A second and third sphere of energy erupted around them, blue and white, cut off the last communication as Mari and Metatron added to the protection.

Flipping back the last of the failsafe's, Asuka's heart was never as calm as it was now. This was it, the final battle, and she was trained, toned, and aching to kick the living shit out of something. "There's your answer, your high and might asshole!" she taunted as she fired the volley from the cannon. It took all her willpower to keep from toppling back from the force of the blast. Watching the beam of crackling plasma burst a hole through the sphere, Asuka saw that the inside was three layers deep of blocks then hollow, if you didn't count the ball of light.

"FOOLS!" the voice bellowed. Moments after the beam passed through his form, the blocks started to recollect and reform into the perfect sphere. Smaller pillars started erecting along its flawless curves shooting out pure energy of almighty power. "KNOW YOUR PLACE" the voice echoed through the whole platform.

Unloading both of his pistols into the side of the sphere, Shinji tossed the useless weapons over the side. "Pistols are too weak, going in with the prog-sword…why we never had this before Skuld-san I'll never know," Shinji charged in dodging the leaping and dancing blasts of unequivocal death. Slamming the weapon into the sphere's side, Shinji knocked more blocks off sending them off hovering to the side.

"The rifle does seem to work, but you are not the type for range," Rei mocked Asuka as she unloaded round after round into the side opposite Shinji. Taking few blocks off, but easily dodging the stray blast of energy, Rei continually side stepped, not staying still for more than a scant moment. "Vanilla is the best flavor, is it not?" Rei huffed as she broke into a run to reload.

Damn Wondergirl for keeping her flavor, Asuka seethed. She hated green tea flavored ice cream, but of course Shinji just had to love it. Throwing the smoldering rifle off the side, Asuka picked up a pair of elongated knifes and rushed in. "Don't give the fucker the chance to focus on any one of us! Distraction is the key!" she bellowed her orders to her team members who were honestly listening to her this time. "SHIT!" she cried out as a blast aimed right for her head nearly hit her, had she not dropped to the ground.

Willing the blocks to reform the outer shell, YHWH drew the pieces in tighter and tighter. "THE SCRATCHING OF INSECTS! YOU WILL FAIL! THIS WORLD WILL NOT ESCAPE!" he chorused in his holy voice of light and warmth. Spinning on its invisible axis, the sphere cracked along its vertical and horizontal sides, with the cross point facing Asuka's prone behemoth. "NOW ONE SHALL FALL!" it almost sounded to be gloating.

Rolling to her back, Asuka saw the sphere start to pull apart into four perfectly formed quarters. The light, it was beautiful and serine, so much so that it brought a tear to her eye that dissipated into the LCL. "No, not this way," she muttered knowing that she was going to be bathed in that glorious light and that would be the end of her. Funny how she wasn't upset for failing, but for being the first to fall, "See you on the other side." Closing her eyes, Asuka waited for at wondrous light to do what it would.

It didn't hit her, but Asuka did hear Shinji scream out in horrible pain.

"Do not die before your time, but know that I get the first round since you failed first," Rei mocked out angrily. Tossing her rifle over her back, Ayanami willed Unit-00 closer to the sphere and smashed her blade into the lower portion. "Get Shinji into your plug while I distract," Rei ordered.

Opening her eyes, Asuka saw the lower half of Unit-02 was utterly destroyed, the legs were gone, but the entry plug was sticking out. "I knew it was stupid to switch our EVA's," Asuka sniffed hard as she willed Unit-01 to pull Shinji's plug out of the downed Unit-02. "Yeah I know the bastard knew which pilot was originally chosen for which unit, but damn I should have expected you'd ruin my baby," she ejected her plug and opened it long enough for Shinji to jump in off her Unit's hand.

"You shouldn't be complaining, I pushed you out of the way, AND I took the hit," Shinji tried sounding chipper as he saddled up behind Asuka. When Asuka floated just far enough out of the seat, he understood what she was wanting and took the seat so she could sit on him. "Comfortable?" he teased and kissed her cheek.

Sparing a moment to pat Shinji's cheek, Asuka couldn't resist, "Not a fan of rubber, but I've more important things on my mind than your sweet ass. Round two!" Willing Unit-01 back on its feet, Asuka rushed to the pile of weapons. "This bastard of yours is responding a lot better now with you in it, cheating little monkey," she quipped to herself as she restocked her blades.

Wrapping his arms around Asuka's waist, keeping her from bouncing around, Shinji closed his eyes. "Skuld-san said something about how the higher our sync gets the better the units get. Maybe with more than one of us in the plug it combines our scores?" he offered as he put his whole faith in Asuka's prowess.

Finding a tasty looking blade, what looked like an axe, Asuka ran Unit-01's finger down it. "Oh this is nice, that mecha-freak has good taste in weapons! Ayanami are you doing alright?" Asuka asked rejoining the fray. She could see Unit-00 being pushed back against the edge of the platform as the power to power the earth for weeks was shot at the Blue monstrosity.

"Talk later, help now," Rei's pained voice answered the question. Diving just a scant few meters above the blast, Rei screamed in pain as her unit's foot was disintegrated by the blast. Rolling to the ground, she un-shouldered her rifle and proceeded to fire, knocking off blocks on the lower portion. "Downed, limited mobility, keep your plug out for a moment," Rei's pensive, neigh fearful face looked at them.

Getting a sense of what Rei was going to do, Asuka again willed her lover's unit to rush closer to the battle. "Just get your ass in here before it blows, I will NOT win this way. I'm going to beat you fair and square," Asuka had, despite herself, come to enjoy her rivalry with Rei, and to win over the damn albino due to death was not an option!

"She's not going to…but she could get hurt flying over here!" Shinji yelped as he finally understood what his friends were plotting.

Again drawing into quarters, the sphere targeted the second of its downed pray. "ALL IS AS IT SHOULD BE!" the heavenly voice sang as a tiny white cylinder erupted from its victim's neck. A tiny winged hellspawn flew out, no matter, the real threat was to be destroyed. Then Unit-00 exploded in an atrocious cross shaped explosion. Blocks few in every direction leaving the ball of light exposed a few precious moments.

"So nice of you to join us, sorry all the chairs are taken however," Asuka chided as she hit the buttons to pull the plug back into Unit-01's body. This wasn't going well, not at all. They had only been fighting for little over ten minutes and already Unit-00 and 02 were down. Sure Unit-01 was handling at speeds that were beyond human comprehension, but she could see that horrible light already being obscured.

No longer was the form that of a circle, it was a face, a face Urd and Metatron knew all to well. The floating blocks formed the shape of YHWH's face, and it didn't look happy, it didn't look benevolent, it was angry. Round three was starting, and it took all three pilots concentrating to keep away from the searing blasts of concentrated death from landing home. They were fast enough to avoid, fast enough to attack and knock those blocks out of alignment, but how long could they last…could they outlast it?


Listening to his phone ringing, Touji stood by the window in his room in his boxers. It was well past noon, yet it was still as dark as midnight. Well except for the horizon in the west, but that light wasn't sunlight. Up until this morning, he could look out his window and everything looked the same except for that spot on the sun, unfortunately today was different. "Come on Ken, pick up," he muttered and rubbed his left foot against his right thigh.

Checking over his shoulder he could see Haruhi still sleeping, girl was a damn heavy and late sleeper apparently. The very long night of experimentation didn't help much he bet, girl was all about new things. Wasn't it the guy who was supposed to be all about trying out odd things? Well Haruhi not only challenged that notion, she bent it over her knee and spanked the hell out of…like she did Touji.

Finally after roughly twenty rings a tired Kensuke Aida answered his phone. "Touji, why are you calling me so damn early? The sun isn't even up yet and I was up all night going over this data with Yuki-chan," he half spoke and half yawned. "You finally going to try take things further with Suzumiya and want some of my condoms?" he giggled a bit as his brain started booting up.

"For starters you're too late, and no I won't go into details and two its past one o'clock," Touji pulled his curtains back and took a look down the street. Looters were attacking the shopping district and a few small fires could be seen. Leave it to humanity to waste what precious time it had left stealing items they couldn't use. "Second, go to your porch and look out west. Tell me what you see," he pulled the curtains shut and used his phone as a light out of the room. Waking Haruhi would either have he pissed off or wanting to start up where the left off, and Touji wasn't sure what was worse at the moment.

Muttering and swearing over the phone, Kensuke either did what Touji asked or did a great job of masking it. When he did deem it time to talk, "Holy fuck, what the hell is going on out here? I can see smoke, the clocks prove you've not gone crazy, and is that damn Zordon out in the ocean or is that the brightest searchlight ever?"

Leave it to Kensuke to tag the one thing he had actually been hoping for. It was a dumb and pointless hope, but Touji had wanted everything to be a dream or delusion brought upon by bedding a demigod. "I don't know what it is, but I bet it's tied to the darkness," he stood outside Mari's room and took a deep breath. "Yuki still over there? She is, isn't she?" he asked as he rapt his knuckles against the door.

More jostling and ruffling sounds were heard, the ding of a microwave, and finally a pleasant sigh. "Coffee is a godsend, man, a godsend," Kensuke breathed deeply into the receiver. "And yes, Yuki-chan is over here. All that stuff she told us about Haruhi and whatever higher intelligence was supporting her…its all going to shit right now. And man, I hardly believe it but she looks a little scared, which means she's terrified," Kensuke slurped his coffee after his little confession. "Think they're over at whatever that light is?" he added.

"As much as I hate to believe it, yeah, I bet more than just those crazy three are," Touji's head connected with Mari's door. No answer, not that he really expected one. It was something he had come to expect after calling Shinji before Kensuke and getting no answer. "They never answered their phone when I called. Nerv isn't saying anything but I'm sure this is something they're dealing with," he gripped Mari's door handle and stalled.

Ever one to push Touji's buttons, Kensuke just had to open his mouth and force things to a point. "How is Mari-chan handling all of this? I bet she's all freaked out about Shin-man, hell she even seems to like Ayanami and the Devil," Kensuke's voice was distorted again by the sounds from his home. "No Yuki-chan its just Touji, hold on I'll ask him. Yuki wants to know if Suzumiya is still at your place," he didn't sound happy to ask.

Opening the door to Mari's room, Touji expected one of two things. One he knew before opening, the other he hoped for. It wasn't what he hoped for however. No worried Mari was clutching her pillow and gazing out the window, no Mari greeted him at all. Her room, as loath as he was to accept it, was empty. "Yeah, Haruhi's still sleeping, girl can sleep through a bomb I bet. As for Mari, she's not here. Somehow I bet she's either at Nerv or with him," oddly Touji was ok with it.

"Yuki wants you to check on Haruhi, says the last thing she got before losing contact all together said to keep a close eye on her at this point in time," Kensuke's sullen voice matched Touji's. After a good sniff and a hic, "You're taking this news about Mari-chan well. Would have expected you to fly off the handle like you normally do."

Any other day, yeah Touji would have been livid with his foolish younger twin, but not today. "She's doing what she thinks is best, and that light outside makes me want to do the same. And that means I want to be with Haruhi, crazy as she is, I want to stay right here with her and wait for whatever is going to happen. Crazy shit as it is, I'm just gonna sit in my bed with her and watch that fucking window," he was already making his way back to his room.

More ruffling, static, and finally Yuki's demure and emotionless voice graced Touji's ear. "This could be Suzumiya's transcendence, watch her, be there, as her chosen you might augment what happens," with that cryptic comment, Yuki hung up the phone.

"Girl talks like Ayanami I swear," Touji looked at his phone before dropping it to the floor. If anybody else was going to call, to hell with them he wasn't answering. Opening his door again, Touji found Haruhi exactly as he left her, except for one thing.

She was exuding a pale blue light, not to different from the one on horizon.

No matter, Touji was already used to her craziness so what was another thing. Climbing back into bed, pulling the sheet up to his neck, he just watched Haruhi sleep. "Never suspected this would be how it would end, but I can think of worse ways," he smiled and ran his hand against Haruhi's cheek. She let out an annoyed sound and turned over, just what Touji expected.

Like a lot of other people, Makoto and Yui, Kaji and Hiroko, and soon to follow Yuki and Kensuke, Touji just wanted to be with the one he cared for whenever what was to come came. He put his faith in those insane pilots he'd come to respect, but never say to their faces, and he wouldn't judge them if they failed. Hell he suspected he'd never even know if they failed unless they met each other in the afterlife.

Touji's eyes were just coming to a rest, sleep just on the horizon when he was rattled back to full consciousness when he heard a voice booming in the sky.


Haruhi slept through it.


Bracing himself against the seat, Asuka and Rei clinging to his arms as Unit-01 fell to the ground, Shinji's head was rattled. Things seemed to have been going fairly well for them, once they all were in the same plug. Sure they had to swap out as one got tired, but they had the impression they were making headway against that damned block-face. For three hours they fought, swapping out batteries and ammo whenever the bastard recovered from one of its larger attacks.

Asuka was more keen on using the bladed weapons, Rei was more range oriented, and Shinji opted to remain doing whatever the previous girl was doing. The only thing he noticed that caused him to pause was a beam of light was focused on Unit-02's downed form. When their opponent bellowed out 'ENOUGH' however, things changed instantly. A sphere of light erupted out at speeds Shinji couldn't have avoided. The moment the light waved over them, Unit-01 fell.

"What the hell was that? Get us back up before that fucker hits us, Shinji!" Asuka slammed her fists against the dead console. Turning to the other two pilots, Asuka's entire body was trembling uncontrollably. "Piece of shit stupid unavoidable crap! What do we do now? Can…can we start it back up?" she already sounded broken.

Opening the hatch, the ice-creamed flavored new batch of LCL spilled out onto the ground. Helping Rei and Asuka out of the plug, Shinji's body was cold and empty. Absentmindedly he rubbed at the ring under the plastic of his suit. Skuld told him enough about it that he thought he could use it, but was it even something to consider?

Grabbing Shinji's hand, Rei gave a mighty tug and freed the lad from the downed mech. "We have lost, but we are not dead. What does this mean?" Rei turned her attention to the approaching crew. Heading towards her spectator comrades, Rei wrapped an arm around Asuka's side to keep the girl from falling over due to exhaustion. "Urd-sama, what happened, what will happen?" she finally asked once they all got close enough to hear over the increasing winds.

Hunched over, breathing heavily, Skuld's fists were clenched tight. "Damn it! I should have anticipated this! He studied the downed unit and found a way to hack Unit-01! I should have altered them so it wasn't possible! DAMN IT!" Skuld threw her wrench at the ground and it bounced off with a metallic titter.

Turning his back to his female friends/lovers, Shinji had to look through his fingers at the ball of light. "It's not your fault Skuld-san. But is he going to either kill us now or…punish us?" Shinji swallowed hard at the prospect. He'd fair the best he suspected. Watching the face melt back into the ball form, it pulsated once then started growing smaller and smaller. "C-can we kill him if he takes human form?" Shinji's hand again went to the cold band against his skin.

Rubbing at the gooseflesh on her arm, Urd just shook her head and paled deeply. "Just like Metatron and myself, taking on human form does have its weaknesses. But, Shin-baby, I don't think…we CAN'T help. I'm…I'm having hard enough time standing now. But we can…can kill you all now if you want," Urd shared a knowing look with Metatron and nodded.

Putting her hands on Misato's shoulders, Metatron smiled weakly. "We discussed it already. Before he can take on a more human form, we can spare you the pain he'd inflict upon you. Make it swift and painless," a moment later Metatron had her flaming blade in hand, though the magnificence was diminished. "Yes or no, you have no time to think," she found Rei and Asuka gazing desperately at her.

"I will not take the coward's way out. I wish to remain alive as long as…" Rei's voice went limp as she fell to her knees. "S-Shinji," she cried out weakly as she forced herself to resist toppling over. Time was up, and even the option of cowardice was taken from all of them. Time to owe up.

Joining all the others, save Mari, on the ground, Shinji witnessed the final transformation from sphere to man. "Oh…no," he muttered as their opponent took form. The wounds the Eva's delivered didn't show as blood smears, no YWHW's body emitted light over liquid. Shinji felt that coldness turn to sickness and the need to vomit as the form became clearer. It was a man, roughly six feet in size, totally nude, with long shaggy white hair, and a disgusting parody of the male anatomy that was more club like than possible as waggled a good foot and a half from its base.

"Children of man, you have failed. And as such punishment need be given," YWHW's voice was soft and gentle despite the truth known about him. "Metatron, my beloved pet, how low you have become," YWHW walked past the immobile Shinji to the equally paralyzed Metatron. "Being defiled by a mere human, your beauty tainted. We should destroy you first, but before that your place must be known," YWHW roughly grabbed Metatron by the cheek and forced his tongue deep into her prone mouth.

Rushing against the pillar of Order, Mari knocked Metatron to the ground. "Y-Y-You shouldn't do that! Metatron-san doesn't want you too…she loves Shinji-sama!" Mari's demure command would have had more power had Mari not been ghostly white. "P-Please leave, K-Kami-sama is supposed to be good and kind…not this," Mari helped Metatron back to a seated position and cleaned the saliva off her face.

Mari could move! Shinji, thinking fast, came up with his plan. It wasn't going to save them, no, they were doomed. BUT, maybe, just maybe he could cut the victory celebration painfully short. "BASTARD! Don't you tough my woman! She's mine and MINE alone," Shinji summed every nuance of courage he had. Funny, it was easy to be courageous when you knew you were doomed.

Spinning around on the balls of his feet, his monstrous member swaying like some perverted vine, YWHW smiled softly at the human. "Child of man, you claim to own that which was never yours. Her body is my temple, as she was created for. As the center of this…trope of bodies soon to be mine…you will be allowed to watch. Watch as I take them, break them, and dispose of the traitors to Order. Then after the last is gone, you will watch it all over again, and again, until your mind is gone," he strolled over to Shinji and lightly patted his cheek. "Urd, I will begin with you. We lost the chance at your sister, but two of the three fates is not bad," spinning back from Shinji, he sneered evilly before he did.

Standing between Urd and YWHW, Mari held her hands out to ward off the encroachment. "I-I'll have to hurt you if you keep on threatening us," Mari turned and nodded at the fallen women. Skuld's teeth were gritted but said nothing while Misato and Ritsuko had there face against the ground almost unable to breathe. "Please just let us go and no h-harm will come to you," Mari nodded hopefully.

YWHW's open palmed slap sent Mari spiraling into Misato and Asuka. "How you can move against my command I will later uncover. But speak not again or I shall find another use for that orifice," YWHW threatened as he scooped Urd off the ground. "Nothing to say my dear?" he smirked and lay her floating in the air.

Spitting in his face, Urd couldn't help but be defiant, "Even with that fucking thing of yours, Shinji's a better lay that you'll ever be." Her face contorted into pain as her captor gave her face a hard squeeze and tore her top to shreds. "What no foreplay?" Urd spat out blood.

"Mari help me move!" Shinji cried out no longer able to watch this anymore. It was time to act, time to do whatever he could to stop this madness. Be hurt yes, be hurt a lot…well that too, but he had to act it all out. Finding Mari shaking her head no, he shook his yes once, and he felt his limbs go lax. Flexing his arms, Shinji found himself smiling at the sheer audacity of his little strategy. "Thanks Mari-chan, thank you," he started running for the affront to justice.

"SHINJI-KUN! Don't do anything stupid!" Misato yelled as she rolled onto her back to get a view of the situation. "Don't make this harder for us!" she begged.

"BAKA!/Shinji-sama!" Rei and Asuka yelled in perfect harmony as Ritsuko just grunted and spat out unable to join the rally call.

As he ran, Shinji saw that Mari was focusing so hard on him to keep him moving, he had only one shot at this. "Urd is MY woman too! They're all mine! I'm all theirs!" Shinji shouted and grabbed YWHW's shoulder and pulled back hard. Taking a step back, more to avoid the gliding member that nearly hit his legs, Shinji pulled back and punched as hard as he could.

His face not moving in the slightest with Shinji's punch, YWHW merely chuckled. "You raise your fist against that which is I? You are but an insect before a storm," he backhanded Shinji sending the lad flying.

Ok, time to test this ring out, Shinji ventured. His body was aflame with pain, likely broken ribs and destroyed organs. Forcing his mind to calm, he willed the ring to grant him the power to heal his innards. The pain subsided! He had a chance. Getting back to his feet, not surprised to see his opponents back, "Is that ALL you have? Asuka hits me harder in her sleep!"

Growling low, his hands dangerously high on Urd's now naked hip, muttered, "We grow tired of this. Silence or I shall break you to the point of nothingness. Watch or die." Turning back to the frail human, his own wounds at the hands of the beasts were still flowing out light.

The answer Shinji gave was another weak punch to YWHW's face. "I'll, we'll never surrender to you! You were created by us! You should SERVE us, not the other way around," Shinji found his sense of mind draining. He was going insane! Nothing else could account for it. Punching again and again, "Why did it have to be like this?"

Pulling back both of his arms, YWHW proceeded to lay the beat down on the young Ikari. "It is as it should be! We are Order! We are the focal point of all existence!" he said simply as he picked Shinji off the ground by the neck and held him. "What would a man know of the true nature of creation?" he asked simply.

"Shinji stop this!" Misato screamed.

Urd cried out, "No more! It's not worth it!"

"Shinji-sama" both Rei and Mari whimpered.

"FUCKING KILL YOU!" was eloquently added by Asuka.

Ritsuko's eyes came into clear focus as a tear fell, "Stupid man."

It was time, Shinji knew it. He was close enough now, he could feel the heat from that accursed member against his hand. Giving all those lovely faces on last look, he would spare them the pain of knowing what it felt like. ""I know it takes two…and I'm taking yours," Shinji smirked through the pain and grabbed a hold of that club like phallus.

Willing the ring to bestow upon him all the power it could, Shinji's body was encased in a golden light. Pulling at the base of YWHW's infernal willy, he felt nothing happening, no change. Willing more power, he pleaded for it to take all that it needed to do the job! Power coursed through his body, but at the same time he could feel the advanced aging. He had to hurry, pulling harder, harder, HARDER! He willed all his life for this one moment.

And as YWHW drew back and slammed his fist into Shinji's chest, a wet tearing accompanied Shinji's flying body. Using the last of his strength he willed that damn ring fix his shattered insides as he fell and rolled to the ground. Opening his eyes, a dark ring rapped around his vision, but he could see well enough. "L-l-lost something?" Shinji felt Asuka would have wanted him to say it as he lifted the full heft of YWHW's manhood in his hand.

Letting out an inhuman scream of rage and pain, YWHW stumbled and shambled back and forth. Glorious white light streamed from between his legs at the source of Shinji's wound. "This changes NOTHING!" he roared and stomped closer to Shinji. "You robbed me of my price here, but you all still die!" he deeply wounded entity declared as he stood over Shinji's body. "Wretch," was the last thing YWHW said before…

Then his neck was snapped like a dry twig by the one thing he hadn't counted on.

Holding the body above Shinji for a moment, Lilith's mournful smile filled the boy's whole world. "You gave me the chance I needed, my granddaughter's man. Alone I could not have done this, but distracted…weakened," she dropped the body to the ground and lifted Shinji's tiny and dried out husk of a body.

So tired, he was so very tired, but Shinji found himself happy! "I…h-h-hoped…y-ou'd," he couldn't finish as the sirens of sleep were too great. His body, aged to into its hundreds was to worn out to continue.


Emptiness, a sense of profound and utter hopelessness pervaded every fiber of Urd's being. Staring at the shallow rise and fall of Shinji's chest through the window to his hospital room, she had never felt so powerless than she did then. They had won, but the cost was going to be high for her at least. His body was going to just give out in a day or so, or so the doctors told Misato and her. And the real kick to the soul was that two days before she could have snapped her fingers and fixed him up.

"I can't believe you can't do a damn thing for him, that any of you fucking 'ethereal' or 'magical' bitches can't do a thing for him," Misato huffed as she pressed her forehead against the glass. Still wearing the clothing she had the day before during the battle, Misato hadn't left the hospital let alone the window since Shinji had been admitted. They didn't use Shinji's real name, no, no reason to freak the normals out. Whirling about and grabbing collar of Urd's shirt screeched, "How can NONE of you have any power left to heal him!"

Having her limitations thrown in her face was NOT making Urd happy or accepting of reality. "Our powers have limits, Misato! We've not unlimited use of our abilities, think of us more like…batteries. And due to that damn fight we exhausted them alright?" she tried not to sound angry but it was damn hard. Pacing about the small hallway, a nice sum of money kept them secluded from the general population. "Metatron, Skuld, and I spent mine keeping us safe during the battle, Mari almost passed out from making Shinji move against the bastards divine will, and grandma…well snapping his neck while looking easy took more power than I can even think of," Urd stalled and that chill wormed its way into her stomach again.

The soft clicking of boot on ceramic announced the new arrival long before he clapped gently. "A victory. I've long thought this day impossible. Honestly didn't expect that boy to pull through, why I gave him this," Louis waved the Lexicon in his right hand. "Gave it to him so he'd have some fun before this world failed. Boy is my face red now," he chuckled lightly and rapped his fingers against the glass. "He's helped score a decisive victory for us, with this universe we finally have a staging point outside of His vision," he spun and leaned against the glass.

Urd's heart leapt in her chest, somehow Lucifer was able to get through the receding barrier! She had written off other demonic/holy aid as the sun was only starting to slowly regain its shine and that still locked travel. "Lucifer-sama, you…how did you get here? C-can you heal him, you can can't you?" it was to deliriously possible to be true. Lucifer could undo the damage Shinji caused with that damned ring, and all would be good.

A smile, thin and vile, graced his handsome face. "Sorry Urd-kun, but I'm just here to reclaim the Lexicon. It was the boy's until his death and well…that's not far off. I make it a point to not directly influence mankind," he propelled himself off the wall and draped an arm around Misato's shoulder. "You reconsider my offer from back in the elevator? You are quite the fine woman," he gave Misato a good look over.

Anger, white hot and insanity inducing blinded Urd to rational thought. "How the hell can you say that? Lilith wouldn't have defeated the True Enemy without Shinji's interaction! He distracted and weakened him just enough for her to give you this world. How can you let him just die!" Urd stormed over to the leader of Chaos and smacked him as hard as her deflated powers could provide. It was a joke, he was making a very bad joke at the wrong time.

Pinching his arm off her, Misato hid behind Urd and snatched the Lexicon from Louis's hand. "This? You came back for this stupid thing and you have the audacity to try and get me in the sack while you let the man I love die?" Misato's voice warbled with a delicious combination of sadness, rage, and confusion. "Ho-how can you say you don't influence directly but you gave him this?" she waggled the damn book over Urd's shoulder.

Showing no sign of pain or remorse, Louis just put his hands up in the air and let out a low whistle. "Lot of souls desire that book, only one in all of existence. And I like the kid, I really do, but its just one of my rules," he stuffed his hands in his pockets and smirked. "And how can I not try to score with such a pretty young woman like yourself," he gave her another full body glance.

Ripping the Lexicon from Misato's hands, Urd's over taxed brain was well past its breaking point. "Why! Why must we be made to suffer after giving you exactly what you wanted! What was it all for then!" she felt an overwhelming desire to tear the damn thing into tiny pieces and burn them to ash. Catching Lucifer still eye humping Misato, Urd's suicide switch was flipped, "STOP EYE HUMPING MY FRIEND! Just because we de-ag…"

Misato and Urd turned to one another as the Lexicon fell to the floor. In all their sadness, regret, and confusion they forgot one of the simplest solutions to their problem that they already used. The ritual they used to bring about Misato's younger age could be used on Shinji! They'd have to start off easy, mostly dreams and nocturnal emissions, but eventually…

Already walking back down the hallway, Louis had one hand up waving at the women. "And this is why I let people fix their own problems. You feel a lot better about it when you do it yourself. I just felt the need to remind you. And, honestly, I was hoping I could get a reward from either of you…or both if you were willing, but I guess that isn't possible," he vanished as he hit the end of the corridor his words whispered on a phantom wind.

"Why didn't you think of that?" both women asked as they moved to pick up the fallen book. After a quick tug of war over who got to be the woman to flip through the blessed thing to find the ritual again, Urd won after a hip bump sent Misato to the ground.

Riffling through the pages, Urd felt that coldness already replaced with ecstasy. "Lucifer-sama can be a bastard at times, but he can be right too," Urd stated through her hyperventilation. Her body coursed with excitement as she found the page. Oh yes, this was going to be quite the victory celebration after all. She had tricked the Rei's into slumber, and Asuka had been given a sedative to keep her from destroying things, so until they woke up…

"You can't tell Metatron or Akagi about this or we'll not get all that we want," Urd had already magiced off her clothing and was reaching for the door. "That is, unless you don't think the two of use can bring him back to the proper age alone," Urd stopped and turned to see Misato in the process of pulling off her clothing. Finding Misato was thinking just like her, Urd nodded, "Good girl."

Together Misato and Urd knocked a good forty years back onto Shinji's life, bringing him back to consciousness and full enjoyment, before Metatron stumbled upon them. Asuka was next to find the little love in, and physically threw Misato off Shinji and into Urd's arms before claiming her reward for time served. Ritsuko and Rei came next, and after a heated battle of rock-paper-scissors it was decided that Ritsuko was evil and cheated, but well…she was already healing Shinji so Rei was left to wait.

After the love-in ended at the hospital, Shinji again returned to his proper age, the trope returned to their apartment to continue the party. A full two days of just food, fun, and frivolity insured as the sun regained its brightness. Then it was life as normal for them all. School for the pilots, Nerv for the adults, and the random insanity of magic, sex, and love afterward.

With the money stolen from Seele, it wasn't that they needed to work, but it kept the days from being to boring. That was until the Children graduated from high school. Asuka and the Rei's continued into University while Shinji did in fact open a restaurant. Urd took the first waitress position and Metatron the second. Their visual appeal alone made the place successful, accompanied by Shinji's cooking it was a smash hit. A shocker came in the form of Tina Foster applying for a job, she was accepted as a waitress…and later as another bed partner.

They had fights, all of them, it was only natural. But in the end, the whole group did stay together. On a rare occasion one would leave for a while to see the world, but they always came back, knowing it was where they truly belonged. On more than one occasion a demon or angel would come, but they left without to much fuss, some times they did share a bit of horizontal time with one of the group, but that was hardly unexpected. Life was good, and for all the effort that it took to get it, it was well deserved.

The End



Yeah happy ending, but man I love happy endings at times. I know some of you will call foul for ending it here, but seriously…they fought God, what could top that? I could have padded it out with pointlessness but I rather not. Sure the story started as a way for me to get better with lemons/limes, but I find a good story helps accentuate them. Give reasons to the lust so to speak. So I found that without a 'good' reason to continue it was time to end this.

I've ideas for a new multi-cross over like this story…aka heavy lime content… featuring Eva/Kanokon/Omamori Himari…maybe another one or two sources as well. So don't fret about the end of this story.

As stated many times before the end is only the beginning.

As a little omake here is a list of the anime/manga involved in this story

Eva –duh

Oh! My Goddess – Urd/Skuld/Belldandy

Bible Black – Takashiro

Ai Yori Aoshi – Tina Foster

Shin Megami Tensai; Nocturne – Louis Cypher/ YWHW/Metatron to a small degree (oh and if you wanna SEE what the ball thing looked like, look up SMT3 Kagutsuchi battle on youtube)

The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi – Haruhi/Yuki

Various others for just name references

I borrowed a lot of concepts from Shin Megami such as the Order/Chaos concept, YWHY eating words and being a massive overpowered dick. Great games, highly recommended.

I want to give a big THANK YOU to all you readers who stuck with this thing for well over 300 pages of oddity and ramblings. Your reviews, ideas, suggestions helped me steer this monster on more than one occasion. I forget who, sorry, but one of you sent me the manuscript for WildSurges and that was hella fun and useful so a special kudos to you. And if you're still reading my work feel free to pop me a message if you want a particular show/girl/idea in an upcoming story and I'll see if I can't work it in.

Thanks again everybody. I didn't get nearly as many lemons/limes as I wanted to write, but I feel the story was more success than failure.

And with that…