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Susan Vandom toyed with her all to familiar Ankh shaped ring. It annoyed her to think in spite of all the monsters she'd faced and the enemies she'd beaten, one small man called Thomas Vandom had driven her out of Fadden Hills. Still the company was flexible in its transfers and for that she was glad.

She had been with the company since she had discovered her powers. Back then she was a rebellious teenager with parents who really didn't care. A far from ideal starting point for one of the companies best mages. Tony had taken advantage of that and married her when she reached sixteen. A year later, Will was born. The one good thing about her marriage was without doubt Will. Telling Will the truth about what she did was of course out of the question. After all, Will deserved an ordinary childhood and adolescence. In other words, not hers.

Will was in the middle of a nightmare. She was naked and alone in the middle of a terrible storm and she woke with a jolt. How little did she know what that nightmare was connected to and how it would change her life forever.

The first night in Heatherfield didn't go quietly for Susan. After Will had gone to bed, the company was forced to call her in. A mage of her talents was rare enough, but couldn't it wait until she had a chance to get settled? Susan thought to herself. Just one night, for crying out loud. Still, trouble was seldom so obliging. So on this stormy night, Susan Vandom found herself searching walking Heatherfields Central Park, looking for this particular creature.

The first attack seemed to come out of nowhere. A huge claw swept out of nowhere and would have sliced through Susan, had she not ducked at the last moment. Touching her Ankh ring, she felt the power of transformation flow through her. Her familiar black robes replaced her normal clothes and a skull headed staff appeared in her hands. If she lived a hundred years, she would never tire of this feeling. Ok she was unlikely to live to one hundred in this profession, but still it was the thought that counted wasn't it?

Bracing her feet apart, she watched the creature emerge from the shadows. A huge, crocodile shaped head sat atop the body of what looked like a misshapen T-Rex.

"Oh great." Susan murmured to herself. "A Growre."

Susan wasn't worried about this creature. A Growre would present considerable danger to a different type of mage, but Susan was a highly competent necromancer and a Growre was from the other side of death, through and through. Any creature so immersed in the other side was easy to control for a necromancer. Raising her staff, she began the invocation to defeat the creature.

"By the powers given to me by death himself, I command you return from whence you came."

Her staff glowed and the skulls eyes turned green. A pulse of dark green energy surged from the staff and enveloped the creature. After a few seconds, the Growre vanished.

"Impressive." Someone commented behind her. Staff in hand, she spun round to face a man with slightly grey hair, in a police uniform. He raised his hands in mock surrender. "Whoa wait up, I'm with the company." He extended a hand. "Detective Tom Lair. I came along in case you needed backup."

Susan glared at him. "I'm a necromancer. It would be a pretty poor showing if I couldn't handle a mere Growre. How many of us mages are there in this town anyway?"

"Well aside from you, there's me a weapon mage, Joan Lin at the Silver Dragon, an illusionist, Dean Collins a history teacher at the Sheffield Institute, a seer and finally Judge Theresa Cook, who's a Paladin."

Susan smiled. "Five of us?" she asked incredulously. "Surely you're joking. I can feel the magic in this place so intensely, I can practically taste it."

Tom shook his head. "We're not exactly prolific in this town. Most mages choose to leave as soon as they get here. So it's just us."

Susan sighed and powered down. The situation was very bad. With all the magic in this town, there were more dangerous and intensely hostile magical creatures than normal. Normally there would be maybe a dozen mages for this big a tear in reality. It would certainly make for more work. She mentally shook herself. She owed it to Will to try at least. It wouldn't be fair to move her again before she had a chance to settle at least.

Returning home she looked in on her sleeping daughter. She was determined that Will would have a chance here. She most certainly wanted her to avoid her fate, dragged into a war that no one knew about and would never end. Unfortunately for Will, the council of Candracar was about to change that with a vengeance.

AN: Yes I know it's a little short, but the chapters should get longer after Will and co become guardians. I'm going to be focusing on some of my other stuff for a while but I will return ASAP.