Day One


I know there is couples and stuff in Zoey 101, and I haven't gone by most of them, but I don't care. I know this has nothing to do with the story, but whatever. Just enjoy it, and I don't care about what happened in the TV show that makes this impossible. Thank you :)

Day One

Zoey and the gang burst into her dorm, laughing, after a night at the movies. They all sat and lay on the beds.

"So, what you guys wanna do now?" asked Zoey, taking off her jacket and hanging it up.

Quinn yawned. "I'm really tired; I think I might go to bed."

"Oh come on, don't be boring." urged Chase.

"I got an idea," said Logan, with a seductive smile. "How about we play strip poker?"

"Okay, I definitely want to go now," said Quinn. And with that, she left the room.

"Whatever, I'll play." said Michael.

"But guys, I don't even know how to play poker!" said Lola.

"Fine, I've got an idea." Said Zoey, and she stood up and went over to some of her drawers. "Oh where is it…?" She bent over to go to the lower drawers, and all the boys stared at her fine ass.

"Boy, what would I do to that…" said Chase under his breath.

"Here it is!" said Zoey, and jumped up and turned around, and all the boys instantly pretended they weren't looking at her. Zoey was holding a dice and put it on the table. "Okay, so here's the game. We each take turns to roll the dice. Whoever gets the highest number has to take an item of clothing off, ok?"

"But what if we have a tie?" asked Lola.

"Then whoever was in the tie takes some clothes off?" suggested Michael, looking at Zoey awaiting her approval.

"Sounds good to me," said Logan, as Zoey smiled and nodded.

"Let's go!" said Chase.

They each took a turn to roll the dice. Chase got a 2, Michael got 4, Lola got 3, Zoey got 5 and Logan got a 6.

"Ohh! Logan you gotta take some clothes off!" said Lola, as Zoey laughed.

"My pleasure, ladies," said Logan, as he took off his shirt, though underneath it was a vest.

They carried on playing the game deep into the night, until everyone had only their underwear on.

"Okay, I guess from here on we go nude!" laughed Chase.

"Well what are we waiting for?" asked Michael, as he reached for the dice and rolled. He got a 1. "Yes!" he exclaimed. Chase followed, with a 4, then Lola got a 5, Logan got a 3 and Zoey also got a 5.

Zoey and Lola both had to take an item of clothing off, to the boys delight. Zoey leaned over to Lola and whispered in her ear, as Lola bit her lip and raised her eyebrows seductively. "Okay then," she said, and Zoey took her by the hand and they both stood up together, holding hands.

The boys couldn't believe their eyes as Lola took a bottle of water out of the mini fridge and poured it over Zoey's hot, round tits. Zoey took the water off of Lola and pushed their tits together. She poured the water down both of their boobs and they started massaging themselves with their hands.

Then, they reached their hands around each other and carefully un-strapped each others bra. They took them off without revealing their tits to the guys, and then pushed their nipples up against each other, and Zoey licked Lola's lips.

"Oh my god, my cock is about to explode!" said Logan, and none of the boys took their eyes off of Lola and Zoey. Unfortunately for the boys, however, the girls wanted to start playing the game again. This time, Logan got a 6, higher than anyone else. This meant that he would have to be completely naked.

"You want me to help you with that, sexy?" said Lola.

"Oh, yes I do." Said Logan, and he and Lola stood up.

Logan stood in front of Lola with a visibly huge boner, and she bent over, with her sweet ass up against Logan's dick. He grabbed her hips and simulated having anal sex with her. She then stood upright, as Logan's hands made their way up to Lola's breasts, and he began playing with her nipples as she moaned. "Oh, Logan… oh my god… let me take off your boxers…"

Chase, Zoey and Michael were watching, as Zoey stroked Chase and Michael's penis, and she couldn't wait for them to take their underwear off. She wanted to get laid and she didn't care who by.

Lola knelt down and slowly took off Logan's boxers. His massive boner flung out it hit her in the chin, but she didn't care. She grabbed it by her hand and shoved it in her mouth. This action was received with gasps by Zoey, Chase and Michael, and with groans from Logan. He grabbed her head and pushed it back and forwards as her lips were wrapped around his warm penis. She sucked and sucked like she had never sucked anything in her life!

"Oh, Lola… yes, you dirty bitch, do it! Faster! Logan shouted.

By this time, Zoey and the other two boys were very excited. Zoey had her hands down Chase and Michael's boxers and was fully jerking them off.

"Oh, fuck the game!" said Zoey, and stood on the table and took of her sexy black thong and flung it in Chase's face. He took a quick whiff and then he was beyond horny. Everyone stopped their sexual activities and took off all of their clothes.

Logan took Lola over to the shelves, and pushed everything on top of it away and Lola jumped up with her legs wide open, ready. Logan put his head forward and started sucking on her nipples.

"Logan, oh my god, yes! Just fuck me now!" she screamed, and Logan didn't disobey. He got his massive cock, and before he knew it, he and Lola were having sex on the shelves. His cock was sliding in and out of Lola's wet pussy, as she grabbed tight onto his firm, smooth, bronze ass that she spent so long looking at each day imagining how soft it is.

Meanwhile, Zoey sat Chase down on one of the chairs. Then, she started jerking him and Michael (who was standing next to them) off again. "Mm, you like that don't you?" she said. Michael nodded, then relaxed and put his head back and groaned. Chase, however, took his three middle fingers, and slid them up Zoey's cunt. "Chase, yes, ohh…" she moaned. "Wait, wait" she said.

"What?" said Chase, even though Zoey was still wanking him and Michael.

"Take your fingers out," she said, "and put your dick in!" And Chase didn't hesitate to do so.

He pulled Zoey on top of him, and soon enough Zoey was riding him like a cowboy. Chase's dick was so far up Zoey's vagina, he could feel himself about to cum. Michael was still being jerked off by Zoey, and he felt his heart rate start to rise, and he starting moving his hips backwards and forwards, and then he just cummed the most he ever had before. It spurted out so far it hit Lola and Logan who were still fucking on the shelves. After this happened, Michael sat back and watched Chase and Zoey do their thing.

It was like the two couples having sex were having a competition who could be the loudest, because the girls were now screaming and the boys were moaning as their dicks were rammed inside their partners cunt's.

Chase had dreamt about this moment so many times… Zoey's tits juggling right in front of his eyes, and his dick sliding in her vagina. He would masturbate over this moment every night from now on.

On the shelves, Logan took his cock out of Lola's vagina to allow her to suck and lick it. It only took her a few seconds of doing this for Logan to spurt out all over her face. "Now it's my turn to pleasure you" Logan said, and he started rubbing her pussy and tits.

"Oh, Logan… you rub me the right way, yes, come on – more!" she shouted, and her breathing started to become heavier, and her movements faster, as Logan began to shove his fingers up Lola's pussy and ram them in there as hard as he could. Lola started screaming; "LOGAN! LOGAN! I'M ABOUT TO DO IT! YES!"

At the exact same time, Zoey stood up over Chase, and he leant forwards and started licking her pussy, his tongue sliding up and down her slit. "OH MY GOD, CHASE!" He raised his hands and massaged her sexy tits at the same time. "YES! YES!!" she screamed.

At the same time, Zoey and Lola both had a huge orgasm, the best they had ever had, and moaned as it ended.

This night was the night the gang lost their virginity, but there was a hell of a lot more sex to CUM.