Day One


Ok, so the story continues, and now it's the second night of PCA's week off. This chapter focus on what Logan and Zoey got up to on Day Two…

Day Two

Logan and Zoey were alone in Logan's room. Perfect, he thought. She had exactly the same thoughts as to what they could do together.

"Logan, we didn't exactly interact last night, did we?" said Zoey, sitting on a chair showing off her fine legs, wearing a sexy mini skirt.

"No, but we're alone now, so…" Logan replied.

"Oh, I see." Zoey laughed. "A little eager, are we?"

"And you're not?" he smiled back at her. He knew she wanted what he wanted, and he wasn't gonna waste anymore time. He walked over to her and set next to her, and rubbed his left hand up and down her soft legs. Then, their lips met and they started making out, as Logan caressed Zoey's legs, and she stroked his hair.

They broke away from the make-out session, so that Logan could take off his shirt. Zoey put her head down and licked his torso upwards.

"Mmm…" she said. "Tasty." She sat up, and Logan took off her shirt. She was wearing a hot black bra, and Logan cupped her perfect tits in his hands and started to feel her up. "Ohh Logan," she groaned. "I can see why Lola was screaming so loud last night… mm yes,"

"I haven't even started yet," he smiled. He removed his hands from Zoey's breasts and took off her bra which allowed Zoey to reveal her fine tits. Logan wasted no time in getting a taste, and started sucking her nipples.

"Ohh, you don't know how long I've been waiting for this…" Zoey said, as Logan's hands made their way up her skirt, and he started rubbing her pussy. She groaned as she felt like she had never felt before.

Then, they stood up, and Logan removed his jeans, leaving on only his tight, short boxers in which his sexy butt cheeks were clearly visible. Zoey was left with only her see-through underwear on, but not for long.

Logan took Zoey's hands, and flung her onto the bed. He joined her, and kissed her belly button. He then made his way further down, and slowly took off her underwear. "Do it," she said, and it was all that was needed to be said.

Logan didn't think twice as he began to eat out her hot pussy, waggling his tongue in and out like a dog. Zoey pressed Logan's head harder against her vagina as she started panting. His tongue was sliding up and down in her pussy, and as he did so it started becoming moister and moister.

He stopped licking her for a moment, so he could kneel over her and remove his boxers. He moved his long dick over to her face and shoved it Zoey's willingly open mouth. Logan was moving backwards and forwards, as he deep throated Zoey. He nearly cummed, but took it his dick out of Zoey's mouth just before he did.

"Oh my god, Logan, this is so hot," she whispered to him, as she slid her hands down his perfect, tanned body.

"More to come, baby," he said. He stood up and reached to his drawer to get a condom (doing this reminded him of the previous night where he had sex with Lola on top of Zoey's drawers). As Logan took a condom out, Zoey was staring at Logan's ass, stroking her pussy, eagerly anticipating Logan's cock to be rammed inside of it.

Logan made his way back over to the bed, and put the condom on. Zoey opened her legs wide, and Logan filled the gap. He put his dick right up Zoey's cunt, and she screamed at the moment it entered. "Fast, Logan, fast!" she screamed.

Logan didn't need to be told twice. He started pumping his dick into Zoey as fast and hard as he could. He looked down to see her tits juggling. He couldn't resist than to put his hands on them as they shook as a result of them fucking so quickly.

Zoey stroked Logan's ass as he rammed her tight pussy. There was something about his ass that any girl (and some boys, for that matter) just couldn't resist. But they preferred his huge dick inside their vagina.

By this time, Logan was sucking on Zoey's large tits as he fucked her. He could feel his dick getting wet, but he didn't know if it was him or Zoey cumming, or both! But frankly, he didn't care either.

Zoey was so good at having sex, and so was Logan. She is so much better than Lola was, he thought.

As Zoey had a huge orgasm, and Logan shot out a load of sperm, their shag got slower and slower, until Logan took his penis out of Zoey's pussy and they were both lying naked next to each other, breathing heavily as if they had just ran a marathon.

"Oh my god," said Logan.

"That was the best, ever," said Zoey.

Indeed it was the best... The best so far.