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Chapter One

October 31st.


Let the masses rejoice, for this night the blood spilt will hail the reign of a new dark lord.

How utterly perfect.

Glowing green eyes watched the trembling form of the one who crouched at His feet. This one had his back to his lord, his quick darting eyes surveying those gathered below. He was not noticeable in his trembling; you had to watch for it. Even so every natural predator would be quick to notice this one, even in spite of his Gryffindor status.

The side of His mouth pulled up in an elegant sneer which transformed into a toothy smile as nearly a third of His servants snapped to attention. That was good. He nearly purred in pleasure at their obedience, their fear, but Dark Lords do not purr. His shoulders shifted from the comfortable slouch He had them in to assume a more regal posture. This move gained even more attention, indeed. Several eyes snapped His way to watch Him. His smile widened and many made aborted motions that signaled their fear.

How utterly divine.

He indulged himself in meeting a few eyes but eventually the one at his feet compelled His gaze again. There was nothing special about this one, his fear wasn't even satisfying, this one feared everything.

No . . . this one was pleasing in a unique way. This one's fear would bring about the end of the last threat against The Dark Lord Voldemort.

The green eyes darkened and He idly watched as the trembling of this one increased. That such a thing could exist very nearly baffled Him even as it enraged Him. He was the most powerful and feared dark lord since Grindelwald. He was only opposed seriously by His oh so dear ex-professor, a declining old fool who was even now scrambling to keep up with Him.

He was even immortal. This whispered in His mind and echoed a bit. A Secret. Shh.

That anyone dare ever to think of defiance, let alone defeating Him was utterly . . . hilarious, that is was a child no less. Yes . . . that was hilarious. Abruptly He was laughing, a high pitched hiccuping thing that danced around the room. It was not a happy sound which was funnier still and He continued laughing.

Just as abruptly He stopped. He now had the attention of every single one of His slaves. They all had their eyes trained on Him. Each one could not hide the new fear there. The one at His feet was nearly hyperventilating.

How utterly fabulous.

He rose. Standing at his full height upon the dais that held His throne, He watched them all; His teeth showing in a mockery of a smile.

Rejoice little slaves. Soon. Soon I will rule the world. And blood will be spilt before Me like a carpet for My feet to tread.

"Disapparate." And with that He disappeared. No worries. They would follow.

October 31st


The vampire Seer Seren Eliath Kiinn sat at her Lord's right hand. To her left Lord Hylaarr Silvereyes Moonrun Somus Kiinn, Lord of the Crescent, Lord of the Bloodlands, and her brother. To his left his mate, Osset're Li'essha Kiinn. Together the three made up the Head of the council and ultimate ruling body of the Crescent clan. This night they presided over council and court as they did once a week. That this night fell on Halloween made no difference.

"Sire, The Lesser Council begs your pardon for the next petition set before you."

Kerith Somus Nee stood before the three. With his left wrist clasped in his right hand behind him he stood at attention, his eyes meeting his lord as proper a Dominant, but his unbound hair was swept aside on the left to bare his neck, showing submission to the more Dominant Lord.

Seren marveled at the words unspoken. His stance was relaxed as was proper, Kerith and Hylaarr were old friends, both Dominants and therefore equal. There were exceptions of course. Hylaarr was his sire, and so family as well as friend, but unspoken was that inequality as Kerith was considered Younger and unofficially a Son.

Hylaarr was also Borne as Kerith was Embraced, another inequality. Kerith addressed both in his stance, his shoulders bowed forward in an imitation of a bow, marking him as Embraced by Hylaarr, and his left wrist encircled by his right hand mimicked the ritual of Embrace. Such strict formality was a nod to the Ancient Ways they followed and was also the reason Kerith was on the council, and the Speaker for the Lesser Council, as his grasp of the etiquette was exquisite.

But the asking of forgiveness of one Dominant to another and before the fact were the subtle words spoken here. Not to mention while Kerith was relaxed it was forced and his breathing was nearly a meditative ritual is was so controlled. Each one of The Three saw these subtle signs and Seren wanted to sigh at what she knew without Knowing was to come

Seren smelled grief and sorrow in her brother's scent a moment before is was controlled. His mask never wavered though and she knew only those on either side of him sensed those brief moments he indulged in. Osset're on the other hand stiffened visibly as he took in those words. Grief and rage rose off him in smell but also magic.

He was, of course, forgiven for such indulgence. He was Elven first and foremost even after nearly 62 years as a vampire and as an Adept mage he was allowed the emotions which strengthened and drove his magic. Not the least to mention he was Submissive.

"The Three listen and see you Somus Nee," Hylaarr's voice was soft, control so absolute it was impossible to detect, but his eyes warned of retribution should he go too far.

Kerith neither moved nor hesitated but continued in a calm overly controlled voice.

" The Lesser Council has respectfully hesitated to push our Lord and Consort for the proscribed year and another out of compassion, but as the events of last week have shown, neither are as protected as the clan has assumed." Kerith huffed a bit at that confession and very nearly winced but stopped himself. " Our love for our Lord and Consort demands nothing but loyalty and our mind, body, and Will for their use as they call. And as our oaths echo upon memory those minds, bodies, and Will demand to be put forward; even unasked and refused if it is deemed their will be harm done to Clan or Lord and Consort should they not. "

Alas Seren could not let that go unanswered.

" A pretty speech, Childe, but very nearly a threat to those whom those oaths were spoken to." Kerith flushed a bit as his eyes met hers and dropped in submission and a silent confession. As well he should and perhaps a bit of groveling as well. He had very nearly accused his Lord and Consort of being unable to guide and protect the clan they pledged to, and not very subtly as well.

She would have said more but her Lord motioned for Kerith to continue and she was forced to bite her tongue.

Kerith dared to raise his eyes and meet his Lord's again but the lack of anger or rebuke gave him courage to continue.

"Our Lord and Consort were very nearly killed in the last attempt on their life. This event has spurred us to beg The Three to begin negotiations for an heir." Osset're sucked in a breath at that but Kerith refused to halt, lest he not have the courage to start again Seren thought.

" We do not ask that our Lord beget or adopt; only name an appropriate other as heir. The Lesser Council begs you to keep in mind that should either of you fall the Bloodlands will truly run with blood in an effort to hold onto them, and it would only be a matter of time before the pressure of other clans would cause our borders to fall. The Lesser Council mourns with you the loss of two years ago but begs you to put aside your grief and insure the foundation of Crescent is secure."

Kerith was trembling by the time he had finished and couldn't have stopped himself from dropping Hylaarr's eyes and stepping back a pace if it were ordered him. Hylaarr's scent hadn't changed but Osset're's had. The grief was nearly overwhelming and the magic rolled visibly now, sparkling bits of hot lighting like flashes in eddies of frigid cold swirled in the air around him. Bits of flame snarled along his skin but his voice was ice in contrast.

"The Consort wonders if the Lesser council's grief is in sympathy for their Lord and Consort or for the lack of the very Heir they now petition for." Osset're's eyes nearly glowed; the violet now nearly red in rage. He was the perfect blend of fire and ice, and both elements his magic invoked were enraged by the memory of the child he had lost just two years before. A unique child, a naturally conceived child of two life-bonded male vampires. Mage magic and Vampire Will working together, and lost not a day later, killed from the magical womb by unknown dark magic.

Kerith sucked in a breath at the Consort's words. Not only the accusation a blow but for Osset're to speak so coldly to a long valued friend cut as well.

"The Lord is also curious as to whom the Lesser Council would recommend as heir, Childe." Kerith visibly winced at the address. "You perhaps?" Kerith's head snapped up so fast at those word's Seren wondered if he'd need excused for healing for a broken neck.

"Nay, Lord-" Kerith was cut off by an abrupt motion. Hylaarr was visibly angry now. His movements were stiff, his posture unnaturally straight.

"The Three dismiss Kerith Somus Nee and will hear the remainder of this night's agenda." The Lord had spoken. Kerith moved back, nearly in shock. The Childe would most likely be sent off on a year assignment by morning in a country far away. Seren didn't pity him one bit. The Lesser Council had expected this and their second Speaker was already coming forward. A Submissive and female at that. Seren meant to watch that interesting show but her attention drifted and when she blinked to focus she opened her eyes to another scene.

It was a mortal house, in a mortal village but the lines of magic were visibly in a shield around the house. They danced and the rain hissed as it hit and fell through the magic. The magic was strong and blurred the image of the house, as if trying to coax her to believe that it wasn't important.

Seren was unconcerned by this, the Knowing would inform her after the vision of what she could not catch or didn't understand. She focused and asked for more and her attention was directed to the door. Mortals in black robes and white masks milled around the front of the house. Only one was unmasked and he stood in the center of it them, arrogant and smiling, hate in his eyes. Dark magic clung to him and he stunk with it. Seren's eyebrow rose; they had sticks that glowed to her Sight. Wizards. Seren felt a stirring of concern. She hadn't seen a wizard for two years . . .

A little mortal man, trembling in fear, whispered something in the ear of the unmasked one. If she had actually been there she would have smelled the spike of anticipation.

Then the unmasked one looked at the house, watched it for a moment and then walked in blasting the door away with his stick. She saw the lines of shield magic melt away and the mortals attention snapped to the house that lost its protection.

Seren started to feel a bit sick. She recognized that house . . .

Magic began to build up. She felt its release again and again, a few flashes of light from the window confirmed them. Spells. Wizards and Sticks and Spells. She wanted to sneer in disgust but the vision held her and she trembled in its anticipation. A green light flared shining out all the windows and then all was silent on the first floor. The mortals in black robes just watched.

All was nearly quiet, minutes passed. This was unacceptable. The vision would not release her or let her interfere or look to see what was happening. Her plans were about to unravel . . . Another green light lit up a window on the second floor.

Seren struggled against the vision but the magic held her. She knew it would. She'd been Seeing for nearly 200 years now. Again a flash of green, and a pain filled moan. It was hers. Not this. She never meant to betray . . . but then a high pitched whine, the magic building up and exploding, she didn't Know, she couldn't See but if the child were dead . . .

The mortals were in a panic. They milled about like ants then started to scatter, disappearing with noisy pops. Only the little trembling one stayed. All was quiet. Then a pop and a wild haired mortal, grief magic waving about him, ran into the house. Despite how she tried she could not See inside. Again time passed and finally the mortal returned, a small child held close and gently to him. Seren trembled in relief. He lived. Another mighty crack split the night and the mortal jumped and had his stick out when a small giant appeared. Seren frowned as the mortal dropped the stick.

"Dumbledore sent me, 'ow are James an' Lily?" Rumbled the small giant his face twisted up with worry.

"Dead." The mortal voice was dead as well. The small giant's eyes welled up with tears that ran down his face and fell like rain. "An Lil' 'arry?"

The mortal looked at the child in his arm. He seemed to wake up a bit from the grief, and concern flitted across his face. "He's here. But I don't know, something's wrong."

Seren frowned and Looked at the child. No. No. No. Not yet she nearly hissed. She focused and pushed with her magic, and the vision let her. The child glowed a bit to her Sight then all was well. He looked fine. There was a bit of dark magic about that scar though . . .

"Wots wrong wi' im?" Sniffed the small giant.

"He was hurt, the scar won't heal though." The mortal held the boy tighter. "But there was something else."

Seren looked sharply at the mortal, then looked at him. He was mortal, and there his magic marked him a wizard. Seren sneered in disgust. But wait there. Seren tensed. There it was, she could see a small tendril of Seer magic in him. That made sense. But . . . No! She didn't want this one near the child!

She looked around. The little mortal crouched trembling by the house. He was frozen. He knew if they saw him he'd be dead. Seren turned her attention to him and poked at his mind. Interesting. Well more tampering couldn't make him worse.

She carefully placed a few ideas in his mind and then a bit of her Will to insure he would do what she wanted, then she released him. He was off like a hare, nearly surprising her at how fast he could run. But her tampering made sure he caught the attention of the mortal with his fumbling of it.

The small giant was sobbing so noisily he didn't notice. The mortal froze when he saw him and raised his stick but remembered the child and lowered it. Seren nearly growled and pushed her way into the mortal's grief stricken mind.

"Revenge." She whispered to him. She snatched at the information that floated in his mind and found his name. "Sirius, you want Revenge." The mortal hesitated. Torn between duty and desire. She pushed a bit more. "The little rat betrayed you. Go after him. Kill him! You want him dead." It was easily done. He did want revenge. He broke beneath her Will. Quickly he pushed the child to the small giant. Yes that was fine.

"Hagrid, take Harry." The mortal said urgently. He was trembling with the effort it took to defy her this little bit.

"Wot's goin' on?" The giant was uncertain and still sobbing.

"Just take him Hagrid. Use my bike. Take him to Dumbledore!" He forced the small giant to grab the child. Once the small giant had the child, the mortal could defy her no longer and he took off after the trembling betrayer.

Seren frowned. Not Dumbledore. That mortal caring for the child was more dangerous than this one. Oh well she'd fix that later. She felt the vision fading. Her Sight blurred and she blinked to meet her Lord's eyes.

Hylaarr was looking at her with concern. She felt a bit of guilt but squashed that down.

"My pardon, my Lord." She whispered feeling faint. The Knowing was rushing into her mind, filling it with everything she needed to know about what she had Seen. Her brain felt overly full.

"The Three are voting upon the first petition of the night. The Lesser Council would hear your words first, Seer." Hylaarr spoke calmly but was clearly distracted by his concern for her and his mate whom she could feel was near collapse. The first petition had ruined the Submissive's control and she was surprised he had lasted the entire council meeting.

Seren pulled herself together, pulled her mind back to her clan and her duties and her family. But the child she had stolen away, given to mortals, just two years ago weighed on her mind.

"The Seer cautions against the negotiations for an heir. Her sight remains clouded as to what such an action could entail but is clear if no action is taken. The immediate future holds no peril if an heir is not sought. I vote to dismiss this merciless petition until either the future in that regard becomes clear or a potential falls into our midst." Her eyes bore into the members of the Lesser Council. They could not hold her gaze for long Dominants and Submissives alike.

"The Consort seconds the vote." Osset're's voice was melting ice.

"The Lord dismissed the first petition of the night. This council session is over." Her Lord very nearly growled this and did let his fangs show. There would be no repeat of this farce of a council meeting. "You are all dismissed."

The Three watched as the Council filed out, each trembling under the hawk like gaze of their Lord. Once they were alone they could relax. Osset're fell forward, curling forward, and moaned in grief.

Hylaarr was up and caught him tumbling them both in a controlled fall and pulled him close. In a perfectly calculated motion he had the Consort's long white hair in a mostly likely painful grip and literally pulled the submissive's mouth to his, invading it with his tongue. Osset're struggled for a bit, no doubt wanting to spit and rage before feeding and comfort but lessons and need took over quickly and he was docile and swallowed the blood given, his mate's tongue cut on one of their teeth for feeding. They stayed that way trembling on the marble floor of the council chamber until both were certain they could maintain control. Then Hylaarr pulled back and maneuvered his mate into his lap, hand still gripping the long white hair, and whispered in elven into his consort's ear.

Seren watched this all tiredly still trying to get herself under control. She after all had no mate to take comfort in. Nor could she take one. Her lifebonded had died many, many years ago. And more importantly she had to leave before her brother regained his control and sought to comfort her. Should he do so in the state she was in she might confess everything . . .

Seren closed her eyes. She was a seer. Not just any but the Seer of Crescent, the Bloodlands, and the most powerful this side of the globe. And more she had taken those oaths long before her lord was even born. Abruptly she opened her eyes and stood. Hylaarr turned to watch her with concern. She shook her head. Let him deal with his submissive elven mage mate. She had things to do. At the top of her list steal into Dumbledore's mind and place the child with magicless mortals. That would keep things on track for now. All guilt and compassion could wait. She walked out of the council chamber and left those emotions behind waiting until she met her Lord's eyes again to surface.


November 1st Dawn

The Dawn rose upon Privet Drive to gently kiss the child magiced to sleep in front of the door to number 4. The child frowned a bit in sleep but the magic held and he just sighed. Little did he know in a few hours time he would be awoken by the scream of Petunia Dursley just as his sleep was disturbed by the dreams of Lily Potter and her scream before she died.

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