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Chuck vs. The Wonderful Life: The Prologue

It had all started out as a cold and stormy Christmas Eve in LA, the rain leaving its mark everywhere. Through the hard downpour and the blurred vision from the watery sky, various strings of Christmas lights could be spotted on people's houses. One of these houses happened to be the Bartowski residence. After all, it wouldn't be Christmas without their 200 something ornaments and decorations that Ellie took such pride in.

Not only did Ellie Bartowski take great pride in her holiday decor, but she found her annual Christmas movie nights and homemade cooking sacred traditions that should never be broken.

And that's why there was a small, but joyous group on the couch sipping hot cocoa and munching on self-decorated sugar cookies on this fine Christmas Eve.

Currently occupying the love seat were the Captain of Awesome himself and his lovely bride-to-be Ellie, who was throwing this little shindig. Sprawled out on the couch, but keeping enough to themselves, were Morgan and Anna along with Chuck and Sarah on the opposite sides of the couch.

At first, Sarah was hesitant about joining them, seeing as their cover was still just friends, but Chuck insisted. "What's one more Christmas with them?" Sarah thought to herself. Of course, deep down, she knew that one was too many, and two was attaching herself more and more to the family.

But it was all she wanted. Sarah wanted to spend Christmas with a family, which would be the first time in many years.

When Casey found out, he was less than thrilled but accepted Sarah's spin on the situation about how it could rebuild their cover, which was something they were in dire need of, but mostly just because Sarah longed to have an excuse for spending time with Chuck.

Devon, Ellie, Morgan and Anna all seemed to be taking great interest in the movie they were currently watching, but the story was different for Chuck and Sarah. They were both tired from a last minute mission earlier that evening. So, while the other four enjoyed watching It's a Wonderful Life, Sarah and Chuck struggled to keep their eyes open from their warm and comfortable spot on the couch.

Chuck was resting the side of his body on the armrest of the couch, his legs resting on the coffee table, and Sarah was leaning her body onto his, her head fitting perfectly on his shoulder.

With the mixture of warmth, cocoa, Christmas cheer and the comfort with each other, Chuck and Sarah slowly, but surely, descended into sleep toward the middle of the movie without being noticed, their arms wrapped around each other under the safety of the blanket.

Not far into their deep sleep, they dream up their own twisted version of the movie that they were previously watching.

This is the story of how those separate dreams would change their relationship, and their lives, forever.

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