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The Unhelpful Covers

"Sarah." Chuck whispers as he rubs her arms underneath the blanket. "Sarah..." he says again, the last syllable in her name trailing out.

Chuck kept saying her name in a soft and gentle tone, but she wouldn't wake up. Her hand was clenching the bottom of his shirt and her damp face was pressed into his chest.

Giving up on the whisper, Chuck used a slight louder voice. "Sarah, wake up." Suddenly, he noticed her shaking, the tighter grip on his shirt and a seeping wetness through his shirt where her head was.

Bending his neck so he could look at her face, he saw tears coming from her eyes quite rapidly.

"Sarah! Wake up!" Suddenly, Sarah jolted up, elbowing Chuck in the gut. Squinting from the slight light in the room and the added puffiness from her tears, Sarah attempted to look Chuck in the eyes and failed.

But all that mattered was that she was back with him. Equally as sudden, she threw herself back onto his chest and sobbed as she practically broke all the bones in his body from her embrace.

Sarah didn't realize it, but Chuck too was crying even before she woke up. Both were crying for the same reason--their dreams. Both had lost each other within them. It was one of those dreams that felt so real that when you wake up, you have to take a reality check.

"It's okay, Sarah. It's okay." Chuck reassured through his tears.

By this point, they were the only ones left in the room and their position on the couch was less cramped.

"I'm sorry." She replied as she got up from their warm position on the couch.

Chuck watched it happen before her eyes; the transition from upset to stone-cold, and he wouldn't take it--not anymore.

Sarah stood with her back to Chuck and tried to regroup. Chuck figured that she was closing up, pushing him back out. Defeated, she went back to Chuck in tears.

Through her sobs, she mumbled something into his chest, but he couldn't understand her. Quietly, he asked her to repeat herself.

"I thought I lost you." She said as she pulled her head from his chest to reattempt looking him in his dark brown eyes. "I thought I lost you forever."

"I'm here, Sarah, and I'll never leave you. Ever." Sarah hugged him harder as both their tears subsided.

"I had a dream," She started, the vulnerability shining through her voice. "I had a dream that you had the Intersect taken out of your head, but then Bryce came back and took me with him. He shot me, but I couldn't let him get away from me."

Through his own ragged breathing, Chuck comforted her. "I won't ever let that happen."

"I know." She replied, still looking in his eyes.

"I too lost you. I dreamt that I never received the Intersect. Without it, I wouldn't have you."

"I don't know what I'd do." They said at the same time.

Silently covenanted, they latched onto each other, giving support to the other while receiving it simultaneously.

Being in each others arms made everything alright. It was the only place that Sarah felt safe enough to let her guard down, to be herself. It was the one place where Chuck could protect her, guarding her from the evils of the world and emotions slowly tormenting her. For Chuck, it was the one place he felt he could get to her--really get to her. Whenever he held her, he could feel her genuine care for him, and he could show his towards her. All he ever wants to do is to help lift her from the ground and to be there for her in her times of need.

If there was one position that he wished they were always in, it was the simple, sometimes silent motion of holding her until the end of their days.

Still laying down, Chuck nuzzled his face into her hair, taking in the scent as he mumbled, "I love you." and Sarah begun to calm down.

Even through her time of weakness, her spy skills kicked in and she heard his muffled whisper. She knew what she wanted to say, what she needed to say, but she also knew of the consequences of it.

Her mind was racing a million miles a minute. Should I just tell him? No. What if he hurts me, I can't take that. I'll just get hurt. I'll hurt him when I go back to being professional. I just can't do it. But I have to. He deserves to know. I... I love him. But I'm scared. What if he takes my heart and stomps on it like all of the other guys. But he won't do that; he's Chuck. But what if it doesn't work out. I-

Chuck's voice pulled her from her trance. "Sarah?" he asked, love as thick as honey flowing through his words. "Are you alright?"

Sarah ignored the feeling of tears, the heat from her cheeks, and what her head was saying. Instead, she tapped into her heart and said what he deserved to hear; what they both deserved to hear. "I love you, Chuck Bartowski." she whispered.

Without having to take even a slight second to think, their lips sought out the others and hungrily pressed into each other. The feeling of her body pressed up on his and their tongues dancing sent shivers down Chuck's spine.

Neither of them had remembered having such an experience as that and was later marked as a life defying moment.

Discreetly, Chuck pulled the blanket over their heads, creating a special haven of their own as well as a cover just in case Morgan decided to make a very impromptu visit. The only visible part of them were their feet, their toes tapping.

Coming for a glass of water, Ellie walked into the kitchen and heard some unusual sounds from the living room. Curious, she investigated.

"Chuck? Sarah?" She called, looking at their blanket covered bodies, but not noticing any movement. Not thinking much of it, she pulled the blanket from over them and her eyes went wide in shock. "OH, oh! Sorry!" she babbled as she quickly exited the room, her glass of water coming threateningly close to spilling.

Embarrassed, the two untangled themselves and sat upright on the couch, keeping to themselves.

Finally gathering enough courage to talk, Chuck broke the silence. "I... Sorry about that. The-the Ellie thing, not the actual..."

Stifling a laugh, Sarah stood up and extended her hand to Chuck. "Come on, Chuck."

"Uh Sarah? Where are we going?" he questioned as she pulled him up and they walked towards his room.

Sarah sat him on the bed and double checked the lock on the door and window. "You owe me."

"For what?"

Sarah straddled him, wrapping her arms around his neck. "For stopping."