Child of Innocence

Disclaimer: Supernatural and it's characters belong to Kripke and the CW. I am only playing in their sandbox for a little while.

Author's Note: This story is dedicated to Thorny Hedge who is a huge Bobby fan. I hope you enjoy it!


John and Dean were packing their duffle bags for a hunt in the backwoods of Iowa. Caleb had called needing the Winchesters help to take down a coven of nasty witches that he had been tracking for the past two weeks. The witches had been offering up babies as human sacrifices and had to be stopped.

As he packed his duffle, John looked over at a sleeping Sammy who was lying on the couch with a blanket thrown over him for warmth. Sammy had the flu and had been struggling with it for the past week on top of dealing with a broken leg from an accidental fall. He had rented the rundown house they were staying in now to give Sammy the time to rest and heal. He hadn't expected to receive the call from Caleb asking for help.

John didn't like the idea of leaving Sammy behind, but there was no way the kid would be able to go with him. He was as weak as a newborn kitten from all of the puking he had done over the past few days, not to mention the low grade fever that had been his constant companion for the last four days.

When John had received the call a few hours earlier, he had felt like he was between a rock and a hard place. He didn't want to let Caleb down, but how could he leave Sammy behind knowing that he was fighting the flu. As he debated what to do, it was Sammy who finally convinced him that they should go.

"Look dad, Caleb's always been there for us when we needed him, you can't let him down now" Sam said as he looked at his dad though bloodshot eyes.

"I don't know Sammy, You've been so sick lately and I don't think we ought to leave you here alone" John said as he worried about his son's health.

"I'm fourteen years old now dad. I can take care of myself for a few days, besides Bobby is only a couple of hours away if I need him" Sam reminded John.

John thought about it for a few minutes and had to agree with Sammy's logic. "Okay son, I'm gonna call Bobby and tell him what's going on. If he hasn't got a hunt on the horizon, then Dean and I will leave to help Caleb.

Dean couldn't believe that his dad was actually considering what Sammy had said. "But Dad, we can't leave Sammy here by himself. What if he becomes so sick that he can't make it to the phone?" Dean was getting more and more anxious at the thought of leaving Sammy behind when he wasn't one hundred percent healthy. He knew Sammy had stayed by himself a couple of months ago, but that had only been for a day.

"Dean, I don't like leaving him anymore than you do, but Sammy's right, we can't let Caleb down after everything he's done to help us in the past. I wish I could leave you here to take care of your brother, but it'll take more than just me and Caleb to bring the coven down.

"I know you're right dad, but I don't have to like it" Dean said knowing there was no arguing with his father's logic.

John smiled at Dean as he picked up the phone receiver to call Bobby. He heard the phone ring four times and then heard Bobby's gruff voice coming through the line.

"Singer here"

"Hey Bobby, it's John"

What can I do for ya John" Bobby inquired

"I need a favor Bobby"

"What's it gonna cost me?" Bobby asked knowing that the last time John had needed a favor that it cost him a few hundred dollars to replace the windows in his truck.

"Just the cost of gas" John replied laughing knowing what Bobby had been thinking about, "I just need you to check up on Sammy for me for a few days if you don't mind" John said as he glanced over at his youngest son who was now sleeping on the sofa.

"I don't mind at all. What's up?"

"Caleb called, and he needs our help on a hunt involving a coven of witches. Sammy has a broken leg and he's recovering from the flu so there's no way I can take him on the hunt with us" John replied in answer to his friend's question.

"I'll get there just as soon as I can John, but I'm right in the middle of replacing an engine for a friend. How soon do you have to leave?"

"We're packing our gear right now and will be leaving within the hour. You don't really have to drive up here Bobby. I'd just appreciate it if you'd call him every few hours just to make sure the kid is alright."

"I'd feel better myself John if I were there to make sure the kid is being taken care of. Just let Sammy know I'll be there later tonight."

"Thanks Bobby, We'll be able to focus on the hunt knowing Sammy is being well taken care of" John replied before hanging up the phone and looking at Dean. "Bobby's agreed to watch over Sammy, as a matter of fact, he's going to come up later this evening and stay with him until we get back"

"S' good, I don't feel so bad about leaving him behind then" Dean said as he ran his hand through his short spiky blonde hair.


After John had loaded up the Impala with the gear they would need, he walked back into the house and crouched down beside the sofa. He lay his palm on Sammy's forehead and felt the heat that still radiated off his son's skin. He walked into the small bathroom and took the Tylenol from the medicine chest while filling a glass with water. Returning to the living room, he gently woke Sammy up.

"Hey kiddo, I need you to wake up and take these pills for me" John encouraged as he gently shook Sammy by the shoulder. Sam opened bleary eyes to see his father holding two small white pills out for him to take. Sam reached out to take them and popped them in his mouth before swallowing them down with a small sip of water.

"Thanks Dad" Sammy said as he felt his father pulling the blanket up and tucking it in securely around his shoulder. He looked over to see Dean putting on his leather jacket and said "You guys taking off now?"

"Yeah kiddo, do you think you'll be alright until Bobby can get here later tonight?" John asked rethinking his decision to leave.

"M'fine, I'll probably sleep until he get's here. Stop worrying about me"

"Ain't going to happen kiddo" Dean said as he winked at his baby brother. "We'll always worry about you no matter what."

"I'm not a baby" Sammy complained through a huge yawn as he rolled his eyes at Dean.

"Well, you're my baby son, so deal with it" John said as he tousled Sammy's hair. "I've put some Sprite on the coffee table for you to drink and the Tylenol is right beside it. Make sure you take two more pills at seven o'clock. I don't want your fever getting any higher before Bobby can get here" John said as he pulled Sammy's watch off of his arm to set the timer.

"Kay dad, I won't forget" Sammy said as he once again closed his eyes. "You and Dean be careful on theā€¦" and Sammy began to snore.

"Dean, check all of the salt lines before we go. I don't want to take any chances with Bobby not being here yet." John watched as Dean left to do as instructed and then he placed a silver hunting knife and a 45 pistol on the coffee table within Sammy's reach. He didn't think Sammy would need the items, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

After Dean had finished checking the salt lines. John glanced around once more to make sure things were secure before bending down and doing something he rarely did, he kissed his youngest on the forehead and whispered "Stay safe kiddo" resting his hand on Sammy's chest for just a minute before standing up and walking out the door.


Sam was awoken from his slumber by the sound of something beeping. "What the hell is that?" he thought as he groggily tried to sit up. He rubbed his eyes with his fist before glancing around the room. He felt like crap and wondered where his dad and Dean were. Dean usually stayed by his side when he was sick and he could sure use some of that brotherly attention right now. His stomach was churning and he felt like he was going to be sick. Sam groaned at the thought of having to stumble down the hall to the bathroom on his own.

"Dean?" he called out in confusion, his mind hazy from his fevered state before he noticed the Sprite and Tylenol sitting on the table in front of him. Suddenly realizing that his dad and Dean had left for the hunt, Sam picked up the Tylenol and popped a couple into his hand quickly swallowing it down. Within moments of taking the medicine, his stomach decided to rebel and Sam promptly threw up all over the floor.

"Shit" he swore as he tried to stand up to get something to clean up the mess. The room started spinning before him and Sam collapsed back onto the sofa too weak to do anything else. Just before passing out, he could have sworn he felt the temperature plummet as a hand brushed softly through his hair while he heard the words "Poor baby, mama will take care of you" whispered in the air.