Child of Innocence Ch. 11

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Previously: John breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the spirits evaporate. He walked over and helped Bobby to move the heavy bed so that he could free himself. He quickly packed what little belongs he and the boys owned and packed them into the trunk of the Impala while Bobby set the bones located in the wall afire, neither hunter caring that it would also burn the house down. "Let's roll" John said to Bobby as he joined him in the Impala needing to get back to the hospital to his sons.

As John pulled out of the driveway, he could see the conflagration of where they had lived burning in his rearview mirror, he was happy to finally put the place behind him. He couldn't believe that he had actually rented a place that was haunted, and even worse, left his youngest behind in the house alone. How could he have been so frigging stupid not to have checked the house with his EMF meter before moving his boys in. John slammed his hand on the wheel in frustration and muttered a curse under his breath.

Bobby looked over at the hunter beside him wondering what was going through John's mind. He knew he was blaming himself for leaving Sammy behind, but he sensed there was more going on in his close friend's mind. "You wanna talk about it?" he asked willing to listen if that was what John needed.

John glanced over at Bobby and saw the weary look in his eyes, the same look that his own eyes probably held now after everything they had just went through together. Sighing, John scrubbed his left hand across his face while his right one kept it's hold on the steering wheel. "I was stupid Bobby, and that stupidity could have cost me my youngest son. It could have killed you also."

"John don't, don't blame yourself for what happened. You couldn't have known the house contained an angry spirit you idjit" Bobby said hoping to get through to his friend.

"Damn it Bobby, I'm a hunter as well as a father. I should have realized that something wasn't right with the house since the rent was so low, that alone should have set off alarm bells in my head but I was just too damned concerned about saving money."

Knowing that he had to change John's line of thinking before the guilt could eat the man alive, Bobby said "Tell me this, just how many times have you researched or checked a place with your EMF meter before you and the boys moved in?"

Seeing realization light up in his friends eyes, Bobby said "That's what I thought--never, so how dare you blame yourself for not doing it this time John."

Realizing that Bobby was right, John said "Thanks dude, that helps me feel a little better about the situation" as he pulled into the parking lot of Jefferson's clinic.


As John and Bobby walked into Sammy's room, they marveled at the sight that met their eyes. Dean had climbed into Sammy's bed sometime during the night while they were away and had pulled Sammy in close to his chest and flung a protective arm around him. Both boys were obviously sleeping peacefully from the looks on both of their faces. John had no doubt that Dean had probably stayed awake most of the night otherwise he would have woken up as soon as they entered the room.

Being careful not to awaken his boys, John reached out and placed a palm against Sammy's forehead finding it cool to the touch. "Fever's gone" he whispered to Bobby as he walked over to pull a blanket from one of the shelves. He covered both of his boys with it and was about to walk away when he heard Dean mumble "Thanks Dad."

"Go back to sleep kiddo" he whispered as he placed a comforting hand on Dean's arm to let him know it was okay to stand down, that he was there to stand guard. He stood there and watched as Dean relaxed back in sleep, though he kept his arm securely around Sammy. Watching the two of them like that reminded him of simpler times when the boys were little and he could protect them from the horrors of the world.

Turning around to face Bobby he said "Bobby, I've been thinking, we can't allow that abusive bastard that killed Miranda and their son to get away with the murders. We've got to stop him before he has a chance to abuse and kill others."

"I was hoping you would say that" Bobby said with a smile as he placed his laptop on the table in the room. He was already planning to hunt the bastard down on his own if John wasn't up to it. He went to work on the computer and pulled up the records of the county courthouse where the Montgomery's had lived. He found the marriage certificate which provided him a social security number. He then broke into the federal data base to gain access to Mike's employment record. He was surprised to find that the brutal child killer lived and worked only a few towns away.

"Got him" Bobby informed John as he read of the details of where them man lived and worked. "Turns out the bastard lives only a two hour drive away in Allamakee County. He's been working at a processing plant there. I can't find much more on him so I'm thinking he has kept to himself over the past few years to make sure that he was never suspected in the disappearances of his wife and child."

"Well, we will just have to remedy that situation later tonight. Right now I think we both need to get some rest while we can" John said while stretching his tired, aching body, grimacing at the movement. His back still hurt like hell and his ribs were feeling the effects of having been kicked earlier.

"John, don't you think you should have Jefferson check you out. You hit that dresser pretty hard" Bobby said just as Jefferson happened to walk into the room. John was just about to tell Bobby he was fine when he heard Jefferson's voice behind him.

""I want to take a look at your back John so you can either take the shirt off or I'll cut it off" Jefferson stated leaving no room for argument. Rolling his eyes, John gingerly pulled off his shirt and waited for Jefferson to examine his back.

Jefferson whistled when he saw the vivid bruising that covered the lower half of John's back. "Damn, that spirit got you good" he said as he started prodding the bruises with his fingertips checking for ruptured discs and spinal alignment. "Doesn't look like there's any major damage, but those bruises are going to last for a while" Jefferson said as he walked over to the medicine cabinet and pulled a small vial and hypodermic syringe from it.

Walking back over towards the eldest Winchester, Jefferson said "John, I'm going to give you something for the pain that will help you to relax also" he said as he withdrew some of the contents from the bottle.

"I said I'm fine, you don't have to do that" John stated pulling away from Jefferson. He was in no mood for an injection of any kind.

"Dad, please let him help you" John heard his youngest whisper as he turned around to see Sammy looking at him with pleading eyes.

Rushing over to his youngest, John ran his fingers through Sammy's hair and asked "How you doing kiddo?"

"M'Okay Dad, but I would feel better if you let Jefferson help you" Sam said weakly while fingering the nasal canula that now replaced the oxygen mask.

John reached out and grasped Sammy's hand between his to keep it from dislodging the tube providing oxygen to his youngest. "I'll make you a deal tiger, you go back to sleep and I'll let Jefferson give me the shot."

Sammy smiled and nodded his head before closing his eyes and fading quickly off to sleep. After bending down a placing a kiss on Sammy's forehead, John turned around to Jefferson and asked "Do I need to drop em?" He groaned and started fingering his belt when Jefferson nodded his head with a smirk. He lowered his jeans and then felt Jefferson lower the top right side of his boxers before he felt the needle enter the skin. He bit his bottom lip as the medicine created a burning sensation as it entered his body.

After Jefferson was finished, John quickly pulled up his jeans and said "Don't you say one freaking word Bobby" before walking over and laying down on the other bed in the room. Within minutes John could feel a numbing sensation encompass his back. "Watch over my boys Bobby" he mumbled before falling asleep.


When John next awoke it was to the sounds of laughter coming from his fourteen year old. He couldn't imagine hearing a better sound in the world as he opened his eyes to look over and see Dean telling Sammy all about Nurse Melissa's earlier advances toward Bobby. "You shoulda seen him Sammy, Bobby's face was so red when the nurse patted his butt. Who would have ever thought the old coot still had it in him."

"Who ya calling an old coot" Bobby grumbled as he gave Dean the finger causing Sammy to laugh again.

"Bobby, not in front of the kid" Dean said in mock alarm at being given the one finger salute before he suddenly felt a pillow smacking him in the face. "Alright, you asked for it kiddo" Dean said as he turned around and started tickling his younger brother.

"Dean stop" Sammy gasped out as he tried to fight off his brother's hands.

"You heard him Ace" John said as he sat up and swung his legs off the bed wincing a little at the pain in his back. He didn't want Sammy to be too stressed after everything he had been through.

"You okay Dad? Dean questioned as he stopped ticking his brother and focused on his dad after having seen him wince.

"Yeah, it's nothing I can't handle" John informed Dean not wanting his children to worry about him. "You boys hungry?" he asked as he looked at the clock on the wall and noticed how long he had slept.

"A little" Dean admitted after having skipped the breakfast and lunch the clinic had provided since the food really looked nasty. He had made sure that Sammy ate his chicken broth and Jello though so he could start rebuilding his strength.

"What about you Sammy, you want anything?" John asked knowing that his youngest had to be starving after a week of not being able to keep anything down.

"No Sir, I don't think my stomach is ready for takeout yet" Sam answered feeling nauseous at the thought of eating greasy food."

"You need to eat something Sammy, I'll ask Jefferson if you can have some chicken noodle soup" John said before he and Bobby walked out the door to go pick up their evening meal since it was already six o'clock.

John returned thirty minutes later will grilled chicken, macaroni and cheese, green beans and corn. He didn't want Sammy to get sick from the smell of greasy takeout knowing his stomach was still pretty weak. He also pulled out a container of chicken noodle soup for Sammy because Jefferson had given his permission for Sammy to have some.

Not long after they had finished eating, Sammy nodded off to sleep while John and the others sat around the table to talk. They needed to discuss their plans for making sure that Miranda's husband paid for his crimes. The hunters had decided the best way to go was to frame Michael Montgomery for arson hoping that the crime would push investigators to look further into his past and possibly discover hidden DNA in the ashes to convict him for murder. The fire marshal and police investigators would have to wait until the rubble of the house had cooled enough before they started searching for evidence giving the hunters enough time to enact their plan.

Jefferson had volunteered to keep an eye on Sammy knowing that he would most likely sleep through the rest of the evening and night allowing Dean to participate in taking down Miranda's husband.


A few hours later found The Winchesters and Bobby sitting outside the processing plant where their prey worked. It was a Friday evening and they knew that Mike enjoyed his time at the bar on payday. They sat and watched as the workers exited from the plant at the end of their shift. Finally spotting their target, they saw him climb into his red Jeep Cherokee and pull out of the parking lot. John pulled out a few cars behind and followed the man to Lloyd's Tavern on the outskirts of town. The three hunters entered the tavern, Dean using a fake ID made for him by his dad.

Setting their plan in motion, John staggered up to the bar pretending to be drunk. "Hey man, I want another Bu-Bu-…Hey Bobby what's that beer called again, oh yeah I want a Budweiser" he slurred to the bartender. As the bartender handed over his drink, John stumbled away and accidentally ran into Mike Montgomery spilling his beer on the man.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Mike exploded as he felt himself drenched in beer. He didn't need this shit after working a twelve hour shift.

"S-Sorry there dude" John hiccupped. "Didn't s-see you standing there" he said as he slapped the man hard on the shoulder

Dean and Bobby laughed as they watched John playing the part of a perfect drunk. They knew within a few minutes that the fists would start flying with the obnoxious way that John was acting, which was exactly what John wanted to happen. He wanted Mike to know what it felt like to beaten by somebody else.

"Get you slimy hands off me" Mike shouted as he pushed John away. "You're nothing but a filthy, no good drunk."

"Hey, who you calling a no good drunk" Bobby shouted as he walked up to the man. He used his right Index finger to poke Mike firmly in the chest. "Nobody talks about my friend like that" he yelled right in his face.

That was the last straw to Mike. He wasn't going to let some yahoo's come into his bar and treat him like a dog in front of his coworkers. He raised his right fist and swung at Bobby's face who quickly deflected the hit with his arm and struck back with an uppercut landing a glancing blow causing Mike to stagger.

"You son of a bitch" growled Mike as he threw himself towards Bobby to be blocked by John who deftly tackled the man to the floor. The bar suddenly erupted into a melee as sober and drunk men alike joined into the fight, the combatants all mingling into one big mass.

Seeing an opening, John and Bobby dragged Mike towards the back of the bar where John taunted the man. "You're so tough that you beat the hell out of women and children, well it's time you take on somebody your own size" John said as he jabbed his fist and connected solidly with Mike's right eye instantly stunning the man.

"Who the hell are you" Mike asked as he suddenly paled. Surely there was no way these men knew what he had done in his past. He had been too careful.

"I'm the bastard that's gonna make you pay for the death's of your wife and son" John spat out as he held Mike by his shirt and slammed him up against the wall. "When I'm finished with you, you'll wish you were the one who died" John intoned as he raised his right knee and slammed it into the abuser's ribs. John used his Marine combat training to beat the crap out of Mike, though he did take a few glancing blows himself causing his back to spike in pain a few times. By the time John was finished, Mike had two black eyes, a broken nose, and a split lip along with a few cracked ribs. One last blow to the groin area and Mike succumbed to the pain and passed out.

Reaching quickly into the man's pocket, Dean pulled out his work ID badge and a small black hair comb using a glove to do so. The items would be planted at the crime scene for investigators to find. The three hunters then left the bar as the fight continued on without them. Bobby quickly grabbed the lighter fluid he had used to set the house afire and planted it in Mike's Jeep Cherokee. Climbing into the Impala where John and Dean was waiting for him, Bobby said "It's done, let's go plant the evidence inconspicuously and get back to Sammy.


The sun was just dawning on the horizon as the weary hunters returned to the hospital. They walked into the clinic to find Jefferson watching over Sammy as he read through some of his patients files.

"My boy doing okay?" John asked as he flopped down into one of the waiting chairs. Damn, but he was tired. He wasn't surprised to see Bobby lay on the other bed in the room while Dean pulled a chair up beside Sammy and rested his palm on Sammy's chest.

"He's fine John. As a matter of fact, I plan on taking him off of the oxygen completely later this morning. He sleep peacefully through the night without having any coughing spells and his fever never returned. I'm planning on releasing him today as long as you have a place to take him where he can get a few weeks of rest."

"That's fantastic news" stated John as he smiled from the look of sheer happiness that crossed Dean's face knowing his baby brother was doing so well. "Bobby has invited us to stay with him for a while and I took him up on the offer."

"Promise me one thing John, promise me that there will be no hunting, at least not for Sammy until I give the all clear. I plan on dropping by Bobby's a few times to check up on the kid's progress."

"You can count on it Doc" Dean answered before John could even open his mouth. "There's no way I'm letting Sammy do anything until he's one hundred percent better."

"You heard him Doc" John said as he yawned and leaned back into the chair and promptly fell asleep.

As promised, Sammy was released later in the day and the hunters traveled to Sioux City with Dean telling a disbelieving Sammy all about the ghost of Miranda and how she had tried to claim him as her own.

A few weeks later

Bobby and the Winchesters were all watching television when a breaking news alert came on announcing that one Michael Montgomery had been arrested for the deaths of his wife and son who had previously been reported missing. DNA evidence from the house fire proved that their bodies had been buried somewhere within the house. The police suspected that Mike had returned and burned the house down fearing their bodies would eventually be found. They found evidence at the crime scene linking him to the arson. He would be going to trial for murder.

"Yes, the bastard is finally going to pay" Bobby said as he raised the beer he was drinking in salute to the police. Miranda and her son could now truly rest in peace.