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Playing Hooky

Tsunade rubbed her temples at the mountain of paperwork in front of her. "Shizune, I can't deal with this right now."

"Eh? But Tsunade-sama, these reports are time-sensitive. ANBU needs those orders stamped and filed by tomorrow morning!"

The blonde stood and stretched out, Tonton oinking at her feet as she looked up at her owner. Tsunade bent down and picked her up, scratching behind her ears. "Shizune, you can stamp those reports just as well as I can, and without half the headache. Please? I really need a moment to myself."

The brunette sighed and nodded, walking over to take the pig from her constant companion and best friend. "I'll just have to tell you what's important about them in the morning, won't I?"

Laughing at her victory of the rest of the day off, she patted Shizune on the back. "Exactly! I appreciate your help, Shizune. No one else would let me rest when I needed it."

"I'm always looking out for you, Tsunade-sama. You know that." Shizune smiled, sitting behind the desk. "Go on, have fun. But don't come in with a hangover tomorrow. There will still be work to do!"

Tsunade turned towards the door, waving behind her shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, don't worry, Shizune. I've got it under control!" And with that she ran out the door, cackling like the old woman Naruto always made her out to be.

Shizune just shook her head, pulling down the first sheet of paperwork. She knew that she'd plow through all the work tonight, leaving a clean desk for Tsunade in the morning. The chances of Tsunade being late tomorrow due to a hangover were astronomical, so she could sleep a little later and no one would notice. She reached down and scratched behind Tonton's ears, letting out a small giggle herself. Tsunade may not be cut out for the paperwork, but Shizune lived for it, and tonight was going to be a good one.


People constantly called out to her, and she waved to them politely, but hurried on her way. Now, where was that amazing dango shop Anko told her about? Down from Ichiraku Ramen, another block or two, and then… Ah! The smell of sweets and green tea. Ducking in, she sat down at a table in the corner. Ordering enough for a good rest, and pondering a bottle of sake or 5 later, she sighed happily.

"Oi, Hime!"

"Oh, shit. Not today, Baka."

The toad sage sat himself down across from her at the table, helping himself to a stick of dango. "Too bad. You let me catch you playing hooky. Since we're both trying to hide from our jobs, let's hide together."

"Naruto chasing you down for training still?"

"As always. All I want to do is go down to the hot springs and relax a bit, maybe do a little research."


"Or you and I could go off hiding from the rest of the world."

That perked Tsunade's interest. "Where do you suggest we go? You always managed to hide from Sarutobi-sensei too easily."

Letting her finish off the dango, he stood and held his hand out to her. "Do you trust me?"

"Jiraiya, you and I were teammates for how long? Of course I trust you."

He grinned, reminding her of an older Naruto. "Then follow me."


She sank into the hot springs a couple of hours later, her cheeks slightly flushed not only from the heat, but also from the sake she had already consumed. "Ah, Baka, this is the best idea you've had in ages!"

He bubbled away under the surface, his face matching her own. "I've known about this place for years. Been trying to get you here for just as long."

"Except you wanted me naked." She stood up and he almost cried as he saw the one piece bathing suit, covering everything.

"Hey, I never said that!"

"You didn't have to. It's you, pervert."

He bubbled more and swam around in a deeper end of the pool.


Sitting on a rock, she let the sun dry her while nodding off slightly. Jiraiya came and sat down beside her. "Ne, Hime. Why do you always shoot me down when I try to be serious with you."

She looked over at him through a eye barely cracked open. "Because you're never serious."

"I am now. I think you're beautiful, strong, and an amazing woman. I've always loved you."

"And you're just trying to get into my pants, too."

He leaned over, blocking out her sun. "Tsunade, I'm dead serious here. I'm not trying to get anywhere but through your head. I love you."

She blinked a moment. "Eh? How much have you had to drink, Baka?"

He smirked softly. "None." He moved a moment and kissed her tenderly. "It's never been about getting into your pants. I want your heart."

In stunned silence, Tsunade sat up and pulled him to her, kissing him deeply. "You are an idiot. It took you this long to tell me?"

"No. It took you this long to listen."


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