After the end of the war, everyone went their own way

Here it is, my first Fanfic. It's not the best work here, but I really wanted to do this. This fanfic is basically about what happened to the group after the war. It was originally going to be a series of one-shots, but it's a bit more than that now. It's just a series of adventures of the Gaang, each with their own stuff. Some stuff from earlier chapters may appear later…That mysterious figure in chapter 6? That might be a ninja sent to kill Aang, who will innact his plan in chapter 10. Or it could be a gecko-owl. Just kidding. Anyway…


After the end of the war, everyone went their own way.

Sokka returned with Suki to Kyoshi Island. Sokka, as a war hero, was allowed an honorary place as a Kyoshi Warrior, and with his experience, he was part of the core of the Kyoshi Warriors. But, with the war over, the Kyoshi Warriors were no longer needed to protect the island. Many of them had to go work in other ways to help support the island, such as fishing farming, and other common forms of labor. This annoyed most of them, but none more than Ty Lee, who was "super-duper-mega-ultra-really-way-excited" about becoming a Kyoshi warrior. So, she thought hard to find a use for the warriors.

And then it came to her.

But then she realized that would be illegal. She'd spent too much time with Azula if she thought like that.

So she thought harder. But she still couldn't come up with any idea, so she thought up another one: find someone who would know how to use the Kyoshi Warriors.


"Sokka!!" Ty Lee called as she banged on the door of his hut.

"Soka, Sokka, Sokka, Sokka, Sokka!!"

A very groggy and disgruntled Sokka wearing a Water Tribe robe appeared at his door.

"Whut?" he groaned.

"What, you're still not up?"

" It's 3:00 in the morning!"

"Oh. Yeah, it is, isn't it!" She giggled. "Sorry Sokka." She looked at him in that hyper-excessively cheerful way that always threw Sokka off. More so when she woke him up when the moon was still up. He sighed.

"What do you want, Ty Lee?" he asked, resigned. He couldn't put up much of an argument anyway when he was this tired.


The next day, Sokka called a Kyoshi Council meeting. He, Suki, and Ty Lee represented the Kyoshi Warriors to present Sokka's idea. They proposed to make the Warriors into a "sort of like a mercenary force", as Sokka put it. The Warriors would accept different tasks from around the four nations, and for a price, fulfill them. They would range from jobs to assist the nations' armies, to doing simple recovery tasks.

"But how would we spread the word of the Kyoshi Warriors taking these jobs?" One Elder asked.

"Easy" Sokka said. "Don't forget that we know people in high places."

"So, what do you think?" Ty Lee asked exitedly. All eyes turned to Oyaji, who had his eyes closed, deep in thought. The words he spoke were slow and deliberate.

"While I may not trust all of the Warriors" Sokka saw his eyes shift momentarily to Ty Lee. "I do trust your judgment Sokka. And I believe in you as well, Suki."

"Umm…What about me?" Ty Lee asked. There was a silence as everyone looked at Ty Lee, before turning back to face Oyaji.

"I say that we should go ahead and attempt this plan of yours, Sokka."

"Thank you sir," Sokka said humbly. Oyaji laughed at this.

"Sokka, you have nothing to thank me for! You helped defeat the Fire Nation, and end the war!"

"Thank you…But the fire nation wasn't defeated. It was just…changed. It's hard to describe, but…never mind, it doesn't matter. Thank you for this opportunity."


After this, Suki just couldn't help but feel that Sokka really was a great addition to the Kyoshi Warriors. And he was the only boy, too. Suki sometimes teased Sokka about that fact, but he'd helped to revolutionize the Kyoshi Warriors after the War. He'd fought so hard to keep the Kyoshi Warriors together, and this plan was such a good idea. If this plan worked, there was no way that anyone would ever doubt the Kkyoshi Warriors again. Thank you Sokka, Suki thought.


Well, that was the first chapter of the fist Fanfic I've ever written. I know it's not exactly the best work out there, but hey, at least it's something. Toph is coming up next chapter!