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Tsuna yawned. The book was interesting, but it was getting late. He carefully tucked in his Tuna Fish bookmark (special hand-made gift from Gokudera-kun) between chapter three and chapter four of Reconnaissance for Dummies and tucked the book under his pillow. As he closed his eyes, his mind recalled the lesson of the day: "Camouflage like a chameleon in a crowd and never never hide behind a brick-design printed cloth while next to a brick wall. Do not listen to Naruto."

When he woke up in the morning, Tsuna rolled his head off his pillow and reached for his book. He rapidly blinked his eyes when he saw his bookmark missing and replaced with a large green sticker. In black cursive writing, it wrote "Sasagawa Ryohei."

Tsuna groaned before he froze. His head never moved from his pillow last night did it?


Observation Files 019 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Sasagawa Residence, Namimori

It is currently 10:33 A.M. and onii-san has come home from his infamous early-before-dawn workout. He just finished taking a shower and has gone down into the kitchen. Here is a transcript between Kyoko-chan and onii-san:

Kyoko: Onii-chan! Good morning!

Ryohei: Yawwwn! Mornin'. What you doing in here?

Kyoko: I'm baking.

Ryohei: Huh. Looks like a hurricane whipped through it. Hahahahaha

Kyoko: Oniichan!! … I'm making a cake for dad. He's coming back home from his business trip in Seoul.

Ryohei: Oh yeah…almost forgot…anyways, I'm going to train.

Kyoko: Just make sure you come home for dinner okay? And be careful! Don't hurt yourself.

Ryohei: I should be the one to say it to you. Make sure the smoke detector is working.

Kyoko: ONIICHAN!!!

Revelation: Onii-san's father works abroad. Kyoko-chan is a messy baker. And looks very cute in a frilly apron.


Observation Files 020 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Namimori Zoo, Namimori

Onii-san has arrived at a zoo. This was what occurred:


"Sir, sir. Please calm down. I apologize for the inconvenience, but perhaps you'll enjoy watching the other animals we have here? One of our koalas just gave birth-"


"SIR! You cannot fight our animals. Kangaroos or lions or zebras. You especially can't fight our koalas!"

"Yeah, I know I can't fight a koala. The only thing they do is hug a tree. Kangaroos, however, are a boxer's dream! But wait, you said…lion. Lion right?"




Revelation: Onii-san likes kangaroos and lions. Or…he likes to fight them.


Observation Files 021 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Sasagawa Residence, Namimori

After a really epic fight with a lion, onii-san has rushed frantically back to his house. After quickly checking the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, onii-san ran into his room. He is searching for something and keeps muttering, "where is it? How can there be no more…where is it?"

Onii-san ran into the kitchen, screamed to Kyoko "I'm going out to get something!" and ran out the door. He did not hear his sister's reply, "Where are you going? When did you get back? …Onii-chan?"

Revelation: Onii-san is looking for something and Kyoko-chan is a great cook. The house smells great.


Observation Files 022 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Convenience Store, Namimori

Onii-san walked up to the first aid aisle and paid for something. As soon he received his change, onii-san pulls out…a pack of band aids?

And he tears the box open to stick one to his nose.

Revelation: When a band aid on the nose falls off during a fight with a lion, onii-san immediately replaces it.


Observation Files 023 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Sasagawa Residence, Namimori

Onii-chan is currently eating dinner with his parents and Kyoko-chan. Here is a transcript:

Kyoko: How was your trip dad?

Mr. Sasagawa: Fine, fine. I brought back some sweets you and your brother love. Honey, how have you been?

Mrs. Sasagawa: Well, I just bought a new dress last week during a sale. Try that dish, Kyoko made it all by herself.

Mr. Sasagawa: It's delicious! What else have you done Kyoko, besides transforming into a master chef?

Kyoko: Daddy! Nothing much happened recently. I went on a few shopping trips with friends and bought some new clothes.

Mr. Sasagawa: Good, good. And you, Ryohei?

Ryohei: Ah…same, same. I fought a lion.

Mr. Sasagawa: Oh, what was the outcome?

Ryohei: I won.

Mr. Sasagawa: (slams hand onto the table) THAT'S MY BOY!

Mrs. Sasagawa: Love...

Mr. Sasagawa: Good work! EXTREME work!

Kyoko: Dad!

Mr. Sasagawa: Sorry, dear. I get overexcited. Anything else, boy?

Ryohei: Oh. Yeah. I joined the mafia.

Revelation: Onii-san is very, very blunt. And he gets his personality from his father.


Observation Files 024 – Sasagawa Ryohei – reported by Sawada Tsuna

Location: Sasagawa Residence, Namimori

Onii-san is in his room and sound asleep. On his wall is a giant poster of a boxing kangaroo.

Revelation: Onii-san really likes kangaroos and Reconnaissance for Dummies really works. Mission: Success


Dragonmage27: Ryohei is finished! And Tsuna finally succeeds! I hope you enjoyed it! Since I was just wondering, out of: Hibari, Gokudera, Yamamoto and Ryohei, which one was your favorite? Thanks for reading!