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I still ended up having to walk home, and let me tell you it sucked. It was freezing. Of course I have the kind of luck that when I got home, it was perfectly sunny again. Gosh I hate this place so much sometimes.

Hopefully tonight it wouldn't rain though. I was bored all last week and since next week school will be starting again I am going to need something fun.

"Bella, if you don't hurry then you are going to be late for the carnival tonight." My overly worried mother yelled up the stairs, but honestly how can you be late for a carnival? I put on my new white and brown pumas, I had to wear pumas because they are the only flat shoes I can find, and walked down the steps that a faster than normal pace. Which, ended with me on the floor at the bottom of the steps by my dad's feet.

"Hey dad," I looked up and waved. He didn't look to happy with my clumsiness.

"Walk much?" he asked helping me up, "honestly bells be more careful."

"Yeah I'll try."

"Bella, hurry up. We have to go now." My mom said standing by the door tapping her foot impatiently.

"Mom, just so you know, you can't be late for a carnival." I laughed, but she wasn't very amused. That's Renée for you though. Charlie had rubbed off on her, and she was one of the most serious people you will ever meet. It makes me wonder how things would be if she had left him. She always r told me how when I was born about how she almost walked out on him because she couldn't stand the little town of Forks. Some times I wonder what life would be like if she had left. Don't get me wrong though I am happy she didn't leave because I really like our happy little family we have.

"Bella, are you sure you want to go? It is supposed to rain later tonight." She asked, even though she was serious she was still a very caring person.

"Yeah I want to go, look if you don't want to drive me I can drive myself." Even though I had my license I had nothing to drive, and I couldn't wait until I had enough money for a car.

"Not a chance your going to drive my car." Mom thought since was clumsy I would be a terrible driver.

"Well I think mike said he would pick me up so I'll just call him." I grabbed my phone.

"Hey baby." He answered.

"Hey hun," I wasn't so much into calling guys by those little names, but it seemed to make him a happy, so it wasn't to bad I guess, just a little awkward still. "Do you think you could come pick me up?"

"Sure, I was looking for an excuse to leave now, mom wont stop lecturing on me."

"About what?"

"Dad gave my little cousin the sex talk the other day since his dad died and all. Well mom keeps insisting he never gave me that talk so, yeah that's all I have heard since I got home."

"Aww I am sorry baby." I tried to hide my laughter but it was hard.

"Don't laugh its not funny, and I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Ok, thank you."

"Luv ya babe." He said before hanging up. I was never the first person to say anything about love with him. I don't think we have actually ever said 'I love you' really. It's always 'luv ya' with us.

When we got to carnival Jessica and Eric had already bought there tickets and Jess was extra hyper. That was probably due to the fact that she had three giant Pixy Stixs, and Tyler was holding an extra large cotton candy that was no doubt meant for her.

"whoa, Jess might wanna slow down on the candy." Mike laughed taking her candy away.

"Hey," she screeched "that's mine." She laughed trying to get the candy back from him, but didn't succeed. I love Jess to death, but I hate how big of a flirt she is. She has a perfectly nice boyfriend, but still flirts with any guy she can. Tyler just takes it though, he doesn't think of it as flirting he says. What makes me mad is Mike will flirt right back with her sometimes.

I just stood there and talked to Tyler while they had their little time. When I saw them, well I only knew the one, I believe his name was Emmett. He was gorgeous better than Mike could ever hope to be. Wait no Mike was my boyfriend, I shouldn't think like that.

"Bella, hey." I heard booming voice behind me, I had been so lost in thought that I hadn't seen him approach. I turned around and he was behind me.

"Emmett right," I asked

"yeah, so what brings you out here?"

"Oh , just…" I was cut off by Mike.

"She is here with me," he by this time had his arms around me and had pulled me well closer than ever. He tends to get jealous easily.

"Oh, Emmett this is my boy friend Mike," I didn't want to sound rude by saying that, but I knew if I didn't I would not be able to get mike to shut up about it tonight.

"Hey Mike." He was then joined by the unbelievably gorgeous girl again. "Hey babe," he whispered in her ear. "Oh, and this is…" but she didn't let him finish.

"I am Rosalie, his fiancée." He held up her hand to show us the very expensive looking diamond ring on her finger. "Come on babe everyone is waiting." Her voice was very mesmerizing itself. Before she left she looked at me and the saying if looks could kill went through my mind.

"Dang, she is fine." I heard mike whisper. Then he looked at me like he hadn't even said anything and kissed me. After about five seconds I pulled away, because I knew for a fact when he kissed girls he looked like a total pig. That is something I don't want to look like in front of people.

"Mike you just can't keep your hand off her can ya?" Ben laughed. He walked up holding Angela's hand.

"Ben" Angela chided like a mother would.

"Sorry sweetheart," then as if it was the only way to get her to forgive him hen bent down and kissed her. I had to look away because it felt like I was watching something I shouldn't, "Am I forgiven he asked." Angela just smiled and blushed.

"You say Mike can't keep his hands off Bella?" Jess asked breaking up the sweet moment. Ben just looked at him and laughed awkwardly.

"well come one whose ready to ride the rides my friends?" jess yelled.

"Jessica how much sugar have you had?" Angela asked.

"Umm" she was shaking her head back and forth like she was drunk.

"Lets just say she had about 10 Pixy Stix, and one cotton candy already." Tyler laughed.

"I was soo going to say that," she slapped Tyler on the shoulder like he had done something horribly.

"Yeah hun I don't think you should ride any rides." Angela said trying to hold back her laughter.

"Oh, you wanna bet. I am gonna to ride all the rides!"

"You guys it will probably help her burn off the energy." I said

"Or make her sick." make laughed.

"Either way Tyler deals with it." Ben added to the end.

"Hey are you calling me an it Ben!" she practically screamed.

Everyone laughed and headed for the first ride. These were the moments in life I loved. Like everything seemed too good to be true. Like if I pinched myself, everything would disappear. Of course I knew that would never happen life had always been this way and it was never gonna change. That was a fact.

After about it an hour we had rode every ride three times. It had just got dark and was starting to get cold. We were sitting around listening to the talent contest they were having. Let me tell you no one in Forks had any talent. I shivered and I felt Mike pull me closer to warm me up. After sitting back and thinking about it I was happy I had him, even though he flirted around a lot. As if he read my mind he lifted my chin up and kissed me, "I love ya." He whispered in my ear.

"Love ya to" I whispered back.

"Oh. . You guys look who is getting on stage." Jessica squealed.

I think everyone look up on stage at the same time because we all burst out laughing. Lauren was getting on stage.

We could not believe the song she picked, Sexy Can I. Then we saw she was going to dance to it. She sucked at cheerleading because she had no rhythm, so we could not wait to see her "dance."

"This should be good." Jessica laughed.

"Don't be mean." Angela always the nice one. When she started singing we couldn't help but laugh. I mean we thought her voice was bad when she talked, but her singing was terrible. I thought I was going to go deaf after about ten seconds.

"You guys, come on lets go up closer." Jessica motioned us forward.

"Now Jess, babe why the heck would we do that" Tyler asked.

"Yeah it sounds bad enough back here," Mike complained.

"No, trust me this will be fun." So we all followed her to the stage. We got up there and people had actually started to leave. Which only made us laugh harder and we defiantly got Laurens attention. Well when she looked we all started to wave.

"Heey, Laurney" Jess waved, after the look on her face none of us could hardly breath we were laughing so hard. When the song got to the chorus again the really started dancing she was shaking her butt and the people that stayed to watch were all covering their eyes.

Then I saw Jake walk by so to annoy Lauren I went to over to talk to him.

"So, Jake, what do you think of you girlfriends little performance?" I asked really trying not to laugh.

"Honestly, I don't think I know her."

"Yeah, I feel bad for you."

"I feel bad for her to; I mean it sounds like someone is dying up there."

"Well, it looks like her song is over so thank goodness. You know if you ever get away from that thing you call a girlfriend, there is always an open seat for you at our table." I smiled, I hope he didn't take that as flirting or anything, but I really wanted our old friendship back.

"and what would make you think I want to be in you little group?"

"Oh please, you know you miss it. Well I will talk to you later Jake." There was no way I would let him have the last word in our conversation.

"Come on babe were gonna ride some more rides before the storm comes." Mike yelled. I ran over and grabbed his hand. We all headed for the zipper - my favorite ride – laughing and joking about Lauren little show. Life was absolutely perfect nothing could ever change that.

This ride always freaked me out, like we would just be flipping up die down so much its crazy. I heard thunder in the distance. A few raindrops hit us, but hey it was Forks a little water like that didn't bother us. Of course once we were at the very top I could see lightning and then it started to poor.

The ride began, we were having blast. As the ride started to go backwards I saw lightening hit close by. I didn't really bother me much until I saw smoke. Then everything was very quick. Everyone began screaming, the guy announced they would end be getting everyone off the ride as quick as possible. Then lightning struck the ride we were on, and all I could think was this is the end.

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