That was the word. The situation was horribly awkward. Even though she and Jareth had agreed to put the past behind them and start fresh...sitting across from each other for the morning meal was tense.

The meal was magnificent. But string across at the handsome man she'd helplessly fallen for and had betrayed was difficult. His attire of course was spectacular. A black vest with a maroon poets shirt and black tights.

"How are you enjoying breakfast?" Jareth asked suddenly.

Lia jumped a bit,

"Its amazing." She said honestly. Not sure how else to continue the conversation she let herself go silent.

"Do you have any plans for today?" Jareth asked.

Lia blinked slowly at the audacity of the question. How could she possibly have plans? She was just glad that she wasn't going to spend her whole year in prison.

"No..." She said.

"If you'd permit me, I'd like to give you a tour of my kingdom..."

He looked nervous. So unlike him. Normally he was so hard to read, but he was obviously trying to be open with her. He was taking their agreement seriously.

"Sure." she said easily, "Sounds fun..."

And thats how it started.

They toured the rooms of the castle, all of which were exquisite, and usually inhabited by goblins. They were who Lia liked the most...They were funny and easy to talk to. Jareth was extremely polite throughout the tour.

"This is the art room..."

"Really?" Lia said, "These are Fantastic!"

"You enjoy art?" Jareth inquired.

"Absolutely!" Lia answered examining the paintings. Some of them were of the kingdom, some were of humorous goblin-caused situations and some were of Sarah. "Did you paint these?" Lia asked.

"Yes." Jareth said quietly.

"I didn't know you painted..."

"Well I do more than intervene wen my goblins take children..."

"W-wait...intervene?" Lia asked confusedly.

"Of course." Jareth said simply. "You did not read the story well enough...I never took Sarah's baby brother...and I never took you."

"But the words are 'I wish the Goblin King would take you away right now'."

"Yes, and the goblins fall under my jurisdiction and more often then not they act on their own...while I'm left to fix the mess..." He spoke slowly, "That's what the Labyrinth was created for, I needed a way to be able to send the stolen children home without seeming to submit my authority."

"Is that so important?" Lia asked.

"Of course, without my authority, how could I rule or protect my kingdom?"

Lia nodded. He always had a way of making sense.

"It must be difficult for be portrayed as some sort of villain to us humans..."

He glanced at her and she could see she was right.

"Come, there's more to see." He said striding away.

She couldn't help but smile.

They were making progress...

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