Chapter 1: Move-In Day

Bella's POV

I smiled as I began to unload the first box from the car. I was due to attend my last semester at UW. I walked slowly up the driveway. I smiled remembering the day Edward had mentioned he was looking for a house to rent.


"So, I've been looking around for houses that are close by." He whispered, watching my face for my reaction.

I swallowed and spoke, "Oh, that's good. It'll be nice to leave the campus. I'll visit you every night before work."

He looked intently at me. "I was hoping you'd want to move in with me, actually. A house is a pretty big place. There will be other bedrooms, so if you want to have you're own bedroom..."

I turned around to face him, and jumped out of my chair into his lap. "Oh, Edward! I'd loved to, but what would Charlie think."

My dad had accepted Edward, and even got along great with the rest of the Cullens, but... Well, let's just say he wasn't aware of the fact that Edward and I barely slept apart from each other. We'd been together for over three years.

He laughed and smiled down at me. "I'll talk to him. I'm sure he knows that... We spend all of our time together.

End of Flashback.

Surprisingly Edward had won my dad over on the house idea. I think it was the Alice part.

Alice had my dad wrapped around her little finger. When Edward found the perfect house, he realized that there was more than enough room for his sister and her fiance to move in as well. Edward let Charlie know that Alice would also be there, and Charlie gave in without much of a fight.

Alice and Jasper graduated this past year and had been looking to move closer to the city. So it was perfect. Alice let it slip to Rosalie and she made Edward and I feel guilty to the point where they were moving into the third bedroom. So now we were going to have three couples, living in the same house. It was exciting.

I used my foot to push open the front door. I could hear Rosalie and Alice talking to Esme in the kitchen. She was decorating the inside of the house. Her house warming gift to us. Carlisle had found the home. He said it belonged to a friend of his, who then had agreed to rent it out to us.

I began to climb the stairs slowly. I didn't want to fall backward and have to call Carlisle to come for a home visit. I was lucky in many ways to have my boyfriend's dad, Carlisle had really reduced the amount of time I spent in the emergency room.

Suddenly, I began to slip on a step and within half a second, I felt hands grip my arms and realized Edward was holding me up.

"Careful, love," he murmured. I laughed to myself, it was exactly like Edward to save me from myself.

"Thank you," I replied and we continued upstairs to our bedroom. Esme had worked on the bedrooms first. She finished ours, then Alice's and finally Rosalie's. Each of them had their own theme. Ours was a beach theme, Jasper and Alice's was a forest theme, and Emmett and Rosalie had a fire theme. Esme was spectacular when it came to decorating.

Edward opened the door and took the box from my hand. He set it down next to the door and came back to where I was standing. He leaned down and picked me up. I knew he would, he needed to carry me into the room. Like husband and wife.

I quickly shook those thoughts from my head. We had agreed to wait until we were both done with school. That had pleased Charlie immensely. He set me down again and I began to unpack the box.
"Please tell me you have more than that." Edward teased.

I nodded, "Yup, downstairs in my car."

"Good, I'll go get it." He kissed me and he was out the door again.

I turned around and began to place clothes in the dresser. I noticed that Edward had already unpacked. It made me a little jealous. No wonder he was so helpful with my own things. I looked up to discover Edward was back with three more boxes.

"What's the rush?" I asked as he began to unpack another box, faster than I was.

"I want to get this out of the way, shoo my mom out, and try out our new bed." He said suggestively. I smiled back at him and he winked. I couldn't wait to try out the bed as well.