Chapter 9

Third Person POV:

He entered the restaurant on time. He wasn't sure why he had agreed to all of this. He greeted the waiter and asked for the Black table.

"Your guest has arrived already. She's already ordered appetizers." The waiter let me know as he took my drink order.

"I'll just have a desert sunrise. You can come back in a few more minutes for our entrée orders." He told him and sat down next to the redhead.

"About time, Mr. Black." She said seductively. "What took you so long?"

"Edward came to see Charlie today. I tried to stay until he left, but Charlie kicked me out towards the end of the day." He admitted to her.

"What was he doing there? I thought Bella was out of town this weekend." She asked rapidly.

He nodded and closed his eyes. "I think he was there to ask permission to marry Bella. I can't think of another reason why he would randomly spend time with Charlie."

"Great, this might put our plans behind schedule." She muttered.

"Maybe this isn't going to work out. They are really close. I don't know why we even bothered to think about this." he seemed close to giving up.

"No, Jake." she was being her sweet self again. "We need to take them down together. I love him, and I already explain to you how he doesn't truly love her. It's all convenience." She reminded me. "Don't you want her to yourself?"

"Yes, but I want her to be happy. How can she be happy if I'm taking her away from him?" He asked.

"Jakie, we've talked about this. I've told you, she's going to fall for you." She promised me.

"Okay, okay." He conceded. "What's the plan now?"

She seemed to ponder that while she looked at the menu. "Are you ready to order?" She asked.

"I'll have whatever you want me to have." He told her.

She nodded the waiter over and gave him our orders before handing our menus back to him. She sipped some of her wine. "I think we should let him propose before we do anything. Let them savor a bit of the happiness before we proceed further with our plan."

He listened to her as she explained what would be going on from here on out. He felt confident that he could make it work. After their food arrived, she excused herself from the table and made her way out of the restaurant. She promised to call sometime later that week.

He was about to leave a tip when he noticed Rosalie walk in holding hands with Emmett. He only recognized them as Bella's new roommates. Shortly after they came in, Edward came in talking to an older man who had a striking resemblance to him. I assumed it was his dad. Finally behind them, came in one of the other guys he saw around Bella's place.

Edward looked up when he recognized me. "Hey, Jacob." He introduced his dad. "This is Dr. Carlisle Cullen, my father. Dad, this is Jacob Black, one of Bella's oldest friends."

"Nice to meet you," He said as he shook his hand. He tilted he head in acknowledgment to everyone else in the group.

"Oh Edward, Jacob is Bella's best friend, he should celebrate with us." Rosalie said when it got awkwardly quiet.

"Oh, it looks like he's leaving. I'm sure he's not hungry." Edward said before Jacob could get anything out. If he had just kept his mouth shut, Jacob might have left.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind staying for a drink with you guys. What are we celebrating?" He asked, ignoring Edward's look of annoyance.

"Good good," Dr. Cullen said. "Add one more to our table, please."

"Weren't you just sitting over there, sir? With a young lady?" The host pointed out to him.

"Yes, yes, my... girlfriend," he quickly covered up.

"Bella didn't tell me you were dating anyone." Edward mentioned.

"She doesn't know yet." He admitted. He hadn't really known himself either.

The host proceeded to take a seat from a table in the same section that Jacob had been seated in earlier. "Can you bring a bottle of champagne, please?" Dr. Cullen asked the host who nodded before walking away.

When the waiter return was Jacob's question finally answered. Emmett was the one to do the speech. "Jacob, my best friend Edward, is going to ask Bella to become his wife." Everyone raised their glasses for the toast.

The confirmation made Jacob's heart pound in his chest to the point where he could feel it in his throat. Shortly after finishing his glass, he excused himself and left the restaurant in a rush.

Bella's POV:

The weekend had been amazing. Esme and Alice kept asking me questions about how I felt about Edward. It was more so than usual. Esme kept hugging me unexpectedly. I felt like I was missing a very important bit of information.

As soon as we arrived to the Montana airport, Alice gave us our phones back so we could call our sweethearts. I turned my phone on and saw that I had a ten voicemails and fourteen text messages. I knew who they were from and I made my first phone call.

"Hey," he answered in his deep voice. "Back yet?"

"No, I'm actually about to climb onto the plane to head back." I answered him.

"Do you want me to pick you up?" He asked again.

"Sure, that would be great." I admitted. I needed to catch up on the what happened over the weekend.

"My plane should arrive in a little over an hour. I'll see you then."

I closed my phone and thought about making my second call. But I figured it could wait until I made it home.

Authors note:

I know I said I would update weekly. But my computer crashed. and I had to get it fixed but Im back and i promise a weekly update from now. I mean it. Please forgiveme!!!