I Need You To Know

( hojo&lucrecia )

prompts :

mirror & chocolate ice cream
"Don't you want to feel my bones?" ( Lyric from The Killers song: Bones )
Vincent cannot be in the room, although he must be mentioned at least once

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Lucrecia, sitting on a plush sofa, scooped ice cream into her mouth and sighed. She was tired. The pregnancy was taking a harder toll on her than what she knew was normal and for the millionth time, she wondered if there was more to the injections Hojo had been giving her than she was initially told. She wouldn't put it past Hojo; brilliant and ambitious, he could be doing anything to her. All in the name of science.

She loved him more than life itself -- she never realized or understood how that had happened, but it had. Sometimes though... sometimes she caught a glimpse of another person emerging from him and it scared her.

It was always a worse and more vicious person. She wished he would look into the mirror and see it.

She wished he would change it.

Standing, she walked over to the small kitchen and dropped her bowl and spoon into the sink, finished with eating. Her cravings were all over the place these days and she had been glad, nearly overjoyed, to just feel the simple want of chocolate ice cream. Her thoughts were taking her elsewhere, though.

"I need you to know, baby..." Lucrecia spoke aloud, tenderly to the life growing within her and she smiled. "I need you to know I love you. And..." She had to swallow the past the lump that was forming in her throat as a realization hit her like icy cold water on a colder day. She couldn't say the words; your father loves you, too.

She wasn't so sure it was true.

But... "Vincent loves you, too, I think." Tears filled her eyes. That was at least true. "He'll stick around for a while, you know, because he's been assigned to this area. He's a Turk, but... he's the sweetest man. A true friend to me." She whispered the last words, letting her eyes fall closed in disgust at herself -- she had hurt him irrevocably and he still stuck around.

She had loved Hojo unconditionally and she couldn't say the same.

"Don't you want to feel my bones?"

She could remember him asking her that once, in one of those rare moments when he'd been trying to seduce her the old-fashioned way. It hadn't gotten him very far. In fact, it had sickened her just a little.

Then he'd resorted to winning her over with intellect, which she could respond to -- had responded too.

Since then, there had been rare moments of intimacy, but it had been enough for her.

She loved him.

"I need you to know... I don't understand myself. I don't know what will happen in the future."

I don't know if even I am good enough for you.

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