Author's Note: Hey guys! First story up...Anyways, if you have not read or finished "Breaking Dawn" you might consider not reading this story until you do cause this story takes place three years after "Breaking Dawn". But if you want to read it anyways cause the story just looks so darn JUICY (Pahah) be my guest. So please enjoy it. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Criticism is accepted, but please don't be read. I'm a human; I have feelings. :)


"Nessie, seriously, if we don't get inside, your dad is going to murder me!" Jake yelled.

I let out a small hiss. I wasn't done hunting yet.

"Not my problem." I said breezily. I crouched near the river and looked at my thin face. It takes a lot of effort not to throw a boulder into the grimacing reflection of my face. I had rusty copper ringlets that was wild and untamed. My eyes were too big for my face. My skin tone was way pale. My nose was smaller than I wanted it to be.

Technically, I'm three years old. Almost four. Physically, I'm about fourteen. Give or take a few months. Mentally though...mentally was a different story. Mentally, I'm about twenty five years old. Despite the maturity for my age, my parents say that I still have the sarcastic humor of a teenager. I hear Jake pad up quietly behind me. He puts his heavy, hot hand on my head. Even though it should feel extremely hot to my sensitive half vampire- half human skin, it just felt normal. It felt right.

"Okay kiddo. You are obviously done hunting already. Time to go inside the house." he says in his firm, no nonsense voice. It never works on me really though. All I need to do is pout a little. Huff some. And presto, he was putty at my hands. I rarely did that though, only when it was truly necessary. Like that other day when I wanted to try ice cream from an ice cream truck.

"Fine." I say lazily. "But if I get insanely thirsty later because I didn't hunt enough and kill Leah, it'll be your fault." Just mentioning her name brought bile to my throat. I hated how she acted as if I was a poison to Jake. She's always hissing at me and snarling at me whenever I get near him. You would think she'd get used to it already after three and a half years. I take Jake's hand off from my head and hold it at my side instead as we start walking back towards the house. Jake snorts at me.

"We'll just feed you a medium rare steak and you'd be good." he says teasingly.

"And that steak's name is Leah." I snarl again. Jake squeezes my hand. Time for a subject change.

"You've been talking a lot today. Butterfly coming out of her cocoon?" he says quietly.

Time for me to snort now.

"Butterfly? Hardly. I can hardly stand looking at my reflection." I mutter bitterly.

"What does that mean?" he snaps.

"It means, idiot, that I'm ugly." I say exasperated. How much more did I need to spell it out for him? Jake shakes his head quickly and mutters under his breath.

"Just like your mother."

Confused, I tug him back. Did he mean that I looked like my mother or that I acted like her? I put my hand to his cheek and show two different memories of my mother: one from when I was a baby and was staring into her smiling, euphoric face and one from when I caught her looking at herself in the mirror and biting her lip. I hear Jake gasp at the sudden image of my mother's beautiful face staring at him. Even though Jake imprinted on me, I knew that he loved my mother too much to ditch her and act that way with me. He considered me a little sister. He even ensured that as I was growing older, he still felt the same way. I think he said that for my sake though. As of right now, I have no romantic feelings for Jake at all. I mean, if was to come to my bedroom door with a rose bouquet for me, I'd bring him in to get his temperature checked.

"If you're done ogling at my mom, I'd like to know your answer." I say moodily. I was jealous of my mom sometimes. Not only was she breathtakingly beautiful, but sometimes I felt as if I had to compete with her for Jake. Sure, she's known him longer and a tiny part of her heart loves her the way she loves dad, but still. He imprinted on me. It also irritates me sometimes that she looks more like my older sister than my mom.

"In both ways Nessie. You're just as beautiful as your mom and just as self conscious. The both of you can't see yourselves very clearly."

"I'm tired of people saying that I'm 'beautiful' when I'm not Jake. It feels like they're all just placating me." I pout, kicking a rock until it burrowed itself deep into a nearby tree's bark.

"Well," Jake says, "thank god you inherited your mother's eyes. Without them, I probably wouldn't have imprinted on you. Then I'd be rid of the nuisance." he says teasingly.

I knew that when he mentioned my mom's eyes (which he did every other five minutes) he means my mother's human eyes; the rich, chocolate eyes that seem to have pasted themselves onto my face. When I was born, I remembered seeing them. They were the most beautiful, piercing eyes ever. She was covered in her blood and her breathing was immensely labored.

When my dad passed me over to her, I couldn't help but bite her a little bit. I was excited to finally meet her. And not only that, but I was thirsty. After that, it seemed as if she just died. Her eyes disappeared from my face to retreat under her eyelids. I saw Jake as he desperately tried to will her heart to beat again. I saw my dad preparing his vial of venom to inject into her. As I observed all of this, I felt like such a bad baby. I had done this to the one person I loved the most in the world. I didn't see her again for three days and when I did, her beautiful brown eyes were gone. Instead, she stared at me with crimson red eyes. Still beautiful, still piercing, but slightly terrifying. She had made her transformation. Now, her eyes are the warmest shade of gold with flecks of her chocolate brown in them. Jake had watched in awe of my mom's eye transformation as he saw some of the familiar brown specks come back. Carlisle found it amazing. He said that it must've meant that out of all of the vampires, she was the most human.

"Nessie, what are you thinking about?"

Absentmindedly, I reach out my hand and touch his cheek again. I remembered one day, my mom's eyes were wavering dangerously between melted gold and chocolate brown. It was really strange. It looked as if every time she blinked, her eye color changed. When I pulled my hand away from his face, he suddenly sighed, as if he was holding his breath.

"I remember that was as if she..." he trails off. He didn't need to finish the sentence. I knew what he was about to say.

"It was as if she was my Bella again."

Scowling, I turn around and hiss at him. I tear my hand from his and ball it into a fist by my side. I can just feel myself turning green. Jake, all wide eyed and innocent, throws his hands in the air.

"What did I do now?!" He yells.

I stare daggers at him. I inherited my death glare from my mother.

"Are you in love with my mom?" I ask slowly.

"What? What part of 'I imprinted on you' don't you understand? I'm in love with you Nessie." He insists while I'm shaking my head.

"Not the way you are with her. I see how you look at her Jake. I know your history with her. It's impossible to stop loving somebody when your history is so connected the way yours are." I say quietly.

Jake doesn't say anything. Just like I knew he would.