Not My Parallel Universe by AndromedaMarine

"You know, I've never actually thought about that possibility," Joe said, chewing as he stared at David. "It's a cool thought though; a cool thought." He waved his fork at Mr. Hewlett.

"Oh, please," David replied, stuffing lemon chicken into his mouth. "I mean, since starting in sci-fi movies and TV I've figured a bunch of stuff is possible, but..."

"You're supposed to be the brilliant scientist, Dr. McKay," Joe cut in, grinning. "What would he think?"

David paused, the lemon chicken halfway to his pie-hole. "He'd think whatever the friggin' writers tell him to think!" He shoved the chicken in and chewed. "I don't know – he'd think it's possible too."

Jason and Rachel sat down to join the two other actors of SGA-1. "What you talking about?" Rachel said, pushing David so he moved over.

"Parallel universes. Whether or not there's really one out there where Stargate: Atlantis is actually happening and it's not just a TV show," Flanigan said, digging in to more of the on-set food. Lovely. "I think it'd be cool, but I'd rather not come across a life-sucking alien."

Jason grunted, not really much different from the Satedan he played on the show.

"Sounds like fun."

Willie Garson walked up and snickered, having heard their conversation from a distance. "At least it's not my parallel universe," he said. "I'm a friggin alien myself in mine."

Jason glared at him. "Maybe our parallel universes should have a crossover with this one, and then you wouldn't be laughing."

"He doesn't say that much on the show," Willie said, astonished. "It's like – it's like he's civil!"

Just then their apparent "fake" Stargate activated, and the SGA-1 from their parallel universe walked through.

"Uh..." Joe said. Colonel Carter would have some explaining to do...