From the beginning of time, man has wondered about the dreaded semicolon. Why someone would hate humanity enough to create it is beyond me. And despite it's unclear motives and constant miss-use, man refuses to flat out kill it. Someone must be somehow attached to this demonic form of punctuation, for this is the only conclusion I can come to.

As a writer, I would never even think about attempting to use the dreaded semicolon. I use commas and colons, but never the semicolon. When I write a chapter for FanFiction, I self-check the chapter several times before using spell checker. If I was not human, I would not use the spell checker, but my hatred for it will be discussed in a future chapter. No matter how sure I am of the accuracy of my writing, there is always something wrong. This something, is always the semicolon. 'No, I do not want to enter a semicolon!' I tell the spell checker. I repeat the exact words every chapter and yet it doesn't seem to catch a hint. Now I have reduced to literally yelling at the computer screen to stop suggesting the semicolon. The effort is wasted.

So my mission now is to stop the semicolon from plaguing future generations of writers. My plot for the downfall of the semicolon is still at work, but the plan will be perfected in good time. I hope that those of you who read this, will take action with me to stop the semicolon in it's 'nearly-a-colon-but-not-quite' steps.

Okay, so this was my first chapter for the little story of rants. I'd love to hear your views on the issues expressed here. So please, PM me or review or something, so that I can know I'm not alone on these issues.