I have most of my preferences nearly decided on when it comes to writing. Plenty of light, a clean and clear workspace, no television on in any room near me where I could hear, my instant messenger set on invisible. But one detail ceases to enrage or assist me. Music, my worst enemy, or a close friend? I can come to no conclusion when it comes to this seemingly minor detail.

My music consists of three things, my iPod, the radio, and whatever is on my myspace. At this moment in time, I'm listening to my iPod, ranging from Jane's Addiction, to Coldplay, to Limp Bizkit, and everywhere in between. This is my usual choice when it comes to choosing music, but one dilemma shows it's ugly head. Lots of what I have on my iPod, I usually don't like listening to. This consists of Panic! At The Disco and Beatles, to name a few. I like these a lot, but only listen to them when I am severely in the mood. Also, they play much quieter than the others, and it sucks to constantly adjust the volume. So I narrow the list down to one band. This is not a favored option for me. I grow tired of something playing continuously very quickly, so I find myself adjusting the play list as often as adjusting the volume.

When it comes to the radio, I listen to one station only. It is the local alternative rock station. I like it a lot, but they play a lot of the same stuff over and over again. I swear to god, if I hear the Flobots song Handlebars one more time, I'm going to throw something at my wall and hope to got it bounces back and hits me in the face. I liked it a lot in the beginning, but now the limited play list gets to be easily. In addition, my parents hate it and are constantly coming into my room to complain to me to turn it down. My music has to be loud. If it weren't it wouldn't drown out my life.

Finally, the play list on my myspace. My personal myspace has usually one to three songs on it, which conflicts with the repetition problem again. So my recent buddy has been the Twilight Fanfiction Myspace (see my page for a link). I've created this with a fellow writer and the play list is the combined play lists of Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn that Stephenie featured on her website. The music is exactly my style, and it's long enough to relieve repetition. But still, this music distracts me. Most of it is somewhat depressing as far as I'm concerned, so I find myself huddled on the corner of my bed, writing depressing poems and descriptions of my mental state. This is in no means productive to updating stories.

And after all the ranting about music, it seems to me that music is officially a con. So I turn off the music and write, the only noise being my keyboard as I push each key down forcefully and meaningfully. All an attempt to get out whatever it is that I'm thinking. And I can feel myself going insane. If I were to spend the hours I spend writing all in complete musical silence, I would be back, huddled on the corner of my bed and making clicking sounds with my tongue. So that would make music a pro, right?

So now, you see my confusion. After close examination, I still find myself sitting here wondering:

Music, my worst enemy, or a close friend?

A/N: Really long chapter! Go me! You can tell this one holds much space in my mind, which is why it was so much longer than my other quarrels.

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