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It's a warm summer day and I'm in a field filled with sunflowers. The wind gently blows past me as I run towards my beloved. We join hands and I stroke her long auburn curls with my free hand. She blushes and whispers a sweet "I love you." She kisses my shyly and suddenly we're in a meadow surrounded by trees. She wears a white dress and veil, making her delicate body look stunning. A minister reads us vows and we promise ourselves to each other.

But as I reach for her again, vines slither up my legs and trap me in their thorny web. I cannot move and Nahuel takes her away from me, laughing hysterically.

"Jake... Jake... Jake! JAKE!" she screams and the thorns poke my sides violently. "JACOB BLACK WAKE YOUR SLEEPY HEAD UP AND COME BACK TO REALITY!" she yells at the top of her lungs, the vines now become rocks that beat me up.

I wake up, Nessie is shouting as loud as she can, hitting me with a large book.

"I'm up..." I murmur, my words unheard until I sit up. Nessie finally stops hitting me and blows a lock of hair out of her sweet face. Fourmoredayfourmoredayfourmoredays I chant in my mind.

"Umm... I'm sorry... You weren't waking up. You were just snoring along there, and then you started murmuring 'Get the hell off her you friggin bastard' and that's when I decided to use force to get you up. I hope you don't have any bruises," Nessie blushes and my heart clenches like in a vise.

"'S okay," I yawn, rubbing my eyes, trying to get the image of Nahuel laughing while he took my Nessie farther and farther away out of my head.

"Well then good. You should probably get some breakfast. This morning Auntie Alice predicted a thunderstorm, so you know what that means. I hope you don't mind playing with Dad's team," she smiles and I'm mesmerized. If only I could grab her hand and-fourmoredaysfourwholefrickin'days.

"Sure, I'll be there," I smile back and scratch my back. I stand up and sure enough, see the storm clouds rolling in. Oh boy. Today we're playing baseball.


Let me tell you, eating breakfast with your rival is not a very satisfying experience. There you are, minding your own damn business, eating the waffles your future-father-in-no, your vampire friend made for you, when the smug son of a bitch waltzes in, like he owns the place.

"Oh no thank you, I went hunting just before we got here. Nessie, have you gone hunting for real yet? It's quite an enjoyable experience, you know." He kissed Nessie's cheek and I snarl.

Shut up you god damn bastard. How dare you talk to MY Nessie? I don't care if you're the only male half-vampire on earth, I wouldn't care if you were the ONLY male on earth, you do not touch my woman, EVER. That's when I'd go wolf and scratch his damn pretty boy face up.

If only I could. I looked back down at the waffles drowned in maple syrup and stuff a forkful of the mush into my mouth. Chew. Chew. Swallow.

I had to concentrate on eating so I don't really go berserk and tear the place up. Nessie would hate that. And then Esme would go psycho again and rip me into shreds because I spilled a drop of blood on her immaculate floor. Outside if course, so as not to scratch her prized table. Not really, but I wonder when that bloodsucker WILL go crazy. It's like she's preparing for it one day.

"Jake, what's wrong?" Nessie asked. Sometimes I wish she wasn't so insightful on how I was feeling.

"I put too much syrup on my pancakes," I grumbled, trying to seem as normal as I could. Most everybody in the kitchen laughs, and Nessie sort of smiled herself. But I could tell there was something wrong with her too.

Hey Edward, I thought, Do you know what's up with Nessie? He just shook his head and when I looked him in the eye, he mouthed "Can't". I groaned. Stupid Bella.


After the whole breakfast ordeal was over, we set out on our way for baseball. The teams had grown considerably since the last time the vampires played, since this time, there was an extra vampire, half and two wolves playing too. I still had no idea how this was going to work out, but when I asked Esme, she just said "Wait."

I had seen the insane set up before and I knew how strong the vampires could be when they wanted to be. Werewolves could have the same strength, but how would I hold a bat in my wolf form, or catch a ball? I knew Rosalie would make some snide remark about how she didn't want to touch a ball covered in dog drool and then wrinkle her nose in disgust.

We had been split up into two teams: Esme, Edward, Alice, Emmett, Huilen and I on one team. Carlisle, Bella, Jasper, Rosalie, Nahuel and Seth on the other.

"Couples against each other!" Seth laughed and I groaned.

"Sorry Seth, I like you and all, but not that much," I rolled my eyes and he laughed again, harder this time.

"Eww... Incest with Huilen and Nahuel!" Seth grimaced playfully.

"Shut up, Seth. You're making him turn purple!" Edward laughed.

"No fair!" Rosalie whined, "You guys have Edward and Emmett on your team, while we get the only half that's playing!"

"Well you have Bella!" Alice shouted back, getting in her sister's face. Bella was still considered a newborn because her first ten years of newborn strength weren't over yet.

I looked over at Nessie, who usually would be enjoying a good argument like this, and be part of it most of the time. She was instead sitting down, staring into nothingness, her mp3 player's volume on its highest setting, so loud that even I could hear it, twenty feet away.

What was she thinking about? I followed her line of vision and saw that she was looking in the direction of Nahuel, not a good sign for me. I walked over and sat next to her on the damp grass.

I tapped on her shoulder and she swung around, like she didn't see me before. "Hi there," I said.

She pulled off one of the ear buds and murmered a shy "Hey". She didn't make eye contact and when I forced her too, she turned away quickly, crimson spreading rapidly. I grabbed her hand and made her look at me.

"Nessie, what's wrong?" I asked, my concern growing rapidly.

"Nothing," she lied, averting her gaze and trying to tug free. I finally let go and planted a kiss on her precious forehead. I got up and stalked away. FourmoredaysfourmoredaysfourmoredaysuntilIcantellher.


After the exhausting game (We won, 48-47), I plopped down on the grass of the meadow, beat. Stupid vampires and their ability to never get tired. I can hear the remnants of the fight that started before the game.

"No fair! You had Edward and Emmett!" Rosalie whined again.

"Hey Rosalie, why did the blonde climb over the glass wall? To see what was on the other side!" I lifted my head, called out, dropped my head and made Emmett chuckle.

"Shut up you stinky dog!" she growled at me.

"At least I sweat like a living person!" I yelled, too tired to lift my head.

"Stupid mutt."

"Scary bloodsucker."

"Naive pup."

"Old maid."

She lunged in my direction, but Emmett held her back, laughing. We'd had this argument countless times before, and it never changed. The only one who took this seriously was Rosalie, and maybe the visitors, Nahuel and Huilen, because they hadn't lived with seven years of this. Usually, we all ended up in tears of laughter, because Rosalie was hilarious when angry.

I looked over to Nessie, who was laughing with Nahuel. I'm going to kill the stupid guy. She's mine. And that's when I stood up and began walking angrily in their direction.


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