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I have NOT yet read Breaking Dawn. So this is my take thus far, but it prob won't change it anyway. So forgive me for mixed up pairings that I created and liked.

Chapter One

I sat on the cliffs looking out over the ocean. The breeze felt so good this time of year. I looked up as the rain began to fall softly, creating a mist off the water. A smile spread across my face. I was defiantly home. Suddenly I sneezed and all in that second I was found. I growled at myself for not being able to completely control it all yet.

"You can't hide from me you know." I looked over my shoulder to come face to nose with the golden haired wolf I called Paul. He gave me this toothy wolf grin and sat down beside me. I smirked and curled up into his warm fur. Though all of us Quileute tribe wolves were warm blooded I still always seemed to be the coldest. Paul pulled away and wandered off for a second. Not even a minute later he came back in a pair of faded blue jeans and a forest green shirt. He sat next to me again pulling me into his arms. "You know you shouldn't be up here by yourself."

I gave him a look "I can take care of myself you know. I'm not helpless."

"I know that. I just worry about you, thats all."

"I know you do."

"Besides now that you turned I have orders to watch you like Quil has orders to watch over Halulu. You know its dangerous."

"Yea. I know all about the legends and myths and yada yada. It's not like I volunteered to become this."

"None of us do Keilani."

"I guess your right." It was silent there after as we sat on the cliffside until dawn began to break over the horizon. We stood up and wandered through the forest toward our cycles. Paul must have found mine last night and wandered as a wolf from there. We hopped on them and with one good kick start were off racing through the brush toward La Push.

We showed up just in time to see Quil, Embry, Hal and Seth coming outside to work on the house. Sam and Emily were always so nice to have us there, all of us got on expanding the house, as we had for Billy Black just a few months earlier. Several others in the La Push area had begun to do the same, many finally realizing that the houses were all too small.

"Keilani where were you last night?" Hal asked curious. He glared at Paul, they weren't the best fans of each other. Halulu being my twin brother and all.

"I was on the cliffs. You should have know that." I remarked back.

"Emily's got waffles cooking if you want them." Embry offered trying to keep everyone in a light hearted mood. Everyone knew that Paul and Hal had the worst tempers.

"Thanks Em." I smiled dragging Paul with me to keep them from fighting. Once inside I ran up to Emily and hugged her. She was one of my best friends since-forever really. It was always wonderful to see how happy she was with Sam. I knew I would have that myself soon.

"Running off again?" she whispered to me.

"At the cliffs." She smiled and nodded. Thats all she needed to know to know that I just wanted to be free. She handed me a plate of waffles that I brought over to the table. Paul and Leah were in conversation laughing till about the time Paul saw the plate and nearly ate my hand trying to get them into his mouth. Emily giggled at the sight when Sam walked in the room and whacked Paul on the back of the head. Paul turned to glare at Sam, a quarter of a waffle hanging out of his mouth.

Just then the sound of another motorcycle pulled up and cut off. Within a minute Jacob burst through the door. "You won't believe what just happened!" The expression on Jacob's face was worrisome.

"What?" Leah asked concerned. Tears welled up in Jacob's eyes as he fell to the ground turning into a wolf. He howled and sobbed, his body heaving. Emily backed out of the room slowly as everyone soon rushed in the front door. Sam was at Jacob's side holding him to the ground. If Jacob didn't get control and turn back soon there was going be trouble.

"What happened? Embry barked at me.

"I don't know. He just collapsed like that." Quil turned into a wolf and looked at Jacob, his eyes filled with tears as he too howled and changed back. Jacob's body wriggled under Sam's hold. Paul was now helping to hold him down from smashing the house to pieces. We all looked at Quil who looked to heartbroken to tell us.

Suddenly Jacob got loose and raced up and down the hall, jumping off the wall and breaking a glass vase on the way. He then slowed a little with glass in two paws. He limped over to Leah and me, blood prints in his trail. He finally collapsed on the floor, asleep.

We all turned to Quil as he inhaled then stammered "Billy died this morning."