The Devil Wears Gucci by AndromedaMarine

Elizabeth couldn't help but laugh. "Rodney, that's not..."

The scientist gave her an evil glare. "Not listening."

"That's not the..."

"Not listening."

"Not the right..."

Rodney covered his ears. "Not listening!"

She cleared her throat. "Rodney."

He looked at her, glaring at everyone else who looked stupid in their respective Halloween costumes. "Blame Katie – she loves that movie."

Elizabeth turned her snort into a cough. She moved her mouth as though she was going to say something, but the words didn't form. "You're acting like a devil, you know."

"Hence the outfit," Rodney retorted, gesturing to the costume Katie had slapped on him.

She suppressed another laugh. "Rodney, the devil doesn't wear Gucci. The devil wears Prada."