Arguments and Chocolate by AndromedaMarine

"Hand it over, buster."

He shook his head, moving backwards as evasively as possible.

"Give it, now!" She snapped her fingers and held out her hand, expecting him to give it to her. "I'm the one who's doing all the work here, now give it to me!" She glared at him, desperately trying not to laugh at how he looked at the moment.

Giving the bar in his hand one last, sorrowful look, he handed it over. "Fine."

She smiled as she ripped the bar open. "Mmm. Chocolate..."

John walked away from Elizabeth after giving her swollen belly a small pat. "What is it with pregnant women and chocolate?" he muttered to himself, sitting on the bed to pull his boots off.

His wife shrugged. "It tastes good and I have fun arguing with you over it." She smiled at him, showing off her chocolate-covered teeth.