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Cassidy Williams briskly maneuvered down the congested Gotham sidewalk in an attempt to reach her destination before nightfall. Gotham's streets might be protected by the Cape Crusader, but the chances of running into some unsavory characters after dark were still likely. Cassidy hadn't stepped foot in Gotham in seven years, and she had heard stories of Batman cleaning up the crime rate in the city. She still wasn't taking her chances; she knew exactly how dangerous this city could be. Cassidy always took pride in holding her own, which has been known to send trouble her way. She could still feel the inklings of vulnerability creeping in her system, especially without her police issued Glock 9MM tucked in the back of her jeans.

Her suede boots clicked with each step while her vivid green eyes scanned her surroundings, her mind never resting for too long on one subject. Her eyes were always watching. Her ears were always opened. She studied every person that passed her way, noting their appearance, mannerism, subtle gestures, and every single move to find motive, a sometimes-frustrating habit that came from years on the job. She observed an over-weight man, sporting athletic gear drench in sweat, devouring a hot dog, his after workout meal. She watched an elderly couple strolling hand in hand as if they were the only two on the street. She watches as two young boys fought over a toy truck while their mother desperately failed to separate the two. A small smirk crawl on Cassidy face as she profiled each stranger she came across.

A gentle breeze drifted its way into the city. Cassidy instinctively straighten her auburn hair over the left side of her face, making sure her long bangs covered that side. She scanned the people around her, looking for any signs of revulsion, fear, or pity on their face. She gave out a small sigh of relief when none caught her eye. It was a rare occasion that she had gotten away without being stared at like an animal on display at the zoo. She again subconsciously checked her hair. It was a new habit she develop, and one she would continue fort he remainder of her life. She was aware that the rest of her life would be spent trying to forget that night that haunts her every day. The night she was constantly reminded of when she looked at her reflection. She should be thankful for walking away that night with her life, but the nightmares that plagues her sleep every night sometimes made her wish her life was taken that night.

Once Cassidy was satisfied that her face was hidden behind her hair, she continued her trek through the mass of people, whispering a soft apology towards the people she bumped into along the way. Today marked Cassie's first day as a citizen of Gotham, a big move from her former home in Los Angeles. Her first day in Gotham had not gone as she planned at all. When she arrived at her apartment complex earlier that afternoon, she got the great news from her landlord that the pipes in her apartment had busted. Now Cassidy's entire apartment and her things still neatly packed in boxes were standing in four inches of water. Mr. Richey, the landlord, had offered another empty apartment that she could stay in while the repairs were being made. Cassidy graciously denied the offer. Instead, she decided to make good on a promise that was made several years ago. She was traveling to the place where she spent eighteen summers of her life, Wayne Manor. Her eccentric, billionaire cousin once promised her that she could always call Wayne Manor home. She was banking the he would keep that promise.

"You better Bruce," she whispered to the wind. "You better."